Rainin Igor L.

The Head Of The Presidential Administration Of Ukraine
Entrepreneur, politician


Ihor rainin is a native of Kharkov. Born August 6, 1973.
Father is from very simple family, speciality – electrical engineer, worked in various positions, including working professions. Retired. Higher education in 30 years.
Mother was from a large family (five children). A native of the Shevchenko district, S. Starovirivka. Profession – accountant-economist. Died in 2002


Igor rainin has two higher education.
In 1997 he graduated from the Kharkov aviation Institute. Zhukovsky, specialty “Engine and power installations of space vehicles”, received qualification “engineer-mechanic”.
How he remembers rainin in school and HAI always was “horoshistom”. The group has defended six of 40 people. Academy of public administration graduated with honors, had the top rating among listeners of that release.
In 2000 graduated from the Kharkov branch of the National Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine, master’s degree in public administration. PhD in public administration. It has 70 scientific papers and 7 monographs devoted to the activities of Central and regional authorities.

Marital status

Married. Wife in 1975 and Married at 22. Met his future wife HAI. Spouse works in the labour Center.
Has a son born in 1999. The son of a professional tennis player – played for the national team of Ukraine in the category up to 16 years. At the time, was part of the eight best players in Europe according to the rating, which actually shows all the players, including Australia and the United States. “Today he is in the top thirty and is quite well-known in the Junior tennis athlete,” said Igor rainin in an interview.

Professional activities

Career rainin began at the age of 17. From 1993 to 2001 worked in senior positions in different companies and institutions. From September 1990 to July 1993 – technician-technician gas equipment of the cooperative “Fitter”, the service engineer of the State enterprise engineering consulting center “Techservice”.
From July 1993 to January 1996 — head of site production and commercial company “Agris”, then up to April 1998 – Deputy General Director.


In April-August 1998 — specialist Kolomaksky district administration.
From July 2000 to March 2001, Executive Director of “education-science-production center “labour Protection”, the Director-General.
From 2001 to 2002 he held the position of head of programme coordination of the “Kharkiv initiative” and other projects of international technical assistance Main Department of economy of Kharkiv oblast state administration (KRSA).
In April 2001 — March 2010 — Deputy, first Deputy head of the Main Directorate of economy Kharkiv regional state administration.
In 2010 — Director General, National scientific centre “Institute of Metrology”.
In 2010, two months headed the “Institute of Metrology”. Then went to work on the post of Deputy Director of the enterprise “Santoflex”, where he worked until April of 2014, until he was appointed Deputy head of Kharkiv regional state administration. In the position of Governor was replaced in this post by Igor Balut.
In November he was invited to work in the presidential Administration, to the post of Deputy.
Rainin was engaged in politics. Since 2010 was a Deputy of Kharkiv regional Council, was part of the opposition, along with Arsen Avakov and Ivan Varchenko.
29 August 2016 — the head of Administration of President of Ukraine.

Political activity

The Deputy of Kharkiv regional Council of VI convocation, head of the largest parliamentary group of the regional Council – “the unity of the Kharkiv region”.
Since 2010 was in opposition to the regime of Viktor Yanukovych.
From February 2015 through may 2016 was the head of the Kharkiv territorial organization of the party “Solidarity” Petro Poroshenko’s Block.


“Live in five-storey building, the apartment is 74 sq. m. in New homes, in the area of metro station “Marshala Zhukova”. Father’s car on which I moved, – “Lexus,” but it’s from 2007″, – Igor rainin on housing and car (“Main” 06.02.2015).
In 2015, the income of Igor Rainin amounted to 923 570 UAH, his family – 75 525 UAH. (the head of the Kharkiv regional administration).
The salary Rainin 128 170 UAH, and family members – 42 UAH 515 (of the total). In addition, family members receive dividends and interest in the amount of 28 000 UAH, as well as financial assistance in the amount of 1 710 UAH.
Rainin income from the alienation of movable and immovable property is 795 400 UAH.
Bank account Rainin – 62 141,52 UAH.



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