Lozhkin B. E.

Businessman, investor, former head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, Secretary of the National investment Council


Born on October 23, 1971 in Kharkiv.


Has two higher educations: pedagogical (graduated from Kharkov state pedagogical Institute, specialty “Russian language and literature”) as well as in Economics, specialty “Manager of senior management” (international Institute of humanization and education development (USA).


Wife – Nadezhda Shalomova (married since 1993). Included in the rating “100 most influential women of Ukraine” by the magazine “Focus”. In 2014 was created by Borys Lozhkin, the head of which is Nadezhda Shalomova. The Foundation organizes charity auctions for the procurement of medical equipment for children’s hospitals, such as pediatric surgery Center, and cardiology under the leadership of Ilya Yemets, has partnered with international charity organizations, supports international project Go Global for the study of Ukrainian children in foreign languages.
Daughter – Anastasia (1994)


Boris Lozhkin started his journalism career quite early – in 14 years he has worked as a freelance correspondent of the newspaper “Lenin’s smithy” and “Evening Kharkov” in his hometown. In parallel studied. Three years later he took a full-time employee as a journalist and editor of the daily newspaper “Evening Kharkiv”. At the time he was making big money – about 100 rubles per month.
Entrepreneurial spirit manifested Boris Lozhkina in 18 years. He said this himself.

In 1989, he has created the first in Kharkov network for the sale of Newspapers and magazines, and a year later invested his first big money in the commercial newspaper “ATV” (1991).

In 1991 he became editor of the newspaper “Tonis – Saturday courier.”

From 1991 to 1992 – editor of the TV company “Tonis center”, presenter of the program “Business news”; in parallel, from 1992 to 1993, he collaborated with the company “Orion”.

In 1994 in Ukraine appears for the first time the newspaper-the teleguide, which pleased the consumer and has become very popular. Established her B. Lozhkin, as he said in an interview to the newspaper “the Reporter” (14 November 2003), “the locomotive that pulled the whole composition of the current editions of the holding.”
The paper was followed by the magazine “Telenedelya”, which essentially grew in 1994, a large media holding company-“Ukrainian Media holding”. “Telenedelya” in three years becomes the most popular newspaper in Ukraine. By the way, so it remains to this day.
Since January 2000, B. Lozhkin founds and heads the Ukrainian Media holding (UMH) is an international media company, is a leader of Ukrainian market of the press office of the President. In the same year the total circulation of its publications reached 58 million copies. Today this figure is around 115 million, so it’s the largest company in the publishing activities of our country.
Holding becomes multimedijnoe company (since 2001). In it was composed of the radio “Melody” and “Europe plus”. Especially popular Melody, working in 19 cities of Ukraine. It is planned to provide broadcast 27.

Since 2004 Boris Lozhkin the head of the Ukrainian Association of press publishers. In the first quarter of 2011 was licensed for publication in Ukraine by Forbes.

In may 2008, led a group United Media Holding on the international stock market with a capitalization of $300 million.

10 Dec 2008 the winner of national stage of the International competition “the Businessman of year” (Entrepreneur Of The Year Award), organized by the company “Ernst & young”. A member of the TOP 100 (84) of the journal “Correspondent”.

13 APR 2011 Petro Poroshenko and Boris Lozhkin confirmed the purchase of shares of media company KP media (the owner of the Internet portals BigMir.net, Korrespondent.net, Ricardo.com.ua, Novynar.com.ua, Политорг.net.).
“The acquisition of KP media aimed at strengthening the leading position of UMH in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet. At the same time we gain market share, strong brands and one of the best teams under the guidance of experienced media Manager jed Sanden,” — commented on the deal, Boris Lozhkin.
Under the agreement, the KP media founder jed Sanden will take the position of Executive Director of the company and be responsible for strategic development projects KP media and editorial policy. The CEO of the company remains Vitaliy Gorduz.
Boris Lozhkin bought a printing office “, Ukrpoligrafmedia”. He also has his own advertising Agency, whose main task – selling editions of UMH.
The financial condition of Boris Lozhkina in 2013, according to the magazine “Focus” estimated at $126.4 million (101st spot in the rating “200 richest people of Ukraine”).
The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has appointed the former media Mogul Boris Lozhkin as his chief of staff (Boris Lozhkin worked in this position from 10 June 2014 to 29 August 2016).

29 Aug 2016 held rotation of personnel in the team of President Boris Lozhkin has left the position of head of the presidential administration and was appointed Secretary of the National investment Council (volunteer), and on the same day he was appointed adviser to the President of Ukraine. The national investment Council chaired by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
The Council includes CEOS and heads of boards of international companies, Cargil, General Electric, ArselorMittal, Louis Dreyfus, Socar, Citigroup, Engie, Metro, Unilever, Holtec, DP World, Vitol, Bunge, Posco and Daewoo Huawei.

Looks like Boris Lozhkin returns to business activities – in the fall of 2017 about this appeared in the media information. Along with former infrastructure Minister Andrei Pivovarsky, he established an investment company. Its only shareholder is the Cyprus “Ancestor limited”, the ultimate beneficiary – Boris Lozhkin, Director of the company Andrey Pivovarsky. As he said Lozhkin, his company is “Samaan Capital” is engaged in search of objects for investment, and at the stage of creating investment funds and attracting other investors plans to release in 2019.

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