Vadatursky Andrey Alekseevich

Politician, businessman (Deputy Director of the trade “NIBULON”). People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation (October 2014)


Andrey Vadatursky was born 11 April 1973 in the Nikolaev area, station three times Voznesensky of the area.


Higher education. In 1996 graduated from the Ukrainian state Maritime technical University, specialty “electrical engineer”, in 2000 – faculty of Economics of the London school of Economics and politics. Master of science in Economics.

Entrepreneurial career
and political activities

In 1997 – 2000, combining work and study at the British school of Economics and politics, was Manager of the commercial Department of the company “NIBULON”.
From 2001 to 2003 – head of the trading Department of the company “NIBULON”.
Since 2003 holds the position of Deputy Director General for trade of the company “NIBULON”.
In 2009 he became a member of the International Association of operating millers (IAOM). This Association is over 100 years old large company unites more than 70 countries.
September 25, 2014, at the founding Congress of the party organization, before the extraordinary parliamentary elections, he headed the Nikolaev territorial organization of party “Petro Poroshenko’s Block”.
In the early parliamentary elections held on October 26, 2014, won a victory on the majority district No. 130 with the center in the city of Bashtanka of the Nikolaev area from “Blok Petro Poroshenko”.


The son of the owner of the largest grain trader “NIBULON” Alexey Vadatursky – Andrew – changed an armchair of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board in the company of his father on the parliamentary mandate of the Ukrainian Parliament. Vadatursky became the youngest member of the Agrarian Committee of the Verkhovna Rada and, according to his colleagues, actively lobbying for solutions that can facilitate business “NIBULON”. The Deputy denies it. Over the past two years, the company added to its land Bank another 5,000 ha. Now “NIBULON” in the use of about 80 000 ha, making Vadatursky among the largest landowners of the country.
In accordance with the filled e-return for 2015 (see below), Andrey Vadatursky, no apartments, no cars, and he lives only for the salary of the Deputy (which is RS 5,600). Therefore the young politician has requested the state compensation for rent of housing. After all, according to him, after the election of people’s Deputy, he resigned from his company and no dividendos not getting. However, despite this, the people’s Deputy Andrey Vadatursky is actively building his personal mansion on the kinburnsky spit.

Marital status

Married. Spouse – Svetlana Dyachenko. They have three children.
Father – General Director of “NIBULON” Vadatursky Alexey Afanasyevich. Hero of Ukraine, one of the richest people in the country.


• 2009 – became a member of the International Association of operating millers (IAOM). This Association is over 100 years old large company unites more than 70 countries.
• 2008 – awarded the title “Citizen of the year” in the nomination “business”.


Information based on the data taken from open sources – electronic Declaration of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrey Vadatursky, in accordance with the law on the procedure of official persons of declarations on property, incomes, expenses and financial obligations in 2015.

Declaration of the people’s Deputy representing Nikolayevshchina in the Verkhovna Rada, published on the website of the National Agency for combating corruption.
Andrey Vadatursky didn’t enter any property under “Valuable personal property”, where you specify things, which cost more than 100 times the minimum wage in 2015 amounted to about 130 thousand UAH. Thus, we can conclude that MP has no more values 130 thousand UAH.
The MP owns two trucks GAZ-66 and ZIL-131 1978 and 1984, respectively. The cost of the truck “ZIL” is listed as 21 thousand 240 UAH.

Regarding real estate, according to the Declaration, the wife of Andrey Vadatursky Svetlana Dyachenko owns two plots of land in Kinburn, in the village of the intercession of the Ochakov area, the area of which is 2500 m2 and 173 m2, respectively. The property of the MP plot of 800 m2 in the village Vitovska well developed village in the area. The total cost of sites is not specified. In a well developed village the village of Andrey Vadatursky also has a cottage of 60 m2. The Declaration stated that, in the village of Pokrovskoye is construction of a house area of 300 m2, registered in the name of wife Vadatursky.

