Sergey Kivalov

Ukrainian politician, public figure, teacher, lawyer, MP of Ukraine of III – VII convocations, VIII legislature (Opposition bloc), President of National University “Odessa law Academy” and International humanitarian University.


Sergey V. Kivalov was born on 1 may 1954 in Tiraspol (now capital of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldavian Republic)


Higher education. Childhood and youth in Odessa region. He graduated from the Sverdlovsk law Institute, judicial faculty, specialty “jurisprudence” in 1980. Profession – lawyer. In 1980-1985 he studied in graduate school, taught, engaged in social activities.
Scientific degree – doctor of law (1996), Professor (1997).

Political and legal activities

1980 – 1985 – postgraduate student, lecturer, Chairman of the Union of Sverdlovsk legal Institute.
1985 – 1990 – worked in bodies of internal Affairs. Was the commander of the rapid response of the PPP ATC Sverdlovsk region; senior lecturer, the head of the cycle of administrative law and administrative activities of the Odessa school of militia.
1989 – 1997 – lecturer, senior lecturer, associate Professor, Professor, head of Department of Maritime and customs law, Vice-rector for academic Affairs of the Law Institute of Odessa state University im. I. Mechnikov. At the same time (1990-1998) was a Deputy of the October district Council, and then Deputy of the Odessa city Council.
Since April 1997 – rector of the Law Institute of Odessa state University. I. Mechnikov (since December 1997 – Odessa state law Academy).
1998 – 2004 – President of the Odessa state law Academy.
In March 1998 and in October 2003, Kivalov was elected a member of the High Council of justice.
In 1998, for the first time became the people’s Deputy of Ukraine. Headed the Subcommittee of the parliamentary reform and parliamentary control of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legal policy.
May 2001 – March 2004 he was the head of ALL.
In 2002, again in the majority districts of Odessa won in the parliamentary elections. Led the Subcommittee on legislative support of political reform and the organization of parliamentary control of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legal policy.
February – December 2004 – Chairman of the Central election Commission.
December 2004 – may 2006 – rector of the Odessa national law Academy.
In March of 2006 and September of 2007, twice more becomes a people’s Deputy of Ukraine of V and VI convocation (from the Party of regions). Both times he headed the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the rule of law and justice. A member of the standing delegation to the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
November 2012 – people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of VII convocation, elected in the electoral district No. 135.
Since 2013 – member of the Venice Commission from Ukraine.
In the parliamentary elections of 26 October 2014 was elected to the Parliament from the majority district № 135 (Odessa, Primorsky district) independent candidate. A member of the Ukrainian marine party Serhiy Kivalov.
January 16, 2014 voted for “dictatorial laws” – a package of anti-democratic laws that significantly restricted the rights of citizens and freedom of speech.
In April 2016 – the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy announced the entry Kivalov in the Opposition bloc.
16 Mar 2017 Serhiy Kivalov was dismissed by presidential decree from the post of representative of Ukraine to the Venice Commission in connection with the expiration of the term of office.

Titles, ranks, regalia

• Chairman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on justice
• President of National University “Odessa law Academy”.
• Doctor of juridical science, Professor (1997).
• Academician of Academy of pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (2003).
• Honored lawyer of Ukraine (1998).
• Commander of the order “For merits” of all grades (1997, 1999, 2002).
• Awarded the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise V degree (2004).


• Married. Wife – Natalia Kivalov, economist and lawyer. Heads to Odessa OOO “Chernobyl”. S. Kivalov considers family as their “most successful and expensive project” in life. With his wife Natalia together for over 30 years.
• Daughter Tatiana (1976), Professor of civil law of the National University Odessa law Academy, Director of law firm TSK, the Deputy of the Odessa city Council (member of the Commission on questions of legality, the rule of law and human rights protection), in practice it is business Affairs of his father, also performs intermediary roles in corruption schemes to solve problematic issues between businesses and law enforcement agencies. T. Kivalova ran for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (to the place vacated after the election of the father of the Chairman of the CEC). However, because this situation is a gross violation of current legislation of Ukraine, which forbids the MP was a direct relative of a member of the CEC of Ukraine, and on the basis of the important role that was given to the Chairman of the CEC of Ukraine in the next presidential election, Medvedchuk personally ordered Kivalov to withdraw the nomination of his daughter, and that was done.


