The Coachman Nikolai

Ukrainian politician. The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation from the faction of the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, ex-Director General of the company “zernoprodukt MHP”


Mykola Kucher was born 24 August 1959 in the village of hordiivka Trostyanetsky region Vinnytsia region in an ordinary rural family. Father is a driver, mother is a nurse. Later the family moved to the district center, and after some time went to live for 4 years in Hungary, where my father was offered the post the mechanics of the chamber.


Higher education. He graduated from the Ukrainian agricultural Academy in 1981, agronomy Department, specialty “agronomist”. Working, they had time to study at a distance. In 1985-1989 he graduated from the agricultural Academy and defended his PhD on sugar beet.

Labor activity

He began his career in 1981 as chief agronomist of the collective farm. Petrovsky S. Trostianchyk Trostyanetsky district. Thanks to the collective farm Chairman Ivan Popicu (which remembers gratefully as his first teacher in agribusiness and the man who played in his fate a big role) and the team quickly settled in agronomy in practice. Never thought to work in agriculture, but “ABC” farmers learned in childhood, when he worked in the garden and took care of housework, helping parents.
Wanted to be a pilot but failed the physical. A love of the sky was so strong that even after the first course of study in agricultural Academy again tried to cheat fate and go to Dosaafovsky flight school in the Kharkiv region. But the doctors again didn’t allowed to fly for health reasons.
4 years later already had first successes in agronomy. Nicholas Kuchera took to a different farm by the Deputy Chairman of the Board – Secretary of the party Committee of collective farm “Victory”, p Letkivka Trostyanetsky district.
In 1989, a young and promising agronomist noticed upstairs and was elected Chairman of the Trostyanets district agricultural Association. There he worked until 1992, then moved to the post of head of the Department of agriculture and food Trostyanets district administration.
1994 – head of the Department of agriculture and food Trostyanets district administration.
In 1994, once again life makes a sharp turn. On the recommendation of Gregory and Basil Patches Popica him take the head of the Department of agriculture and food of the Vinnytsya regional Executive Committee, and a year later promoted to head of the Department of agro-industrial complex of Vinnytsya regional state administration.
1994-1995 – Deputy head of the Department of agriculture and food of the Vinnytsya regional Executive Committee.
1995-1999 – head of the agro-industrial complex of Vinnytsya regional state administration.
“This five-year plan (1994-1999) was very difficult – recalled N. The coachman. – “Plowed” at work until late at night. And then with the change of Governor, I understand – it’s time to leave the public administration”.
1999-2000 – Director of the Department of agriculture, Deputy Chairman of the State joint-stock company “Bread of Ukraine”, Kiev.
2000-2002 – first Deputy Chairman of the Board SJSC “Bread of Ukraine”.
2002-2004 – Chairman of the Board SJSC “Bread of Ukraine”.
From January to August 2004, Deputy General Director of LLC “Trade-transport company”, Kiev.
From August 2004 to March 2013 — Director of JSC “zernoprodukt MHP”.
From March 2013 – the Director of the Department of crop production and livestock PJSC “Myronivsky Hliboproduct”.
Having worked from 1999 to 2002 in state-owned companies, Mykola Kucher times and always vowed not to return to state structure. For four years, ridden all over the Vinnytsia region, and then to Ukraine in search of a good, free land. It was not easy. Indeed, in the 2000s, no one knew how to dial earth. Had to do everything himself: to travel to the village, to convince people. Many now believe: to create a “zernoprodukt MHP” he helped the old Ministerial relations. But Nikolai says that it is not necessary to know someone in the Ministry to create a company from scratch.
“The company was registered in June 2004. In the first year rented 12 hectares. It was a tough year: the heads of the farms drove the diesel fuel in the trunk of his “Volga”, and MHP since the very first day began to invest in land: the purchase of equipment, seeds, plant protection products, fertilizers. We immediately increased the rent in half and pay all the people legally, for land to deduct all taxes. A lot invested in the social sphere: schools, kindergartens, FAPs. Also developed the livestock. At first, cattle-breeding projects, without exception, were more social, because the money went to their modernization, laying nearby roads and actually ensure the population of villages work”, — said N. The coachman.
“The first 4 years on the creation of the company at the same time I recall with nostalgia and horror. Four years I have not been formally housing. I was an ordinary homeless person: spent the night, too. In the best case – came to the mother or the sister in the worst — spent the night in hotels 30 hryvnia per room with wet sheets and no water. But still it was worth it. Initially, the office of “Grain” was in my trunk with the computer. But over time the company has grown to 4 thousand and 120 thousand hectares,” – recalled the current MP.

