Yurchishin Peter V.

Ukrainian politician and statesman. People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation


Peter yurchishin was born July 13, 1958 in the city of Antratsyt in the Luhansk region.


Higher education. Graduated from Kamyanets-Podilsky agricultural College majoring in “technician-mechanic” (1977). He continued his education at the Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute majoring in “mechanical engineer” (1992)

Business and political activity

About the employment experience of MP is not known to many. After graduating from College (1977), he began his career at first a senior and then a chief engineer at the collective farm “Rodina” (Starosinyavsky R-n Khmelnytskyi region).
In 1978 – 1980 served conscripts in the ranks of the then Soviet army. 1980 – 1981 he held the position of engineer of the Khmelnytsky regional Department of agriculture.
In 1981-1983 — chief engineer Velikomachenitza poultry, and from 1983 to 1987 he was head of supply and distribution of Khmelnitsky plant food.
Almost six years (1987 to 1992) worked in the system of consumer cooperatives.
Together with his brother Nicholas started the business. Already in 1993, became the Director of “the Experiment” (the town) to the company for the sale of building materials (1993 – 2001). Since 2001 heads the agro-industrial scientific-production enterprise “Visit” – the Director of the company. At the same time the brothers Jurcisin speak several farms for growing pigs and cows, a Creamery, a chain of grocery stores and pharmacies in chmielnik. Their Department is also the restaurant “Visit” and two recreational resort – “the Visit” and “Radion”, which they built through their own efforts. Doing this is also the period of grain.
Peter yurchishin was twice elected Deputy of Khmelnytskyi regional Council V and VI convocations.
In 2012, ran for parliamentary elections as an independent candidate in single-mandate majoritarian constituency № 13 in Vinnytsia region, but had to give way to Mykola Katerynchuk, who scored 15.4% of the votes. And the parliamentary elections in October 2014, also standing as a candidate in single-mandate majoritarian constituency № 13 in Vinnytsia region, took first place with 44,79% of the vote.
In Parliament joined the faction of the party “Solidarity” of Petro Poroshenko’s Block. Is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on food industry and trade agricultural goods Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on agrarian policy and land relations.


Married. Wife – Lyubov Yaroslavovna (born 1962), daughter Olga (1983). Got a grandson.
The closest relationships – brother yurchishin Nikolai Vasilyevich – Deputy of the Vinnytsia regional Council. Also Mykola Dzhyga, the people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of V, VII convocations, ex-the Chairman of Vinnytsia regional state administration, the General-the Colonel of militia, PhD in law, former first Deputy interior Minister, figuriamoci in the murder of Georgy Gongadze.


According to the Declaration on incomes in 2015, the General condition of Peter Yurchishin is about 8,5 million UAH (Declaration published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada). But the Declaration turns out that MP only lived on one salary – that’s about 6 thousand 600 UAH per month (!), whereas in 2014 this figure was about one million (892 thousand UAH).
It seems that the financial Deputy helped wife, whose income in the past amounted to 669 thousand UAH. From them 26 thousand UAH 51 Love Yurchishin received in the form of wages, and 643 thousand UAH 216 earned from entrepreneurial and independent professional activities.
As in 2014, at Peter Yurchishin not registered any real estate. And Love Yurchishin has an apartment with an area of 111.6 sqm But Peter Vasilievich three cars: “VAZ 2107”, 2004 edition (about 70 thousand UAH.) “VAZ 21213”, 2004 (approximate cost of 80 thousand UAH.) Nissan Patrol 1982 edition (worth 850 thousand UAH). In 2014, the people’s Deputy went to the Lexus LX 570 2008 release.
The wife of MP rides on AUDI Q7 2015 release, the approximate cost of which almost 2 million UAH.
Lives the politician and his family in the town of Khmelnik Vinnytsia region. Has a large two-storey house in the elite district on the street kozitskogo with access to the river the southern bug. The same house next to my brother Nikolai. The house has an Elevator.


Urchasing called the first patrons in chmielnik. The brothers have created a charity Fund “we Create future time”.

Scandals and rumors

“It does not get you to anybody!..”
B 2012, after the elections in the district No. 13 (Vinnytsia region), Peter yurchishin, losing them, it was rumored that he destroyed the road built as part of the campaign. After the results of the voting, he ordered the workers with the help of graders to destroy everything that was built. Instead of the road in Rybchyntsi – plowed field.
Later, however, in one of the publications that printed this info out a denial, and before the MP apologized, saying that the destruction of the road was learned from a local resident by phone with the details, but without supporting photos and videos.

Milk from peasants at low prices
As the owner of the Creamery, chain pharmacies and a major tenant of land, yurchishin, respectively, through rental units and the price of milk has a great influence on the villagers. After losing in the election race in the Verkhovna Rada, he began to threaten the villagers to take their milk at lower prices.

An accident with a tragic ending
In 2014 in the suburbs of the city, an accident with a tragic ending: the driver of a Toyota Camry that was driving on the road Mogilev –Podolsky – Berdichev, does not give way to Lexus, S. Ulanov going to chmielnik. The accident occurred in the night from 3 to 4 September, by which during an accident, passengers received significant injuries, and the 26-year-old girl died on the spot. In “Lexus” drove myself yurchishin, and “Toyota” passengers. But the driver of a Toyota Camry should not have to give preference to the “Lexus,” as I was driving along the main road.
“A complete surprise to the driver “Toyotas” was that Peter yurchishin not simply stated that no claim to compensation for damages, but also tried to calm him down, culprit, providing full assistance to the victims. Moreover, Peter V. and his family visited victims in the hospital, buy medicine, and bring food.”
But there is one important detail: the driver of “Toyota” and the victims – relatives. Live in Chernivtsi region belong to the community of Evangelical Christians-Baptists. Therefore, do not drink alcohol, do not violate traffic rules and any other law.

Fake diplomas and 500 UAH in envelopes from the MP
Deputies of city councils of Vinnytsia region got UAH 500 to the Day of local self-government. Funds, along with commendations on the letterhead of the Verkhovna Rada distributed on MP Peter Yurchishin (PPB). In fact, the Parliament said that these letters really were not given.
Yurchishin from this cash disown. As for the commendations on the letterhead of the Parliament, the representative BPP advised to buy such stationery (where we have already heard, they say “form and more can be bought in any Voentorg”).
Money and gratitude was given directly during the session, in Khmelnytsky the city Council.
“I plenary session was not even – was on a business trip. They brought me a gratitude for “fruitful collaboration” and a commendation from the mayor’s birthday, and between them was an envelope with 500 UAH. Me and my colleague Alexander Kolodko. He is the editor of the newspaper. We immediately called back to the city head: “Sergey, what for money? Where did they come from?”, what the mayor said, “you do not worry, this money is not from the budget, and sponsorship,” – said the Deputy from “popular front” Yuri Shevchenko.

Titles, ranks, regalia

• Honorary diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2003)
• Awarded the title “Honored worker of agriculture” (2006)
• Deputy of Khmelnytskyi regional Council V – VI convocation.


Loves to read, enjoys football.

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