He enjoys hunting (was three hunting guns) and collecting, loves beautiful things from porcelain and white gold (collector’s wife). A few years ago Kivalov began to get involved pigeons. To do this, in his country house built pigeon.
State (according to the Declaration from March 23, 2016)
The MP has two Mercedes and more than $1 million in cash
Sergiy Kivalov has filed a Declaration which contains a number of properties including building area of 518 sqm, the house has an area of 672 sq. m, written to his wife, the apartment is 339 sq m, which it owns in equal parts with his wife and daughter, as well as land area of 116, 635, 1000, and 121 sq. m, own S. Kivalov and other areas of 1000, 124 and 285 sq. m, recorded at his wife.
Also in the electronic Declaration Kivalov contains four a couple of hours, two porcelain vases and a few porcelain figurines of Lladro, two Mercedes-Benz 2007 and 2010 edition.
Kivalov’s spouse is the sole owner of a diversified private enterprise “Chernobyl”.
With regard to Finance, S. Kivalov, 2015 received 74 thousand UAH of a salary as an MP, 41 thousand UAH as President of National University “Odessa law Academy”, 55 thousand UAH lifetime fee for the actual title of member of the National Academy of pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, 80.5 thousand UAH of compensation of the expenses connected with the execution of parliamentary powers, 115 thousand UAH pension, 41 thousand UAH in royalties from the Venice Commission.
The wife of MP during the same period received UAH 2.3 million as salary from SMART-holding, 8.2 thousand UAH as an entrepreneur from his PE “Chernobyl”, 52 thousand UAH pension and 3.6 million UAH as interest from deposits in various banks.
The couple kept in the Bank about $1.3 million, almost 70 thousand euros and 11 thousand Swiss francs and a minor amount in local currency. In addition to more than $1.2 million from the family is kept in cash.
S. Kivalov in the Declaration from 23.03.2016 G. recorded revenue in the amount of UAH 795358,00, including the basic place of work – 153881,00 UAH, concurrently and as a payment for the lifetime appointment to the Academy pednauk of Ukraine – UAH 106592,00; pension – 120307; interest from money deposits in banks and travel – 189220.
Savings in foreign currency: 63928 52108,0 EUR and USD; cash – 15598,0 11876 and USD – CHF.
In addition, among the above-described property also has a 2-barrel shotgun (vertical), model Beretta DT-10, caliber 12 mm; double-barreled shotgun, horizontal, corocznie, caliber 16/12 mm (Nazaire); 16/70 combo shotgun fitting trustwoldy, model Krieghoff Drilling, caliber 12/308 win.


The most scandalous story in Kivalov’s biography is connected with the organization and the 2004 presidential elections in Ukraine, which as a result of rampant fraud ended the Orange revolution, a rerun of the second round and a victory of the opposition (at the time) candidate Viktor Yushchenko.
The fact of massive fraud in favor of Pro-government candidate Viktor Yanukovych, at the suit of the opposition was proved in the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The head of the CEC after the victory of the “orange” was repeatedly summoned for questioning to the Prosecutor General and OCD, however, neither criminal, nor administrative liability had not suffered. For many Ukrainians it is entrenched in the cohort odious politicians and received in the days of the Maidan derisive nickname “pidraxyy”.

