Scrum Alyona Ivanovna

The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation (party “Fatherland”). The Ukrainian political and public figure in the field of protecting and promoting the rights of internally displaced persons, a lawyer, human rights activist


Alena Shkrum was born 2 January 1988 in Kiev.


Higher education. Graduated from Kyiv Institute of international relations of Kyiv national University. T. Shevchenko (KYIV) with honors, faculty of international law. Received the diploma of the international lawyer, and interpreter and translator of French.
Last year KIMO has used the program for student exchange with the University of Paris Sorbonne. During his studies in France he worked as an assistant solicitor in the jurisdictions of Paris.
He entered the British University of Cambridge (the second attempt).

Labor activity

Already from College he began working in judicial institutions, assistant attorney. In the 2008 – 2009 future MP Alain Shkrum worked as a lawyer in a reputed company “Volkov, Koziakov and Partners”.
In 2010 he went to study at the Sorbonne (France) as an exchange students for a deeper study of international economic law.
While getting the basics right, worked in Paris in Association Chevalier Pericard Connesson. After a year studying in Cambridge (England) under the program “Cambridge scholarship”. He received the diploma of graduate of international law. In this period he practiced in the judicial system of England. Working in the judicial system of great Britain and interning as assistant Baisarov and participates in the preparation of cases against Berezovsky Abramovich.
After receiving a diploma upon completion of the program, worked as a paralegal in the Union Association Inner Temple, and later became assistant judge in the court of London.
2013 – returned to Ukraine. Included as a participant in the Association of graduates of foreign universities “Professional government”.

Political career

Along with several graduates of Cambridge and Oxford becomes a co-founder of the analytical center “Ukraine-2020” and is included in the Association “Right to protect”, where it holds a post of the expert-lawyer. This organization was the Executive partner of the office of the high Commissioner United Nations for refugees.
In 2014 Alena Shkrum ran for parliamentary elections from the all-Ukrainian Union “Batkivshchyna” electoral list, which she was at No. 5.
From November 27 to A. I. Scrum – MP of the VIII convocation.


According to the Declaration, 2017, Alena Shkrum is flat 128,03 sq. m, Parking place of 18 square meters; another apartment in 110,24 sq m recorded in the registration rights to another legal entity residing in Ukraine, as “Law Agency “UCOM”.
Another one as a utility room 147, 3 sq ft – rent under the supply Department of resource payments of the Sumy city Council.
TOYOTA (model: RAV4 year of production – 2014. The owner is the husband of MP Olena Shkrum. Wages received in main job in the amount of 226 293 UAH. Reimbursement of funds for performance of Deputy powers amounted to UAH 252 825; reimbursement for travel within Ukraine – UAH 11 335.
Cash specified in the Declaration 91 000 UAH, was the husband Nataluha Dmitry Andreevich. In addition, the $ 25,000 cash in the currency of Euro 5 000 (common property) with the declarant Alena Shkrum; 2600 GBP in cash on the basis of common property rights 50%.


Father advocate, mother teacher. No children.
Alena Shkrum is one of the youngest MPs of the eighth convocation (from the party “Fatherland”). In 2015 at 27 years old married 30-year-old Dmitry Nataluha, the head of the district administration (kominternivs’kyi R-n) in Odessa region, which met in Cambridge. The wedding party took place in Spain (judging by the pictures published by A. Scrum on his page on Instagram – Barcelona).

Titles, ranks, regalia

The Chairman of the Subcommittee on civil service and service in bodies of local self-government of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on state construction, regional policy and local self-government of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation.


Worked as a lawyer at the Deputy from the “Udar” Irina Gerashchenko and assistant to people’s Deputy – the Communist Igor Alekseev.
Irina Gerashchenko.


In the government of Alain Shkrum a new man. In any political scandal is not seen. There is no criminal record.


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