Pavlenko S. Alexander

The first Deputy Minister of health of Ukraine, jurist, lawyer, member of Ukrainian bar Association, European business Association, participant of the Ukrainian school of political studies of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (2009 R.) course at Washington University in Brussels (2012), a program of responsible leadership “aspen-Ukraine”.
The partner of Legal group “Pavlenko and Poberezhnyuk”, law adviser to Sergei Tigipko, head of the expert group on legal Affairs of the political party “Strong Ukraine”, member of the National Bureau of the party

Alexander Pavlenko is known as a specialist in the field of judicial protection in the sphere of corporate conflicts and disputes in the stock market. Advises and deals with a wide profile. One of the main specializations of “political advocacy”. Throughout his 10-year professional career, she participated in many national and international legal and business conferences, and working groups on issues of improvement of legislation and practices of litigation, including in the development of the recommendations of the Supreme economic court of Ukraine on corporate disputes and litigation between entities of the stock market.
Oleksandra Pavlenko is the protection of the major players in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine, the main representatives of telecommunications, carried out legal support of the recapitalization of “Ukrgasbank” is the protection of the interests of the Bank “VTB” and “PSB” on the territory of Ukraine.
Is the legal adviser Sergei Tigipko, head of the political party “Strong Ukraine”, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of social policy; a member of national political Bureau of the party “Strong Ukraine” and the head of the legal group of the political party “Strong Ukraine”.

A. Pavlenko is also the adviser to Dmitry Tevelev, head of the State Commission on securities and stock market; of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Finance and banking. A. Pavlenko – accredited arbitrator of the ICAC at the European arbitration chamber (Brussels, Belgium); arbitrator of the Ukrainian arbitration court and the expert of the Ukrainian arbitration League.


Alexander Pavlenko radical from Kiev. Born 11 October 1982.


I finished school in 15 years. business, and today is a recognized specialist in the field of corporate, civil, electoral and financial law.
Higher education (and not one). Oleksandra Pavlenko received his first education in 2005 at the Kiev national University. T. G. Shevchenko (2000-2005) at the faculty of law. Graduated with honors majoring in “Jurisprudence”, master of law. Immediately after, in 2005, pretty quickly, obviously with the use of administrative resources, received a certificate of the Kyiv regional qualification-disciplinary Commission of the bar on the right to practice law. For a second degree in Finance.

In 2007 became the owner of certificates on the right of conducting of registers of owners of nominal securities and implementation of professional activities on securities trading on the stock exchange, to qualify for special education. In 2010 he received a diploma of Ukrainian Institute of stock market development.
2017 – Government relations in action (Government in action relations), American University Washington, DC.
Lobbying in the Asian region, Beijing University.
Alexander Pavlenko – one of the founders of the first Ukrainian program of business GR – ELAP (Program lobbying and advocacy to top-managers of the business).

Labor activity

Work began at the age of 17. At the age of 22 was already a partner of the legal company. In 25 years he founded his own legal legal business, and today is a recognized specialist in the field of corporate, civil, electoral and financial law.
First job – social service of youth the old Kiev district of Kiev, curator of the project “protection of the rights of the child.”
She started her career in 2000 and worked for until 2005 inclusive in the law Union “Pravis” (since 2003 – law firm “Pravis: Reznikov, Vlasenko and partners”). Worked as an assistant lawyer, lawyer, assistant to partner in 2005 and became a partner of this company.
2005 – 2008 senior associate, attorney, counselor of law firm “Magister and partners” (hereinafter Magisters, now – Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and partners).
With a break of work in the civil service, since 2008-present – owner of his own company, the legal group “Pavlenko and Poberezhnyuk” (2014 – Pavlenko Legal Group).

December 2014 – April 2016 – the first Deputy Minister of health of Ukraine Alexander Kvitashvili. In 2014, he ran for 221 single-mandate constituency from BPP (Pecherskiy R-n, Kiev, Ukraine) the Verkhovna Rada (scored 21,96% of the votes), but lost to Leonid Yemets from the popular front -37,7%. Despite the powerful administrative resource, which was thrown into support of A. Pavlenko.
Was the representative of Serhiy Tihipko (2010, presidential elections) and the party “Forward, Ukraine!” Natalie king (2012, elections to the Verkhovna Rada), the Central election Commission. In the second case, it was called the representative of the Foundation in the staff of the Royal. A member of the “aspen-Ukraine”.
Since 2013 – co-founder of the social movement of lawyers of “19 December” (a group known for its actions on the reform of the judicial system of Ukraine during the Euromaidan).


Freelance Advisor to the Chairman of the National Commission on securities and stock market (2010-2014), member of the Expert Council on corporate governance at the securities Commission (2010-2014);
2009 – winner of all-Ukrainian award “Woman of III Millennium” in the nomination “Perspective”.
2011, 2013 – recommended by the legal directory Legal Experts EMEA as a renowned Ukrainian expert in the field of corporate law, M & A (mergers and acquisitions) and litigation;
2012 – recommended by the international legal directory The Legal 500 EMEA as a recognised expert in corporate and M & A (mergers and acquisitions);
2012 was one of the five outstanding women lawyers in Ukraine according to the magazine Forbes Woman and twenty of the best TOP managers of legal companies of Ukraine according to the publication “100 best TOP-managers of Ukraine”;
2012 list of leading lawyers of Ukraine annual research “Ukrainian Law firms” (publishing house “Legal practice”); nominated as one of the famous Ukrainian lawyers in dispute resolution in the annual ranking “50 leading law firms of Ukraine 2012” of the newspaper “Legal practice”;
2013, 2012 – among the five finalists in the category “Best litigator” in the contest “Legal awards of the year” by the newspaper “Legal practice”;
2013, 2012 – awarded the annual edition of Ukrainian Law Firms A Handbook for Foreign Clients (publishing house “Legal practice”) as a well-known and active Ukrainian litigator;
2010 – 2013 recognized as one of the best lawyers in the field of securities and securities market as well as in forensic practice; recommended by clients as a highly qualified specialist in 2013, according to the annual research “client’s Choice. TOP 100 best lawyers of Ukraine” conducted by “Yuridicheskaya Gazeta”.
2010, 2012 – twenty of the “TOP 100 most successful business women of Ukraine” in the online ranking of the newspaper “Business”;
2010 – ranked in the “TOP 100 successful business leaders” (in the legal business (16th), the magazine “Investgazeta”;
2010 – in the rating “30 most successful lawyers of Ukraine” (newspaper “Focus”);
2011 – winner in the rating “Best top managers of Ukraine” in the sector “Legal business” (publishing house “Investgazeta”);
2017 – a 31 position in the ranking Woman 500: The most powerful woman of Ukraine.


Divorced. Married with a son.
Father – the people’s Deputy Mr Sergey Pavlenko, head of the political party of the Agrarian-industrial Union, the people’s Deputy of Ukraine of III, VI convocation, member of the Labor party of Ukraine. Closely associated with Vladimir Litvin.

“Who has patience – he gets everything.” She Oleksandra Pavlenko big workaholic and achieves goals, perseverance, persistence, work.


Alexander Pavlenko enjoys jazz singing, painting, loves poetry, and she writes poems.

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