Leshchenko Sergey

Journalist, politician, people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation. The author of “the American Saga of Pavlo Lazarenko” (2013) and “Mezhigorskaya syndrome. The diagnosis power of Viktor Yanukovych” (2014). A member of the party “Democratic Alliance”.


Serhiy Leshchenko was born on 30 August 1980 in Kiev.


Higher education. In 2003 graduated from the Institute of journalism of Kyiv national University named after Taras Shevchenko.
In 2012 interned in the UK as part of the scholarship program Memorial Foundation John Smith (John Smith Fellowship) and in 2013 at Stanford University as part of the Draper Hills Summer Fellowship, as well as in Washington in the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship.

Marital status

Mother – Tatiana Y. Leshchenko.
Not married. From July 2016, meets with DJ Anastasia topil’s’ke, serving under the stage name DJ Nastya Beauty.

Journalism and politics

Came to journalism in 2000 – worked on probation in the news program “Reporter” on TV channel “New channel” under the direction of Andriy Shevchenko, in the edition of the regional news channel until the spring of 2001. Unable to withstand the test of time, gone. Makes the decision to continue working in journalism – settled in the online edition “Ukrainian Pravda” special correspondent (September 2000), in 2002, became Deputy editor-in-chief. Fame as a journalist brought him the publication of journalistic investigation, part of which he spent with Mustafa Nayem.

In 2004 was registered as a private entrepreneur.
In 2010 became part of the movement “Stop censorship!”
In January 2011, the political analyst Vyacheslav Pikhovshek wrote an article in which he suggested the possibility of the murder of Sergei Leshchenko to discredit President Viktor Yanukovych. International human rights organization “reporters without borders” has called this assumption the latent threat of murder.

In 2012 became a member of the movement “chesno!” In the fall of 2014 at an extraordinary election he was elected to the Verkhovna Rada according to lists of party “Block of Petro Poroshenko” (No. 19). Member of the parliamentary faction of the party of the BPP, a non-partisan. He headed the Subcommittee on international cooperation and implementation of anti-corruption legislation of the Committee on questions of prevention and counteraction of corruption.

In February 2015, along with Mustafa Nayem has proposed a bill, which canceled the approval of the text of the interview by the interviewee, and called it “element of censorship”. In support of the project was signed by the deputies Vladimir Aryev, Oksana Rawfoodist, Yuriy Lutsenko, Victoria syumar, Svetlana Zalishchuk, Yegor Sobolev, Dmitry ancient Turkic and Victoria Voitsitska.

In February 2015 Sergey Leshchenko became a lecturer in the school of journalism of Ukrainian Catholic University. She teaches on the topics: political reporting, political communication, in-depth interviews, journalistic investigation. Co-authored the law on financing of political parties in Ukraine from the state budget, which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in October 2015
In 2016, together with the deputies “BPP”, “Fatherland” and the Odessa regional administration took part in the “Motion for clarification” the head of the Odessa regional administration of Mikheil Saakashvili. In the summer of 2016 based on it there were two political groups in the end skoordinirovanno around the party “Democratic Alliance” and former zamgenprokurora David Sakvarelidze and Vitaliy KASKO.
In July 2016, along with Nayem and zalishchuk joined the party “Democratic Alliance”.
In August 2016 Sergei Leshchenko said he would not mind to become the next President of Ukraine after Petro Poroshenko.

The scandals associated with the name of Sergei Leshchenko

Serhiy Leshchenko is well known to the General public not only in Ukraine but also abroad. So popular journalist owes its guide in the world of journalism Mustafa Nayema, with whom he now maintains a close relationship. They even applied lie in 2014, and both passed in Parliament.

Recently a woman I tried to be at the center of scandals. Its materials tend to be of a resonant nature, but they contain a lot of information, whose sources are unknown and their accuracy questionable. This creates a public opinion favorable to individuals of Ukrainian politics. That is, Serhiy Leshchenko does not produce this information by conducting journalistic investigations, and receives from the persons interested in its publications. of Course, the journalist is not obliged to reveal their sources, but some facts provided to them look, as they say, “far-fetched”. Or clearly resemble so-called “drain”.

For example, it is unclear how the publication of “up” just a couple of hours got a copy of the minutes of the interrogation of the former head of KCSA Alexander Popov on the case for acceleration of the student Maidan on the night of 29 to 30 November 2013? Many such cases occur. Leshchenko constantly puts in their submissions copies of documents of the meetings of parliamentary factions or protocols of various agreements between the different political forces.

Serhiy Leshchenko is closely linked with public journalistic organizations financed from the foreign funds, activities which provided cash grants. Behind it, former head of the presidential administration of Viktor Yushchenko Oleh Rybachuk: “Honest”, “New citizen”, “Stop censorship!”, “Vlademer”.

“The Apartment Leshchenko”
Leshchenko Sergey has many sources of income, but he also criticizes the politicians for the fact that they have other sources of income other than political activities.
In the fall of 2016 in the media appeared information that the journalist bought an apartment in one of the most prestigious (in the historic centre) districts of Kiev with an area of 192 sq m at a cost of $ 350 thousand, Even to the simple inhabitant it is clear that journalistic work can not bring such high returns. Leshchenko fall under destructive criticism.

