Sobolev Egor Viktorovich

The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation, journalist, one of the initiators of a new political force “Will”, served as Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on lustration in the new government of Ukraine.


Yegor Sobolev was born on 26 February 1977 in Krasnodar (the Russian Federation).
Born Egor Anatolevich Zimin.


After school he entered the faculty of history and sociology in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk state pedagogical Institute. In 1995, quitting school and moving in with her grandmother in Ukraine for permanent residence.
Prior to 2003 had a residence permit in Ukraine, and in 2004 received the citizenship.

Labor activity

First job – advertising agent, then the correspondent of the newspaper “Femida-the press” in Donetsk. In 1995 and 1996 – host of “Economic week” in the Donetsk TV channel “7×7”. Soon moved to Kiev, worked as a correspondent for the Department of Finance of Kiev City newspaper. In 1997 – 1998 – economic analyst of the newspaper “Kiev Vedomosti”.

In January 1998 Michael Kolomiytsev invites Yegor Sobolev in the business information Agency “Ukrainian news” as an economic journalist. Worked there first in this post, then chief reporter. In October 2002 resigned (after the mysterious suicide Kolomiets) and began working as a freelance journalist.

Since December 2003 writes a lot on political topics, works as a correspondent of the newspaper “Mirror of week” and the magazine “Correspondent”. In the summer of 2004 he was elected Chairman of the Kyiv independent media trade Union. He manages to initiate protests against censorship on the Central TV channels, unofficially called “journalistic revolution.”

At the request of channel 5 was covered during the presidential election of 2004 as a freelance journalist work of the electoral headquarters of Viktor Yanukovych, where the TV channel refused to allow. In January 2005 he was invited by the chief editor Andriy Shevchenko to work at channel 5, where he worked for three years (until February 1, 2008) – first as a special correspondent, then as a co — author of the program “Chas: it’s important”, created author’s program “Chi on p’yat?”

In January 2007 became one of the two leading most popular on the channel of the TV program “the Hour.” Throughout the year he had a serious conflict with the owner of the channel Petro Poroshenko due to the attempts of Peter I to ban to light some important issues, in particular conflicts within the Pro-presidential bloc “Our Ukraine – national self-defense”, bribery of voters in the Bloc of Lytvyn, the dismissal of the presenter of the channel Ihor Slisarenko.
When 1 October 2007 there was another scandal on the issue record, unprecedented scale distribution of land and Kyiv city Council Leonid Chernovetsky and discuss this issue in the “Hour”, Petro Poroshenko proposed E. Sobolev to look for another job.
In January 2008, the program was closed and recovered only after the Sobolev resigned from the channel.

Career and politics

The short stay position at Yegor Sobolev was on TRK “Ukraine”. 3 July 2008 the journalist chief editor of the TV channel TRK “Ukraine” (this media resource belongs to Rinat Akhmetov). As the editor of the channel Sobolev spent two hours – the contract with the journalist was terminated. No explanation was not followed.
His political activities Yegor Sobolev began with the creation in 2008 of the Bureau of independent journalistic investigations “Svidomo”. His main task was to conduct a variety of investigative journalism in Ukraine. It should be noted that, for example, in 2010 the Bureau “Svidomo” worked about 50 publications.
In July 2013, the Sobolev announced the completion of a journalism career and that he turned to politics.
In 2013 – 2014 is an active participant of Euromaidan, cooperates very closely with the Public Council of the Maidan. 30 November 2013 at Maidan, he suffered a heart attack. 10 Jan 2014, Yegor Sobolev said that terminates its cooperation with this structure.

Activities in the field of lustration

After the victory of Euromaidan in the formation of a new government according to the decision of the all-Ukrainian Union “Maidan” on February 27, 2014 Yegor Sobolev was appointed head of the lustration Committee.
In March Yegor Sobolev has offered the government three options for the creation of the lustration Committee, but Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who headed the government then, did not support any of the options the Committee was created as governmental agencies. In this regard, together with activists and volunteers E. Sobolev focused on civilian control of staff appointments, including the holding of open competitions for public office and work on writing a draft law on lustration.
In April 2014, was adopted by the first lustration Law “On restoring confidence in the judiciary in Ukraine”, demanding lustration of judges, who sanctioned the terror of the Maidan.
6 April 2015, co-authored the draft Law “On the condemnation of the Communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols”.