The wife of the MP owns an apartment in Nikolaev, which area is 191,0 m2, recently estimated that it costs 1 million 56 thousand UAH 47, and a garage with an area of 46,60 m2. Andrey Vadatursky stated that also rents a room at the hotel “Kiev”.

With regard to intangible assets, the people’s Deputy Andrey Vadatursky in its Declaration indicated that they did not possess such.
However, in the section “corporate law”, he pointed out that owns 20% of the total capital of the joint venture “NIBULON”, the total cost is 3700 UAH.
In the income section indicated that in 2015, Andrey Vadatursky got 72 thousand UAH 55 salary of a Deputy. The MP declared 2 million 668 thousand 780 UAH premiums received on the business his father “NIBULON”. From the sale of property Andrey Vadatursky got an income of 693 775 thousand hryvnias. For performance of Deputy powers in the Administration of Affairs of Verkhovna Rada offset MP 559 80 thousand hryvnias, and on the removal of a hotel room at the hotel “Kiev” – 167 thousand 900 hryvnias.
It is noteworthy that in the section monetary assets, which requires cash, the declarant said that they do not exist.
In the section financial liabilities Andrey Vadatursky indicated that it has no Bank loans or other loans.
In the section expenses by the MP indicated that he had to pay 204 thousand 400 UAH for rent accommodation in hotel “Kiev”.


From open sources:
Billionaire Vadatursky considers himself an oligarch:
“We go across Nikolaev on foot. There are no yachts or planes”
The heir to a business Empire “NIBULON” and the people’s Deputy Andrey Vadatursky says that he is not an oligarch, so as to go on foot 20 years has lived in “Khrushchev” and prepares himself in a hotel room.
He told about it in interview to the edition “Left coast”.

According to the “neoligarha”, the wife sincerely wanted him to lose the elections, as we understand that the family will become only worse.
– The decision to go to the polls I have taken somewhere in the 10th of September. By the way, the wife didn’t know about it, and she wished me to lose… As a woman, she understood that the family will lose from my hike to the Parliament. And so it happened. And now I don’t see children, in addition, do not bring money home, and take them out – complaining about the MP.
However, he notes that the long lived in “Spartan conditions”, save on everything and even walking, because it has no car, no yacht, no plane.
– In Nikolaev, my wife and three young children live in the apartment area of 200 sq. m. there is Still a garage, but the cars in it. No one can accuse our family that we are very much spend. We go across Nikolaev on foot and on a drinking spree, the money is not emitted. There are no yachts or planes. Despite the fact that the company is probably one of the ten largest in Ukraine, but we were not noticed the extravagance. And, by the way, my mother often complains that she doesn’t have enough money for farming. Everything like ordinary people. We for all time of existence the company has never shared dividends and have always lived on the salary. If you need money, we arrange the loan company on a home purchase. I bought a new apartment three years ago, when he was born the third child. And we really have not placed in “Khrushchev”, which I bought back in 92-m to year. All this time my friends didn’t understand and asked: “Why do you want this “spartanism?”, – said the people’s choice.

According to him, as Vice-President of the company “NIBULON”, in 2013-m to year during the year earned a little less than a million hryvnia, and nothing on top. But many don’t believe him. Therefore, receiving a parliamentary salary, have to save more, and even to cook in a hotel room.
– And in the Parliament in December I got 5600 UAH, out of which three thousand went to pay for accommodation and lunch costs 75 UAH. And add in Breakfast and dinner. Even if lunch is to invest 50 UAH, that is 100 UAH per day just for food. Nye, in principle, it is correctly said, but not in time. He had to resent or until the election or some time after living on a parliamentary salary. I try to live. I have the room is a slow cooker, and I make my own lunch. And from their savings to pay the two assistants, – complains “not an oligarch”.
We will remind that the Nikolaev people’s Deputy referred to one of the richest MPs in the Verkhovna Rada, whose father, according to Forbes, has a fortune of $588 million

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