As explained by S. Leshchenko, “half the money is a loan from the founder of “the Ukrainian truth” Elena Pritula for a period of 10 years.” Another part – his savings as the former co-owner of the resource “Ukrainian truth”, and the rest of the money his girlfriend, a famous DJ Anastasia topil’s’ke. More negative resonance makes the fact that a woman kept her money in the “savings Bank of Russia”. NABU opens investigation against the people’s Deputy on the basis of signs of administrative violation. Leshchenko himself rejects the allegations, arguing that buying property is transparent and the price is $1500 per sq m, and the order for his prosecution ascribes Bank. He calls it revenge for systematic criticism of the government, particularly the presidential party.

The Pechersky regional court of Kiev closed the case against a woman for lack of evidence, Prosecutor General’s office appealed the decision to the appeal, but in the end, lost. Accused also Leshchenko and having links with the Russian oligarchs, in particular Konstantin Grigorishin, who is wanted for tax evasion.

Disclosure of communications of Party of regions with the American political strategist

Calling for investigations does not leave indifferent Sergei, despite his parliamentary career. In 2016, he exposes the ties of the Party of regions with the American political strategist Paul Manafort, which at that time is the head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump. According to Leshchenko, the costs of associated with its activities have exceeded $12 million Scandal becomes so large that Manafort loses his job in the US, and trump is suspected of having links with Russia.


In February 2017, the Internet has got the letters between S. Leshchenko and daughter Paul Manafort Jess. By Paul Manafort confirmed the authenticity of these letters, adding that he had also received phone message with the addresses “allows you to associate them with Leshchenko,” but did not respond to them, and immediately gave to your lawyer. In March 2017 Leshchenko is still transferred to the NEB documents that were supposed to prove the involvement of Manafort to offshore schemes. New materials, which will explore NABOO, Manufactu attributed to the receipt of $ 750 thousand for the supply of computer equipment through Kyrgyzstan. Ukrainian politician called to begin an investigation into the situation in Ukraine, and the United States.

The seizure of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”
In early 2017 S. Leshchenko on his blog, has published “the plan of capture of the” TV channel “112 Ukraine” by the President of Petro Poroshenko. He was accused that he was misled their readers (who did not know that the publication is not based on own investigations and on informing a third party), outright lies, ignoring the context and history of events surrounding the channel. Posted the blog Leshchenko and news on its entry to “the Ukrainian truth” was also criticized, as the journalists in the future is not fixed and is not specified previously published data.

Income (state)

In return for the 2016 Sergei Leshchenko pointed out that there is an apartment in Kiev with an area of 192 sq. m, which is in his possession. He also owns an apartment in Kiev is 60 sq m and 33% of the apartments in Kiev with an area of 74,6 sq. m. P. Leschenko has the right to free use of a room in Kiev with an area of 24 sq. m.

There are VW Golf 2014 release. In 2016 Sergei Leshchenko received 151,4 thousand UAH salary at the main place of work in the Verkhovna Rada, 169,8 thousand UAH of funds related to the implementation of parliamentary powers, 26.9 thousand UAH of compensation for travel. He also received 15.2 thousand UAH wages part-time at the Ukrainian Catholic University. Of 315.5 thousand UAH were royalty from the publishing house “Media-DK”, 5.3 thousand UAH – from “bright star publishing”; 35,5 thous Leshchenko received from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, and 5.3 thousand UAH were fees from the NGO “Ukrainian truth”.

The Declaration contains the other fees for a total amount of 54.3 thousand UAH. In particular, from foreign editions – American Foreign Policy (20 UAH 296), the British Open Democracy (3196 UAH) and the Russian The Moscow Times (3956 UAH). Besides, the Deputy has declared UAH 3.7 million, which he borrowed from the owner of “the Ukrainian truth” Alyona Pritula. Of cash a former journalist declared 2 thousand euros and 3 thousand dollars, said the loan of 2 million UAH from the banker Vladislav Andrievskogo. Father Vladislav, Victor Andrievskogo, owns several construction companies that carry out activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, including one of these companies was engaged in repair of the main building of the State historical Museum in Moscow.


• In June 2013 published the documentary book “the American Saga of Pavlo Lazarenko”, based on the materials of the investigation conducted against the former Prime Minister of Ukraine by US law enforcement.
• The book “Mezhigorskaya syndrome. The diagnosis power of Viktor Yanukovych” was written and published in September 2014, after Euromaidan.
• 2004 – 2-place in the competition “the Best journalistic investigation 2004” (joint project of Institute of mass information, the Embassy of France in Ukraine, Mohyla school of journalism).
• 2006 – winner of the prize. Alexander Krivenko.
• 2006 – winner in the nomination “Person of the year in print media” nationwide program “Person of the year 2006”.
• 2006 – “person of the year” in the contest “the leaders of the Ukrainian Internet”, organized by the magazine Internet.ua.
• 2011 – the journalistic prize of the Eastern partnership from the organization Fundacja Reporterow for the article-investigation “Offshore roof for Yanukovych and Klyuyev.”
• 2013 – award named after Gerd Bucerius “Free press of Eastern Europe”.
• 2013 – 55-th place in the list of the 100 most influential people of Ukraine according to the magazine “Correspondent”.
• 2014 – ranked in the list of “100 information heroes”, first published by the organization “reporters without borders”.

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