Makedon Yurii Mykolaiovych

The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legal policy and justice.


Yuri Makedon was born 24 October 1980, in Mogilev-Podolsky Vinnytsia region.


Graduated from high school in the city of Mohyliv-Podil’s’kyi with a gold medal. Entered the National law Academy named after Yaroslav the Wise, the faculty of training personnel for the security service, selecting not the Kiev University, and Kharkiv. The main reason was that the English “lame”, and in Kiev the selection Committee demanded first a knowledge of the language and not a right. Received a certificate as the best student of the University, graduated with honors.

Employment (business)

2003 – 2008– the security Service of Ukraine (operations officer, captain).
2008 – 2009 the security Service of Ukraine (Lieutenant Colonel, head of Department of fight against corruption in judicial and law enforcement bodies).
In 2009 resigned from the security service, has been licensed to practice law and began an active social and political work.
In 2010 nominated “the Front of changes” in the local elections in Vinnytsia regional Council. Having received the support of residents of Mogilev-Podolsky, Makedon became the only majoritarian Deputy from the PP “Front for Change” in the Vinnytsia regional Council.
2009 – 2014 – OOO “Victoria transport” (head).
“When I came in, I was sent to the Department for combating economic crimes. My first case pertains to the purchase of the Governor Victor Cachemire mammograms and rentgenografii at a price 2-3 times higher than the real and even understaffed. Then nobody thought that we will give to complete the investigation. But the matter was brought to court. The verdict on the head of the Department of health regional state administration entered into force. The official was convicted.
Later I was transferred to the Department for combating smuggling. There was also a lot of interesting. Remember the high-profile case in Mohyliv-Podil’sky of smuggling $ 2 million that were hidden in the “coupling” between the vehicle and the trailer. The money was going to take abroad. As a local resident I was actively involved in the development and investigation. The defendants in the sentence is also entered into force.
I worked in the sector for combating corruption in law enforcement. Not so much my merit as a leader and opers that then Vinnyts’ka oblast became the leader in Ukraine on the detection of bribery and recording the receipt in the judiciary. In one year we managed to complete a few Affairs, which was handed down three indictments and two of the verdict.

Political activity

Yuri Makedon: “Not going to run, but the attitude of the party touched me. Spending only 700 hryvnias, I became the Deputy of a regional Council as a member”.
The lawyer brought in more revenue than later parliamentary activities, but, as I told Yu Macedon, he really wanted to be useful to society, so she combined work with social activities. Arseniy Yatsenyuk was created “Front of changes”. Like many activists, he believed in his ideas, and therefore joined the party. But the presidential campaign began Yatsenyuk performed too early and over 9 months of “lost” rating.
“In the local elections of 2012, I didn’t have any ambitions, but the party has promised to include me in the list. Desire I was not special, but then an event occurred which changed a lot… As head of the legal Department, I oversaw the preparation of documents and the formation of party cells. Once I was told that I was “lower” in the party list, then the second time… Honestly, I’m offended. The last day, I registered as a majority candidate, for a five days campaign, could manage to organize two meetings and make a flyer. In the end, spending 700 UAH, I was the Deputy of a regional Council. On this district the people know me and my parents. This is an example of when a negative can be turned into a positive result. If it is not transferred to the third ten list would not be a Deputy.”

Titles, ranks, regalia

Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legal policy and justice.

Charity and social activities

Established charity Fund of Yuri Macedon “spilna Sprava”. Directed by the wife Irina. For targeted programs in conjunction with the mayor Mogilev-Podil’s’kyi, Petro Brovko (although personally it has nothing to do) could additionally send in the 16th, more than 20 million hryvnia. For the money, installed plastic Windows, repaired boilers, purchased desks and equipment. In Mogilev-Podolsky, Pyotr Brovko no one “lets”, in fact, refusing the money.
The best students and pupils in all localities Yuri Makedon personally pays the scholarship, but in his native city Mogilev-Podolsk under threat of dismissal of Directors of schools have forbidden to submit candidates (?).
“When we abandoned the station was doing a children’s Playground for their money, the city Council fined. I Peter Petrovich called the local “potentates”… this position causes the person to believe that he has all power, including law enforcement agencies and the court, his associates begin to shoot people, burn cars, beat people with bats on the head. From this “phenomenon” suffering for the ordinary citizens”, – with indignation told Yuri Macedon.


Married. Makedon Spouse Irina. In the winery together with his wife rents an apartment on the street Architects. Said that when it happens in his hometown, stops, as a rule, parents.


Housing in Kiev arenduet, now closer to the center, for housing received the payment in 2016 191080,0 UAH. Is Mercedes-benz (S500), 2007 release (the owner is a third party Makedon Nikolai Stepanovich. Salary at the main place of work, according to the Declaration of 2016 amounted to UAH 152106, 169871 UAH – funds related to the implementation of parliamentary powers. 26136 UAH – payment cost of travel the territory of Ukraine. Has savings in foreign currency: 23 thousand dollars, the wife declared 12500 dollars. cash. Savings in a Bank account – 18917 182 UAH and EUR.
According to the Declaration on income 2017 on the main job in the form of wages received plus 228365 UAH for performance of Deputy powers – 252825 UAH. 191080 UAH – payment cost of housing. In the U.S. in the availability of savings 24500, UAH – 17497, the Euro has become (already!) one more -183; the wife continues to account for 12.5 USD.


At school to read not loved, but in high school appeared insatiable craving for reading. Now some of the books even read several times. Loves sports, especially football. Regularly goes to the gym three times a week. Arriving to Vinnitsa, meets with friends and several hours spent on the football field.


In Latinskom area under the ice of a pond killed dozens of bison. It was rumored that Yuri Macedon participated in the hunt for these animals. Yuri said to journalists that at that time, as it became known about this case, when the herd was driven to the ice, tonight he played football with friends in SC “Terminal” in the winery. By the way, his name for some reason decided to associate with this “story” even after almost a month…
Yuri Macedon tried to “throw” and a trip to Sardegna (“Sardinia” at one time was quite popular). But if you study it carefully, you will learn vinnichane entourage recreation “butterfly” near the regional center. As it turned out, in Europe, South Macedon, perhaps the only of all the people who never was (yet).
Reinforced attempts to “dig up” the dirt on Macedonia, have so far failed. He believes that “collecting dirt” was linked with the final of the competition for the position of head of the state Bureau of investigation, in which he was involved. Actually losing a Tube, which was appointed the Director of RRT, Makedon was not satisfied and, as stated on the portal “the Judiciary of Ukraine”, made by the plaintiff. “The District administrative court of Kyiv received a claim from the people’s Deputy Yury Macedonia, the Commission for the contest for the position of Director of the State Bureau of investigation, his deputies, Directors of territorial bodies and heads of subdivisions of the Central apparatus of the State Bureau of investigation”, – stated in the message. It is noted that the plaintiff asks the court to declare illegal actions of this Committee to review candidates, conduct preferential voting, selection and to make representations to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on the appointment of the Pipe to the position of Director of the RRT.
Also, the plaintiff asks the court to cancel the decision of the Commission on the selection of Pipe to the position of the Director of RRT and on making representations to the Prime Minister on his appointment to the post. The issue of opening proceedings in an administrative case (July 2018).

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