Nefodov Maxim E.

First Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine. Famous for the introduction of e-procurement ProZorro, is one of the main Ukrainian reformers. Before appointment in the government was managing partner of ICON Private Equity


Maxim Nefedov was born in Kiev on 18 April 1984.


Higher education. In 1999 entered the Kiev national University. T. G. Shevchenko on speciality “Economic theory”. Graduated with honors in 2005 a master’s degree.

Labor activity

From 2004 – 2006 he worked as an analyst in the mergers and acquisitions in the company Golden Gate Business. In 2006 – 2010 – the investment company Dragon Capital, Vice President, and then Director of investment banking.
From November 2010 to February 2015 – the managing partner of ICON Private Equity (2011) – private equity Fund in the markets of Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries with capital under management of more than $1 billion In duties on the beach were part of the control of the Kiev office, managing investment portfolio in Ukraine, Russia and Europe. The last big investment ($200 million) began construction in Ukraine and Russia the network of the new operator mobile WiMax under brand Freshtel.
The civil service Maxim Nefedov came from the business. From February 2015 – Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine (first Aivaras Abromavicius, from April 2016 – Stepan Kubiv).

The Ministry responsible for the reform of public procurement, including the introduction of electronic tenders in the framework of the project ProZorro, deregulation, donor coordination and project sales of state property ProZorro. Sale.
Until the beginning of 2017 was also involved in the reform of technical regulation (standardization, Metrology and conformity assessment).
In February 2016 after the Minister Abromavicius resigned, but continued performance of duties. During the formation of the government Groysman discussed the appointment of a beach on a post of the Minister of economy and Minister of social policy. As a result, he remained in the post of Deputy Minister of economy and Minister Stepan Kubiv.
18 November 2016 at an extraordinary meeting of the government Nefyodov was appointed first Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine.

18 Jun 2017 rock Maxim Nefedov took part in a gay parade “March of equality” in Kiev.


Not married. Considered one of the most enviable grooms. About my personal life Maxim Nefedov little is known, however, judging by social media, he has a girlfriend, with whom he long ago found.


Their welfare Maxim Nefyodov presented in the income Declaration posted on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers. He has declared 1 096 186 hryvnias of the income in 2014. From the total amount of income wages Nefedova amounted to 1 097 936 UAH, dividends and interest – UAH 50 624 and insurance payments, the redemption sums and pension payments that were paid to the declarant under the insurance contract, non-state pension provision and the pension contribution – 37 536 USD.
According to the Declaration, the Deputy Minister holds the apartment area 131,4 sq. m.
Nefedov has also Infiniti EX 35 (2008 release).
On accounts in banks and other financial institutions at the beach is 75 UAH 754.
And for 2015 Deputy Abromavicius showed 445 992 UAH total income, of which wages amounted to UAH 845 433, 153 or 36 UAH per month, which is almost 1.5 times more than the Prime Minister of Ukraine.
According to the published Declaration of assets, income and liabilities of a financial nature, for 2015, the Deputy Minister received UAH 3 207 as interest from Bank deposits and 7 885 UAH of insurance payments.
In Bank accounts at Maxim Nefedov is 134 900 hryvnia.
Also, the Deputy head of the Ministry has declared two apartments in Kyiv with a total area of 133 sq m and 55 sq m and Infiniti EX 35 2008 model year.

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