28 April 2015, along with public lustration Committee has opened an online registry of persons subject to lustration. At the time of opening the registry contained information about 755 officials. The registry was created as a tool to help journalists and citizens for the dismissal of officials falling under the criteria of the law, and to prevent their return to public office for 10 years. The registry has become the largest source of information on individuals trying to avoid lustration.

Yegor Sobolev initiated the creation and publication of the list called “Name of Ukraine”, which contains information on all criminal proceedings instituted GPU, SBU and the MVD, against former and current senior officials, for the terror of citizens and theft of funds in especially large sizes. 10, 2015 list has been released and presented together with the Chairman of the Board of the Center of counteraction of corruption Vitaly by Shabunina, publicist Sergey Ivanov, lawyer Automaidan Roman Maselko and human rights activist, coordinator of the initiative of lawyers for the families of “Heavenly hundred” Taras Gotelecom.

Together with other parliamentarians, social activists and the Public Council on lustration of the Ministry of justice has made the resignations of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Vitaly Sakal, who oversaw the investigation, Sergey Chebotar, who led the headquarters of the Ministry of internal Affairs and Deputy Minister of internal Affairs, and from November 2015 – first Deputy Chairman of the national police – the chief of criminal police Vasily Paskal.
The main lustration law was the Law of Ukraine “On cleaning power”. Work on the draft law began in March 2014, the process involved more than 100 Ukrainian and foreign experts, jurists, social activists, representatives of media, business and government in Ukraine. Thanks to the Polish Fund “Open dialogue” in Ukraine were involved, the authors of lustration in Poland and the Czech Republic.
In June Yegor Sobolev gave drafted the bill in the administration of the President Poroshenko, that he has submitted it to the Verkhovna Rada. But since the President did not respond, Sobolev started to gather people for action under walls of the Verkhovna Rada. Thanks to these meetings failed to achieve the introduction of a bill “On lustration” in the agenda and for consideration of the Verkhovna Rada. The law was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on September 16, signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on 9 October and entered into force on 16 October 2014.
February 12, 2015 at the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada Sobolev in the process of discussion of the bill on land reform had a fight with the MP from the faction “Batkivshchyna” Vadim Ivchenko. In the result of a fight in Ivchenko went nose is bleeding, and Soboleva was a split lip, they were separated by the guards. As explained by Sobolev, the incident occurred due to the fact that Ivchenko “had the audacity to come to convince to vote the faction “Samopomich” for the bill № 1159″ and from the struggle against the adoption of the law, which allowed to divide the state land the former regions, which, at that time, there was a majority in local councils.
22 Dec 2015 Sobolev, together with other MPs from the “Samopomich”, took part in the rally in protest against the election results in Krivoy Rog, was trying to hold in the building of Parliament a group of his supporters. When this prevented the guards, he threatened the guards “grenade” using foul language. The Deputy explained the situation to the arbitrariness of the guards, “go back to being “Berkut”.

The work in Parliament

In June 2014, jointly with Victoria syumar and other social activists on the basis of the social movements created the party “Will”, which together with the party “Samopomich” in the parliamentary elections in October 2014, took the third place.
November 2014 – people’s Deputy of the eighth convocation. Sobolev took place in the Parliament from the party “Samopomich” at number 13.

In December 2014 he was elected Chairman of the Committee on preventing and combating corruption. The first decision, the Committee introduced rules of transparency: publication on the Committee’s website announcements, meeting minutes, transcripts, decisions, and information on the truants. Anyone wishing to be journalists, public activists and experts are allowed to participate in the meetings.
After being elected a people’s Deputy refused to receive any benefits, medical care in the clinic “Feofania” and use an official car provided for the Chairman of the Committee. During the discussions in Parliament on the abolition of visas for Ukrainians, the European Union refused to use diplomatic passports while visa will not be cancelled for all citizens.

In December 2014, Yegor Sobolev initiated the election as a member of the Commission for the contest for the position of Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Giovanni Kessler – head of group on combating money laundering in the EU.
January 14, 2015 E. Sobolev initiated the resignation of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaly Yarema, organized the collection of signatures of MPs. In three weeks, February 6, Vitaliy Yarema submitted to the President a resignation, and was dismissed.
In December of 2014 and February of 2015, headed the working group on development and co-sponsored Law of Ukraine № 1660-d “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on ensuring of activities of the National anti-corruption Bureau and National Agency for prevention of corruption”. The Law forbade to take a job in the National anti-corruption Bureau, those who already were responsible for the fight against corruption in law enforcement, established the salaries of the detectives Bureau from 20 thousand UAH, allowed to confiscate from convicted officials, all property which they can’t explain, and trying to escape let to arrest of top officials suspected of corruption to obtain a court order.


