Lapin Igor Alexandrovich

People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, the company commander “the West” of the 24th battalion of territorial defense “Aydar” armed forces, formed from volunteers of the Volyn region, a senior Lieutenant. In time of peace – a lawyer, a member of the qualification disciplinary Commission of the bar of Volyn region.


Igor Lapin was born on 28 may 1969 in the village of Ivanychi, Volyn region. Father was a loader at the sugar factory and mother is a pharmacist (still working in the pharmacy). When Igor went to the first grade, his father had just entered the first year of University. Shevchenko, by the way, did 12 times in College. After receiving a juridical education, became a judge).


Higher education. The family moved around a lot. In Ivanychi lived until third grade boy Igor, then moved to Turijsk, where Igor studied until the 7th grade. In high school I was in Kovel, where he graduated in 1986 secondary school No. 1. Had 3 BS, so have not received the certificate with honors. In the Kurgan higher military the first time is not received, as at the time of his father (6 attempts).
1988 – 1992 – studies at the Kurgan higher military-political aviation school (QUITAO), officer with higher military education in the specialty “social teacher”. Received a diploma with honors.
1992 – 1996 air force of Ukraine, a senior Lieutenant, Deputy commander of the airfield operating company of the airport “Lutsk”, Lutsk (by that time the Soviet Union collapsed, and Igor Lapin returned to Lutsk to look for work. So was at the local airport. He worked until 1996 At night taksovat, because military pay was very low. Drove the car from Poland).
In 1997 he graduated (in absentia) Lviv national University named after Ivan Franko, faculty of law (received on the left, restored, studied for 2 months and again cast really wanted to be a soldier).

Labor, social and political activities

How he remembers Igor Lapin, to work for the first time I went in the summer from fourth to fifth grade. Since then, every summer he worked for two or three months: boxes beat in zagotkontora, then near harvester – when we lived in Turiysk, and the Kovel – butter-cheese base, selimage, lanzafame…
Of course, this is not the beginning of the work, which began in adult life. By the end of University, after leaving the reserve, almost immediately became a lawyer. The military even wanted to be since childhood, but not in the Ukrainian army, which was at the time.
1997 – Volyn oblast Collegium of advocates (VOCA), a lawyer.
In 2010 Igor Lapin was running for the office of the city mayor of Kovel from the “peasant party”. Since December of 2013, was on the Maidan, the Revolution of Dignity.
During the creation of the 24th battalion of territorial defense “Aydar” APU Igor Lapin (better known under the nickname “Ash”) was appointed commander of the 2nd company of the “West,” formed mainly from residents of Volyn region.
14 Aug 2014 – member of the Military Council of the political party “people’s front”.
In the October parliamentary snap elections in 2014 was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from “popular front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Lutsk constituency No. 22.


Married. Has a son Oleg (born 1988) and Alexander (2002 p.).

Titles, awards and prizes

Rank – Lieutenant (1993).
Awarded to:
– the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree (26 December 2014);
– medal “For the sacrifice and love for Ukraine” (UOC-KP).
Has differences: the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine “Yevhen berezniak”; the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine “For assistance of the military intelligence of Ukraine” of the II degree.
Premium weapons – pistol “Fort-17” (17 February 2015)
She was also awarded the jubilee medal “25 years of Independence of Ukraine” (2016)


Owned by Igor Lapin and his family – seven of land. In particular, two sites in Liubytiv village, Kovel district, the total area of 7255 sq m; three plots in Kovel on 2500 m2 and two sites in the village of Oak on 3100 m2.
Apartments and houses
The people’s Deputy Igor Lapin in March 2016 bought an apartment in the village of Linden Lutsk district, covering an area of 40 sq. m. by the Way, despite the fact that the media became aware of the purchase of two one-bedroom apartments in the center of Lutsk, one of them is not specified in the Declaration.The mother of the people’s Deputy Galina Lapina has declared an apartment in Ivanychi on 45 squares. On father’s Deputy recorded house in Kovel, an area of 187 square meters and an apartment of 55 sq. m.
The father’s lawyer Alexander Lapin has declared 2015 BMW 520D 2012 model year, the cost of which in the secondary market is around $ 30,000, depending on age and configuration. However, from reliable sources, the news Agency “Volyn news” known that the German sedan drives itself the MP.
Also in the Declaration Lapina – sedan KIA Cerato 2010 model year. It costs around 10-15 thousand dollars.


In the Verkhovna Rada Ihor Lapin earned 77 thousand UAH of a salary, another 80 thousand was received as compensation related to performance of Deputy powers. 20 thousand from the state budget, he was reimbursed for travel, another 167 thousand – for rental housing. For the disposal of movable property from Oksana Lapina received 317 000.
Igor Lapin is not indicated in the Declaration of any banking accounts. In cash in the hryvnia equivalent it has about 1.4 million hryvnia: UAH 128 thousand, $ 26 thousand, 16 thousand euros 25 thousand PLN.


Igor Lapin’s beautiful voice, sings well, plays guitar. Like Makarevich, “DDT”. Of the more modern – “Ocean Elzy”, something that takes from overseas, but believes that knows little French. Listens to mostly heavy music such as AC/DC, Ramstein. Like any rock, not just heavy, for example, Aerosmith, Nazareth, Dire Straits, Secret Service. Like “Spleen”, “Gorky Park”, Nikol.
Very like action, movies about the war. Still loves to dive, has been diving – underwater hunting, but without the cylinders and scuba – freediving (dangerous form of hunting, as poachers often lay a snare, which can get a diver to drown).
But the best rest for Igor Lapin is fishing (“took a tent for three or four days, the phone is “cut down” the happy man”). Engaged in sport fishing, went to the Championships. Even won prizes for catching carp (incidentally, the day when I became a winner, quit Smoking). Now time for this interest are almost there.
An excellent marksman. In childhood, in adolescence, engaged in aircraft modeling sport since the eighth grade, a year went to the camp of the “Young technician” in Piddubtsi. Interested in military-applied kinds of sport: shooting, Assembly and disassembly of the Kalashnikov assault rifle with his eyes closed, was the champion of this discipline in Volyn region (still can gather with closed eyes the machine for nine seconds apart – seven.


“Felt that the time will come and I will fight. Maybe that’s why I wanted to join the military. Although the majority of the prospects had to do with law”.
“I’m very offended on the government, started to go to the Maidan, and then settled there. Then I found out from my son that he, too, goes to the Maidan. Had not forbidden him, only gave recommendations as to where to stand, when there is smoke when you begin the effect of the crowd. The son said to me: “If you decide to stop me, don’t waste time on it. Better help”. We had a serious conversation, I realized once again – he’s an adult, and it can rely on”.

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