Political career

Since 2005 – member of Ukrainian people’s party (the head of UNP Yury Kostenko).
• Since 2010 – Deputy of the Vinnytsia regional Rada of the Ukrainian people’s party, member of standing Committee of regional Council on administrative-territorial structure and interaction with local authorities.
• In 2012 parliamentary elections was a candidate on the majority district No. 17 as independent candidate, but lost typing 38,71%.
• In 2014, the early parliamentary elections to the Verkhovna Rada won on the one-mandatory constituency No. 17 (Vinnytsia region).
• From 27 November 2014 – member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on agrarian policy and land relations.


Married. Wife – Kucher-Natalya Popovich. Two children. Lives in the town of Ladyzhyn in Vinnytsia region.

Titles, awards, regalia

The candidate of agricultural Sciences.
Honored worker of agriculture of Ukraine, awarded the order “For merits” III degree.

Material condition

Nicholas Kucher is CEO and owner of 10% of the company “zernoprodukt MHP”, which is part of the holding “MHP”. With the active participation of MHP building in this district is one of Europe’s largest poultry farms.
According to the Declaration for 2017, the MP has in the Crimea apartment (Partenit, Alushta) with a total area 122,40 square meters; land in Roslavychi Vasilkovsky district, Kiev region (2500 sq m) and the village Mikhailovka Tulchinsky region of Vinnytsia region (1,000 sq m);
residential house in Vite the Post of the Kiev region, was the wife (538,90 sq m) apartment in Kiev, 114,50 sq. m (50% ownership with his son Alexander); unfinished apartment in Kiev with a total area of 103,1 sq. m (also logs wife).
Also declared watches mens and ladies watches, a fur coat, jewelry (earrings, rings, other jewelry), Mercedes-Benz (model GLE 250D) 2016 issue (wife declares).
Cash – UAH 221000 1790000 dollars, as well as in the Bank accounts of his wife in dollars (2026), Euro (1002), the hryvnia (UAH 999, 4248 UAH ) and UAH cash 2460611, 243000 USD.


Childhood dream is to become a pilot on a professional level couldn’t be carried out. Now this is one of his Hobbies. Nicholas Kucher is flying on a small plane. Taught in Soviet times. “In 1991, at the farm with the guys created a flying club, bought 2 glider. They explained how at first it is necessary to try to “jump” a low, to learn to sit. I tried once, twice. And then did something wrong and I was thrown into the air 15 meters. The road back was not. Given by gas, made a circle, came in for a landing — and so has learned to fly. Now with an instructor pilot “Yak-52″. Like to carry out elements of aerobatics (loop, barrel roll, corkscrew). I like the pure flying,” says N. I. The Coachman.
I loved to read, especially Russian literature. Many still remembers it by heart from Pushkin. Now basically reads the literature on work and aviation. Loves to ski.

Most closely connected

Petro Poroshenko, Yuri Kosyuk


Life motto:
Work like a horse, and Golden horseshoe you’ll find. But seriously — first, good work to someone to prove something, then yourself, then it becomes a habit that is hard to refuse.
About success:
The path to success lies primarily through the ability to communicate with people to understand their right to inform them your thoughts. And secondly- through experience.
About the achievements and mistakes:
My greatest achievement in life is my children. And the error? All life is a movement from failure to failure. In the end, or get a good lesson or an intermediate victory on the way to the main goal.
About friends:
Not much happens. Big “to do”, but I don’t. “Friendship”, as Pushkin said, “… light the heat of a hangover, resentment free conversation, a moment of vanity, idleness and patronage a shame.”
About the enemies:
They do not need to retaliate. Calm down, get a need and will see how life itself will pay.
On the adoption of the laws:
I will support any bill that will give more power and resources to local authorities. Why? A way of overcoming corruption and bureaucracy in the country. In addition, I support the bill No. 1159 on the transfer of land reserve rural councils.
About corruption:
I used to think that if will work correctly in the economy, then everything will work out in the country. But no. If you do not overcome corruption, nothing will change. Watch what happens in agriculture: the honest company, compared with the same farmers (90% of them do not pay taxes!) are in a worse position.
Today we must all put in the same conditions. And the Prime Minister proposes to make the special regime of VAT only for households with 3 ha. Well, what difference is 3 or 100 thousand? To think that the economy per 1 ha of cultivated land were normal. Then the business will be profitable, and the budget.

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