Initiated and co-author of a number of key anti-corruption bills, thanks to which:
– from 6 October 2015 the Law of Ukraine “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning strengthening of transparency of ownership relations with the aim of preventing corruption” opened the State register of rights to immovable property, which by the name you can find information about all owners of real estate and land, and with the help of the Public cadastral map of Ukraine to see where the property is located. So open the registry of the Ministry of internal Affairs in respect of car owners. Thanks to the discovery of these registries, the public and journalists can control what property is owned by the official, his family and friends.
– according to the amendments introduced to the Law of Ukraine “On prevention of corruption” (relative to the volume of the declared information by persons authorized to perform state functions or local self-government), officials must declare not only officially registered on their property, but all what is written on others, but is actually in their possession, the so-called unfinished.
April 6, 2015 to co-sponsor the draft “Law on the condemnation of Communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols”.
October 13 presented 9 solutions for “victory over corruption” in Ukraine.

Initiated and established a Committee on preventing and combating corruption, the Council of public expertise, the task of which, as noted on his page on Facebook Egor Sobolev, “to attract business, think tanks analysis on corruptogenity each bill to be considered by Parliament.” The competition is held according to the advice of Mikhail Saakashvili and Davit Sakvarelidze, the contestants were computer testing of knowledge, analysis of the personal qualities of independent psychologists and interviews with members of the Committee. The result – of the 29 finalists have been selected 10 experts. Now they analyze the draft laws for compliance with anti-corruption legislation, cooperate with experts in various fields and NGOs. Financial support was provided by the international Fund “Revival”.

Yegor Sobolev, one of the first deputies within the parliamentary faction “Association “Self-help” began to insist on the withdrawal from the coalition.
As Chairman of the Committee on preventing and combating corruption in 2015 convened 54 meetings of the Committee, which heard the high-ranking officials on issues of resonance and anti-corruption expertise of draft laws of 1990 and 312 regulations, among which 186 corruption-detected. None of them became law.
E. Sobolev became the first MP in Ukraine, who submitted the electronic Declaration.
7 April 2017 Deputy Prosecutor General – chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios accused Yegor Sobolev of forgery.

Checking structures around Mariupol

In April – may 2015 Sobolev along with semen Semenchenko conducted inspections of fortifications around Mariupol. At the same time initiated the abolition of the system of permits across the front line, which became a source of corruption, and the establishment of effective electronic verification system of passports.
After 5 weeks of fighting, the protesters made the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on appointment of new elections in March 2016, won Vilkul, ahead Semenchenko.

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption

Yegor Sobolev was elected head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption. December 6, 2017, Parliament voted for his dismissal. Because of this dismissal adviser to the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden – Michael carpenter recommended that to reduce government US aid to Ukraine: “If the Parliament will vote for the dismissal of the Chairman of the Anticorruption Committee and the Chairman of the NEB, I will recommend to cut all government assistance USA Ukraine, including support in the sphere of security. It’s a shame”. The head of delegation of European Union to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli said: “We are concerned that most members of the Committee for the fight against corruption has decided to recommend the Parliament to dismiss the head of the Committee, Mr. Sobolev”.


Yegor Sobolev, according to the Declaration, has earned in 2015 78 182 UAH. In addition, he contributed to the Declaration information on trips to Strasbourg and Washington, which are paid for by the Council of Europe (25802 UAH). and the national democratic Institute (97421 UAH). According to the electronic Declaration, posted on the website of NACP, the MP has a land area of 800 sqm in the village Horbovychi near Kiev. The Deputy also recorded house in Horbovychi area of 136,90 sq. m (estimated at 1,5 million UAH), the house in Bilotserkivtsi, Pyriatyn district with an area of 54,20 sq. m.
Wife of a Deputy, TV presenter Maria Padalko belongs to the Kiev apartment of 47 sq m and car Mazda3 2005 release.


Yegor Sobolev is married to famous television host Marichka Padalko. Raising four children.


Yegor Sobolev is passionate about journalism and believes that it is not just my profession but a hobby. Gives her most of the time, including free.
His main hobby Sobolev considers journalism, which gives most of your time, including free.

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