Knotweed Ivan D.

Ivan D. Knotweed – Ukrainian politician, MP of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation (member of party “Solidarity “Poroshenko Bloc”,”), member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on family matters, youth policy, sports and tourism, the Deputy of Vinnytsia regional Council (the Deputy of five convocations).


Ivan Knotweed was born on 8 July 1959 in the village of Komarhorod, Tomashpil district, Vinnytsya region.


Higher education. He graduated from Uman national University of horticulture (Uman order of the red banner of Labor agricultural Institute. A. M. Gorky), specialty “agronomist” (1998).

Employment, career

1977 – 1979 – service in the army.
1980 – 1982 he was a sailor of the Kaliningrad base of trawling fleet.
1982 – 1987 work at the farm. Lenin s. Lipovka, Tomashpil district, Vinnytsya region sports instructor, was the head of the Union, the chief agronomist.
1987 – 1988 – Deputy Chairman, party Secretary of the collective farm. Shevchenko S. kyslyts’ke Tomashpil district, Vinnytsya region.
From 1988 until elected to Parliament was led by the private agricultural enterprise “Victory” in s. High Tomashpol district of Vinnytsia region. By the way, Ivan Knotweed was elected Deputy of Vinnytsia regional Council five times (!)
In the 2012 parliamentary elections, Ivan Knotweed first announced his candidacy on the majority district No. 15, the independent candidate, but then not explaining anything to anyone, withdrew from the election race. It helped to defeat the then Governor, the party of regions Mykola Jiggs.
And the parliamentary elections in 2014 Ivan Knotweed, is also running for district # 15 from “Blok Petro Poroshenko”, won with 34,04% of the voice. In second place was the candidate from “popular Front” Vasily Vovk – voted 29,18%.
27 November 2014 – people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation (member of party “Solidarity “Poroshenko Bloc”,”), member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on family matters, youth policy, sports and tourism).
During work in BP every fourth was Ivan Knotweed, the bill was passed, not least due to the fact that Deputy in Parliament, heads the Subcommittee on youth policy, family and childhood. Mainly legislative initiatives Knotweed dealt with issues of health and protection of children, their education, and the development of physical culture and sports.


Married. Spouse Knotweed Nina is the owner of the private agricultural enterprise “Victory”, which was previously headed by I. Knotweed.


In the income statement for 2013 indicated that the largest agropromyshlennykh Ivan Knotweed belongs to the VAZ-2107 1990 release. Of real estate – two land area 2451 and 1,400 sqm, and two residential building area 73,45 and 33.7 sq m and a garage of 27 m2.
Total comprehensive income for 2013 was $ 41736 UAH, the sum of means on accounts in banks – 81410 UAH.
Even less the amount of gross income of members of the Knotweed family – 28146 UAH. Accounts – UAH 21600. They also owned a house area of 59.3 m2 and the apartment has an area of 93,1 m2. Family members recorded the Citroen Berlingo 2006 release.
According to the income Declaration, 2017, Ivan D. Knotweed on the main job received 314454 UAH; the Bank accounts in the presence of his 108000 UAH. Declared a residential house in half with my wife 157,20 m2 and 100% of the ownership of 33,70 m2; land: 26052,0 sq m sq m 22975,0, 2452,0 sq m High in the village of Tomashpil district, Vinnytsya region. In the ownership of wife’s apartment in Vinnitsa area 93,10 sq. m.; in S. High – land 26998 m2. For the provision of property rental income is 11764 UAH.
In 2017 Ivan Knotweed declared again all the same VAZ 2107 1990 release and trailer ZAZ, model 8191, 1993 edition. But his wife belongs Stron (model Berlingo) 2006 release, according to her Declaration.

Dirt (truth and fiction of the promises)

