Leonid Yemets

Ukrainian politician, MP of Ukraine of VII and VIII convocations.


Leonid Yemets born August 30, 1979 in Kiev.


Education is higher. Leonid Yemets graduated with honors from the Kiev national University. Taras Shevchenko, specialty “jurisprudence”, received qualification “master of law”.
He defended his thesis on “Public administration than political associations of citizens — legal and administrative research.” Candidate of legal Sciences.
On the personal page in Facebook is the information that L. Yemets also studied at the Dnepropetrovsk state University of internal Affairs.

Labor and political activity

Almost immediately after graduation, Leonid Yemets decides to go into politics.
Since 2001 – member of the party “Reforms and order”, which was until 2005.
In 2002, Yemets participated in the elections to Kyiv city Council, represented the political party “Our Ukraine”.
In 2004, Yemets took an active part in the presidential election campaign was a confidant of the opposition candidate, Viktor Yushchenko. In the Pechersk district of Kyiv was the head of a staff Yushchenko, head of the coalition “Power of people” in the Pechersk district, the commandant of the part of the “orange” Maidan.
In 2005 Leonid Yemets change the political force and enters the ranks of the party “Our Ukraine”, this political force was until 2009 and was a member of the political Council.
In 2006, from the bloc “Our Ukraine” took part in the election campaign, in the territorial Commission No. 218 was the authorized person of the political force.
In 2006, Yemets became a Deputy of Pechersk district in Kyiv city Council, during the parliamentary term in charge of the faction “Our Ukraine”.
In 2009 Leonid Yemets leaves the ranks of the party “Our Ukraine”, his departure from the political forces argued that he absolutely does not share those actions that made Viktor Yushchenko. Even wrote an open letter to President Viktor Yushchenko, in which he expressed sharp disagreement with his political course.
In 2009, after the departure of “Our Ukraine” Yemets begins to engage in a public organization “Civil position”, he became the head of her office in the Pechersk district.
In 2010, the city Council eliminated district councils, and Leonid Yemets resigned.
In 2010 he became a member of the party “Front Zmin”. Later, in the elections, was the head of the Pechersk district headquarters of the United opposition.
In 2012 (from 12 December 2012 to 27 Nov 2014) Yemets became a people’s Deputy of Ukraine, Parliament passes the VO list “Batkivshchyna”. During the parliamentary cadence worked in the Committee on education and science and chaired the Subcommittee on intellectual property.
2014 – the extraordinary parliamentary elections, ran for single-mandate constituency № 221 from party “popular front”, passed in the Parliament, gaining 37.7 percent of the vote.
• The Secretary of the Committee, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on civil, commercial and administrative procedure of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the rule of law and justice.
• Member of the Temporary special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on preparation of the bill on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine.
• Member of the Permanent delegation in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, co-chair of the group on Interparliamentary relations with Japan, Vice co-chair of the group for Interparliamentary relations with the United States, a member of the group for Interparliamentary relations with Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Turkey and China.
In early November 2015 Leonid Yemets was summoned for questioning to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on the case of interference in the activities of the constitutional Court during consideration of the law on lustration. The people’s Deputy expressed indignation at this challenge in connection with their parliamentary immunity.
One of the authors and lobbyists of the law “On restoring confidence in the judges” and “About the cleansing power”, represented the Verkhovna Rada in the constitutional Court of Ukraine during consideration of the bill of the law.

Social activities

Leonid Yemets headed the public organization “Public initiative”.
He was Deputy Chairman of the charitable organization “Fund of support of municipal initiatives.”
In 2016, Leonid Yemets accused the Metropolitan government to promote the illegal building.


Father, Yemets A. I., people’s Deputy of Ukraine I, II and III convocations, was killed in an accident in January 2001.
Mother – Tetyana M. Yemets, a psychologist and ukrainoznavstvo, candidate of philosophical Sciences, researcher of the Center for Ukrainian studies at Kyiv national University. T. G. Shevchenko.
With the first wife Karina divorced in 2013 due to a conflict on the Declaration.
The MP was married a second time (the wedding took place during the revolution of Dignity, the Day of St. Valentine, February 14, 2014). Second wife – Svetlana Emets. A son of Alexander (2015).

Income (property)

The Declaration of assets, income, expenses and obligations of financial character for the year 2015.
As stated in the e-Declaration, Leonid Yemets in 2015 earned 195,9 thousand UAH, out of which 78.6 per thousand UAH – wages, 80,6 thousand UAH. –reimbursement of costs associated with the implementation of parliamentary activities, 31.8 thousand UAH. – dividends and interest, and 4,9 thousand UAH – debt relief.
In the ownership of emtsa was nothing. All he used belonged to his wife. The only exception was non-residential premises with an area of 82.2 per sq m, which MP used as a public reception. They Yemets was used on loan.
His wife in the reporting period had an income of 23,1 thousand UAH, consisting of: 12,2 thousand UAH wages and 10,9 thousand UAH of financial assistance.
She belonged to:
three plots of land – two in the village of Kozin Obukhov district (near Kiev), area of 1500 sq. m and 450 sq m and one in the Crimea – 14100 sq. m;
• house area 171,2 sq. m in the Kozina; cottage (112,7 m) in Kozyn; Toyota Sequoia (2008 onwards).
Leonid Yemets was the owner of Magistral “media service” (25%), and had a share in “international health Alliance” (16,67%).
Was the family Emtsev and savings in banks and 23.7 thousand UAH; cash – 38,9 thousand and $ 280 thousand UAH.
In addition, Yemets stated 50 thousand dollars as funds are lent to third parties.


• Honored lawyer of Ukraine (2017).


Seriously interested in playing Golf, one of the ten best players of Ukraine.

Communication scheme

According to some media reports, Leonid Yemets close to ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

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