The use of official position in their own interests

In Odessa is beloved by all residents and guests of the city beach on the 8-th station of the Fountain appeared absurd medieval “castle Dracula”, the handiwork of the rector – Locum Sergey Kivalov.
The famous Odessa journalist Igor Yakovlev found that according to the decision of the Odessa city Council No. 867 dated 05.11.1999, plot of 0.7 hectares on the coast near 8th St. b F. was assigned to the Odessa state law Academy, ie a public educational institution, which was transferred to the training boat station, early assigned to sea school, vocational school №17. Seeing the sketch of the future building, the architects and members of the Commission were a little stunned. Because the Rapporteur for this project, he is the rector of Moscow state University (a private UNIVERSITY, owned by Kivalov) – Nikolay Kovalenko has convinced them that elevated 2-storey building. In fact, this 5-storey building, which is prohibited by all laws and regulations. But “Sheik justice”, as always, spit on the law, with no single document is supplied on the understanding. And then either puts pressure on the city government for its “significance”, or legitimized through the “subservient” to him by the courts.
In General, Kivalov is the unofficial usurper of the judiciary in Ukraine. Numerous were the cases of “custom” dismissals and appointments of judges under the chairmanship of Sergei Kivalov, which used “manipulation” of the results of the voting members of the ENTIRE Ukraine. According to information from the judicial circles, ALL become “prices” the relevant submissions relating to the appointment to judicial posts in different categories.
The illegal use of Kivalov S. V. official position in their own interests.
For example, his direct involvement in the initiation of the bankruptcy procedure of the Odessa plant “Orion” (joint-stock company with a large share of public capital), permits the passage into the secure area of the Odessa airport, the interfaith solution of economic disputes in favour of the UOC (for which S. Kivalov was awarded the order of the UOC), is illegal, according to experts, privatization of separate objects of the Odessa law Academy etc.

Scandal Kivalov in Geneva

Another scandal erupted in 2010 people’s Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Kivalov on the way in the prestigious resort of Courchevel (France) was arrested by Swiss police at the International airport Cointrin (Geneva). S. Kivalov, being in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, behaved carelessly, showed the guards obscene gestures, alternating with attempts to hug one of the police officers and suggestions on the joint drinking of alcoholic drinks. The observation of law enforcement officers MP Kivalov reacted extremely aggressive, and was then taken to the police Department of Geneva. The same evening, Ukrainian MP was released on bail, made arrived with him on vacation companions – the citizen of Ukraine Olga Stefanko (“MS Ukraina-Vsesvit-2010”, student of the Odessa national law Academy) and Ekaterina Zakharchenko (“MS Ukraine-2010”, student of the Odessa national law Academy).

Battle for the bill language

24 may 2012 in the Verkhovna Rada was held to fight due to the controversial Kolesnichenko’s bill-Kivalova. In the morning, about 10 deputies from fraction of Party of regions blocked the rostrum and Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. They explained this behavior by the fact that the agenda will consider a bill on languages, which can cause the blocking of the Parliament by the opposition.
As writes “Today”, according to the authors of the bill, the people must know “the state language”, but to use their native language.
Kivalov considers that the compulsory scope of the “state language” reduced to the service use state and the power structures, he also remains binding on the state media.
The opposition strongly condemned the bill, defending escalated into a fight, during which the representative of the BYUT faction General Petruk received a traumatic brain head injury. The next day, may 25, Kolesnichenko arrived at the Happy meeting in a provocative t-shirt.

Commercial interests

According to the Internet-the edition “the Ukrainian political forum”, in 2004, Kivalov was resistant commercial interests relative to the “Kryvorizhstal”, through which he lobbied for the interests of the company “Samara-Resurs” (UK). Kivalov also lobbied in 2003 “LUKOIL”. He is credited with relations with the Syrian businessman Adan by Nodding.
Also, according to the newspaper, Kivalov was engaged in trade in steel products with some Perfil’ev V. M., from which, according to unofficial data, received monthly income of $ 2 million.e.
Kivalov involved in the bankruptcy of the Odessa plant “Orion”, the illegal privatization of separate objects of the Odessa law Academy. Kivalov supposedly owns 10 of privatized land on the coast of the Black sea.

Smith diplomas and PhDs

At the time, the current President of Ukraine (former head of the national security Council) P. Poroshenko defended his thesis of candidate of legal Sciences in ONLA, on the academic Council under the leadership of Sergei Kivalov.
A common practice for ONLA is to study part-time and postgraduate faculties of the N-th number of deputies, employees of the Cabinet of Ministers and so-called presidential Administration. As you know, none of them over the years of study at the Academy never appeared. There are only their grade book.
How to qualify defense of the dissertation by the Deputy Prosecutor General T. Kornyakova, which took place on 29 December 2004 ONLA? Now try to count on the integrity of the Prosecutor General in relation to persons “pitahaya”.

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