Zagori Gleb Vladimirovich

Politician, scientist, philanthropist. Doctor of pharmaceutical Sciences.
The people’s Deputy of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation. The General Director of PrJSC “Pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa”

Gleb zagoriy together with father Vladimir (Chairman of the Supervisory Board, ZAO “Pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa”) are in the top 200 richest people of Ukraine. Their fortune is estimated at $101.4 million (116th place in the rating).


Gleb zagoriy was born on 21 August 1976 in the city of Vologda (Russian Federation).

Mother and father Gleb met while studying at the Leningrad chemical-pharmaceutical Institute, the education of pharmacists. Got married in the third year and after graduation was assigned to work in Vologda, where he was born the son of Gleb. After graduation decided to return home to Poltava region. Eventually he moved to Kiev.


In Kiev Gleb zagoriy graduated from secondary school No. 261 (1993) – by the way, with a gold medal.
Has two higher educations and advanced degrees.
Namely, in 1998 graduated from Kyiv national economic University (KNEU them now. V. Getman).

• 1996-2000 – study in National pharmaceutical Academy of Ukraine (Kharkiv), specialty “Technology of pharmaceutical preparations”. After graduating, he received qualification of engineer-technologist.
• 2004 graduated from the graduate school at Kharkiv national pharmaceutical Academy of Ukraine. Candidate of pharmaceutical Sciences.
• Associate Professor of Kyiv national University of technologies and design, Department of industrial pharmacy part-time (since 2006).
• In 2012 awarded with the academic title of associate Professor of industrial pharmacy.
• Since 2012 associate Professor of National medical Academy of postgraduate education named. After p. L. Shupyk, Department of organization and Economics of pharmacy.
• In 2014 he defended his doctoral thesis on the theme “Methodological bases of strategy and tactics of the system of measures for optimization and efficient development of domestic production of medicines” and received the academic degree of “Doctor of pharmacy” specialty “Technology of drugs, organization of pharmaceutical business and judicial pharmacy” (protection in the Zaporozhye state medical University at MHC of Ukraine).


Although Gleb Vladimirovich loves to speak on topics of a personal nature, particularly about the family, it is known that he married twice and has a son and two daughters.


His career Gleb zagoriy started from the position of head of the Department of marketing and logistics research company “Pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa”.
His career rapidly went up. After a couple of years he is working in the same company by the coordinator on policy and strategic issues.
To gain knowledge and experience and after 8 years in this position, Gleb zagoriy became the General Director of CJSC “Pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa”, which he occupies to this day (since 2009).

Political activity
2014 – people’s Deputy of Ukraine elected to the Verkhovna Rada according to the list “Blok Petro Poroshenko” (No. 52). Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on matters of veterans, combatants, participants of the ATO and people with disabilities.


Actively involved in charitable activities and patronage.
Since 2002 to support the Ukrainian cinema (the first Ukrainian big-budget film “the Black Raven” on the novel by Vasyl Shklyar), and the theatrical company “Benyuk–Hostikoev”.
One of the leaders of the charity Fund family zagori (health, culture, art), created in 2015 and participated in many charity projects. However, the main emphasis is on the scholarship program for gifted students.
Since 2015 is part of the Council for the development of the National cultural-art and Museum complex “mystetskyi Arsenal”.
Since the beginning of the parliamentary cadence his salary Gleb zagoriy lists the needs of the educational process of the Ukrainian Catholic University, and since 2015 – to the needs of the international charity Fund “Tabletochki”.


• Doctor of pharmaceutical Sciences (2014)
• Author of several scientific works, textbooks and handbooks in pharmacology.
• Member of Forbes’s most successful family businesses in Ukraine. In 2015 (with gross income of companies belonging to the family for 2014 is 1.20 billion)
For 2016 dropped to 44.3 million UAH of income.
• Master in motor racing.
• Champion of Ukraine in rally.
• Master of sports in Ju-jitsu, honorary President of the Association of JIU-jitsu of Ukraine.

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