Ivan D. Knotweed in the Supreme Council a new face. In the early parliamentary elections in 2014, then still the candidate for people’s deputies of Ukraine in single-mandate constituency №15, he in his election campaign promised to promote the provision of transport between villages and the district center. But it seems that the MP lied with three boxes, as irrelevant to the issues of ensuring transport connection between villages and district in his constituency, he has not. And here’s why.
In a letter dated February 8, 2017 No. 01-1-21/447 Deputy Chairman sharhorods’kyi district state administration Mykola Galicki reported that in the district there is motor transport communication of all settlements with district centre. To improve the situation with transportation of passengers on the route Sochi – perepil’chyntsi in August 2016, a contest was held to determine the carrier with additional hours of traffic, however, for the decision of this question did not need the assistance of a Deputy.
Head of the Chernivtsi regional state administration Oleg Antoniuk in his letter of February 8, 2017 No. 01-20-312 reported that the new routes between the district center and settlements of the district would not open.
First Deputy Chairman Tulchinsky district state administration Vitaly Poberegnik in a letter dated February 9, 2017 №7-the request said that in the period from November 2014 to present the competitions on transportation of passengers by motor transport on commuter bus routes that go outside of the area was conducted.
According to the letter of the Chairman of the Board of agriculture Joltovskogo Tulchinsky district, Yuriy Derkach (No. 3), new routes to connect villages with the district centre with the assistance of Ivan Knotweed were not introduced.
Among his promises 3 years ago was also to promote decentralization of power; in the first place to achieve the lifting of parliamentary immunity; to promote the implementation of the programme on drinking water of the settlements of its district; to promote the development of infrastructure of settlements of its district; to contribute to the improvement of the road; intends to prepare a legislative framework for the revival of the village. All this, as was indicated on one of the sites, “in process”.

And the hospital helped?
The people’s Deputy of Ukraine Ivan Knotweed on 20 February 2017, has promised to allocate funds from the parliamentary Fund to support the creation of a hospital district on the basis Tulchin Central district hospital.
In October, the head physician TSRB Tulchinsky Vitaly Fox reported that funds from the district budget and subventions from the state are two quite expensive repairs – heavy insulation of the building of the polyclinic and the maternity ward and the renovation and landscaping of the adjacent territory. All this, according to him, gives the opportunity to become the centre district hospital and claim the creation of the hospital of intensive treatment the second level.
In November to clarify the status of promises sent a request to the MP. At the end of January, 2018, the request was reiterated and the Deputy, and Tulchinsky CRH. According to the response the chief doctor, it became known that at the end of December 2017 was approved the list and composition of hospital districts in Vinnytsia region. The list of medical institutions that will operate in the South of the hospital district, which included Tulchinsky district will be decided by the hospital Board. However, Ivan Knotweed at the beginning of last year promised to allocate funds from the parliamentary Fund for the hospital in the process of creating a hospital district, and the chief physician would need to know about the flow of such funds, but the information is not fluent.
On 23 March, following the publication of unfulfilled promise Ivan Knotweed, chief medical officer Fox reported that the Agency “Slovo I Delo” it is not necessary to conclude on the basis of his notice. In particular, the head of the hospital said that he is not Manager of the requested information and is unable to provide details because the question of financing of medical institutions is the competence Tulchinsky district administration. Then with this end IA “Word and Deed” redirected request to obtain public information in the TRGA.
In addition, on 23 March, the journalist of IA “Word and Deed” communicated to the VRU with the assistant Deputy. According to him, Ivan Knotweed constantly helped the hospital during its reorganization. However, don’t have to do this personally from own funds or a Deputy of the Fund and financial security of the hospital was from state budget. In addition, the assistant Deputy promised to answer the request which was addressed to the MP a few months ago and was left unanswered.
Finally in April, the Deputy Chairman Tulchinsky district state administration Vladimir Gisnetas announced the promotion of people’s Deputy of Knotweed in the overhaul of insulation of the building and the maternity ward of Central district hospitals, reconstruction of fencing and landscaping of the adjacent territory, the acquisition of medical equipment. In General, Ivan Knotweed attracted to Tulchinskiy CRB 4 525 000 UAH.

Almost circus – and where? In The Verkhovna Rada
Your special talent as a juggler during a meeting in the Verkhovna Rada have demonstrated to colleagues the MP from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Ivan Knotweed. And due to the Easter holiday I decided to do it… Easter eggs. The Knotweed during the performance of this clown posted on the page in Facebook the journalist Bogdan Bardakov with the comment: “BP: the deadly room! For the first time on stage!..” Speech Knotweed MPs liked it. The son of the President of Petro Poroshenko, Alexei, with interest watched the show. Really, the fun is in the Verkhovna Rada!


Jubilee medal “25 rokiv Nezalezhnosti of Ukraine”.


Free information about Hobbies never marked, but judging by the “speech” in Parliament on the eve of the holiday – juggling Easter eggs – MP like the circus.

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