Shymkiv Dmitry Anatolyevich

Ukrainian politician, the Deputy Head of the presidential Administration on holding reforms in the social, administrative and economic spheres, the former CEO of Microsoft Ukraine


Born on 28 September 1975. A native of the city of Lviv, which passed his childhood and youth.


At the end of school (school № 52 with advanced study of English language and mathematics) entered the Lviv state University “Lviv Polytechnic”, faculty of telecommunications, Radioelectronics and electronic engineering and graduated with honors in 1997.
Thesis defended in English. While studying at the University initiated the creation of one of the first University computer networks in Ukraine – PolyNet.
From 1998 to 2000 he worked at the Danish company “ALTA Copenhagen”. Coming back to Ukraine shymkiv Dmitry Medvedev has organised the company Alfa Team, which is managed by developers from Denmark, USA and Ukraine.
In 2007 Dmytro shymkiv joined the company “Microsoft Ukraine” as a sales Manager, and two years later became CEO. In 2011 the Ukrainian segment of this company was named best in the world. On his initiative in our country’s schools began to teach a course on “the Safety of children on the Internet”.
Got education abroad – ICT and Public Policy: The Next Wave, the Harvard Institute of public management. John F. Kennedy, USA (graduated 2011).
To 2014 – entrepreneur, innovator, professional with 20 years of experience in the field of information technologies in Ukraine, Europe and the USA.


Dmytro shymkiv is married and has three children.


In 1998 Dmitry Shimkiv moved to Copenhagen (Denmark), where he worked in the company ALTA Copenhagen.
After returning to Ukraine in 2000 founded the company Alfa Team, which two years later sold to the Danish Corporation ALTA A/S. After the reorganization of the Alfa Team was transformed into ALTA Eastern Europe, and Dmitry shymkiv has headed the R&D Department of ALTA A/S, managing a team of developers in Denmark, Ukraine and the United States.
2002-2006: General Director at ALTA Eastern Europe, Kiev, Ukraine.
Since 2003 Dmitry Shimkiv is on the Board of AIESEC in Ukraine.
2005-2007 – chief expert of the working group on foreign investment (consultative Council under the President of Ukraine).
2006-2007 – CEO of RedPrairie Eastern Europe (an international developer of solutions in the field of performance), USA. At the same time is the Chairman of the Committee on information technology of the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.
March 2007 – may 2009 Director of sales corporate segment of Microsoft Ukraine. After three years since his appointment to the post of General Director Dmitry Shimkiv was named the best top Manager of Ukraine according to the annual rating “Top-100”.
Since may 2009 – General Director of Microsoft Ukraine. Under the leadership of Dmitry Shymkiv, Microsoft Ukraine was repeatedly named one of the most successful units of Microsoft in the world, including the best unit in the world in 2011. Dmitry Shimkiva managed to bring the company out of the crisis, ensuring business growth in all product groups and customer segments. In addition, the post of the General Director Shimkiv has ensured that the “safety of children on the Internet” has become a mandatory course in schools of Ukraine.
Since 2010 Dmitry Shimkiv is on the Board of Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Charitable Foundation.
Since 2010 member of the Board of the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.
Since 2011 – member of the young presidents Organization (Young Presidents Organization).
From 2012 Dmytro shymkiv member of the Supervisory Board of the Lviv state University “Lviv Polytechnic” and charitable Foundation “mystetskyi Arsenal”.
In 2013 Dmitry Anatolyevich schimke was honored as the most successful Manager in Ukraine. He ranked 10th in the list of TOP managers of our country.
Since 2014 – member of the ASPEN Ukraine.
July 9, 2014 Dmytro shymkiv resigned as the Manager of Microsoft Ukraine and left the company.
On the same day, July 9, 2014, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko by decree No. 589/2014 appointed the former CEO of Microsoft Ukraine Dmytro Shymkiv Deputy head of presidential Administration on holding administrative, social and economic reforms. One of the first tasks to Shymkiv, the President, will be the introduction of e-governance in the presidential Administration.


In December 2013, the CEO of Microsoft Ukraine Dmytro shymkiv took unpaid leave and went to support Euromaidan. “The aggressive actions of the security forces are unacceptable in a democratic country! So today I temporarily stepped down as Director General of Microsoft-Ukraine. I’m going to the Maidan again to protect the rights and freedoms of its compatriots,” – said a top Manager.


He enjoys sports, history, loves art.


2011, 2012, 2013: TOP 10 best managers, the annual ranking of Ukrainian executives of the TOP 100.
2012: Best top-Manager of the year, the annual ranking of Ukrainian executives of the TOP 100.


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