Ilyenko, Andrey Yurievich

The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of VII, VIII convocations. Chairman of the Kyiv city organization, member of the political Council of the all-Ukrainian Union “Freedom”.
The Deputy of the Kiev regional Council.


Andriy Ilienko was born on 24 June 1987 in Kyiv.


Higher education. He graduated from the Kiev gymnasium № 48 (1994 – 2004).
In 2004, immediately after graduating from high school, he entered the Kiev national University. Shevchenko, the faculty of philosophy. Graduated in 2009
Since October 2009 – PhD student, Department of political science, KNU. T. G. Shevchenko.

Career, political career

She came in politics in 2004, in fact during his school years and College, joined the party “Freedom”. Interestingly, Andriy Ilyenko only a year officially joined the party, after he turned 18.
In 2006, he advanced on the party line. For four years, replaced the Chairman of the capital of “Freedom”.
• 2006 – 2010 – Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv city organization of Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”.
• 2008 – the elections to the Kyiv city Council was the fifth room of the electoral list of the “Svoboda” (party received of 2.08%).
In 2010 it was expecting major gains in the political arena. He became a Deputy of the Kiev regional Council. After a few months (since September 2010) head of the Metropolitan Department of “Freedom”.
• 2010 – the presidential election was a Trustee candidate for President of Ukraine Oleg Tyagnibok on one of the electoral districts of Kyiv.
• Also in 2010, succeeded in organizing street protests against illegal migration. Andrey Ilyenko was so hot on this, so managed to organize a protest movement that these actions went down in history as the largest in the South-East of the country.
• From September 2, 2010 is headed by the Kiev city organization of all-Ukrainian Union “Freedom”.
• From November 2012 – people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of VII convocation, elected in constituency № 215.
• November 2014 – people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation, elected in constituency № 215.

Social activities

The ideological position of the Ilienko allow it to be regarded as a group of young nationalist ideologues and publicists referred to as the “social-nationalist” or “national revolutionaries”.
During the 2010 presidential election Ilyenko noted as the coordinator of the nationwide campaign against illegal migration. Then he held throughout Ukraine more than 20 mass street protests. In some cities of southern and Eastern Ukraine, they became the largest stock of Ukrainian nationalists in all the years of independence.
Andriy Illienko, an active participant of Euromaidan. In January 2014, was beaten by unknown attackers.


Married. Recently married. His wife Anastasia, a lawyer by training. Met at the meeting IN “Freedom”. No children yet.
Father George, the famous Director of the classic Ukrainian cinema.
Mother, Lyudmila Efimenko, actress.
Has an older brother, Philip, the head of state, Ukrainian actor, producer.

Income (property)

Andrey Ilyenko in 2015, according to the data specified in the Declaration, has earned 80,6 thousand UAH (wages).
His mother, which he has specified in the Declaration as a family member, put in a “family piggy Bank” 31.5 thousand UAH.
Owned by Andriy Ilyenko, according to the Declaration included only 20% of the apartment area 147 sq. m. But his mother belonged to:
• two plots of land with an area of 1586 and 602 sq. m;
• two garden houses (155,8 sq. m. and 141 sq m);
• 60% of the apartment area 147 sq. m;
• two garages (36,7 sq. m. and 17 sq. m);
• two cars: Mazda CX-7 (2007 onwards) and the Mazda Premacy (2002 onwards).
In the Bank account Ilyenko lay 24,9 thousand UAH made during the reporting period.


Andrey Ilyenko was involved in a very sensational scandal. March 18, 2014 four members of “Svoboda” and Andriy Ilyenko, came to the office of the acting President of the first National TV channel of Ukraine Alexander Panteleimon and applying physical force, forced him to write a letter of resignation. All events were recorded on camera and online broadcast network.
The reason for ill-treatment by Panteleymonova was broadcast on TV the ceremonial signing of documents on joining of Crimea to the Russian Federation.
This behavior of “Svoboda” has caused a strong reaction in society. The next day the General Prosecutor of Ukraine was picketed by journalists and public figures who demanded to investigate the incident and punish the perpetrators. By the way, the then General Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings under part 1 St. 171 Criminal code of Ukraine (deliberate preventing of lawful professional activity of journalists) and part 2 of article 296 (hooliganism committed by group of persons).
Like all active members of the “Freedom” Andrey Ilyenko often takes part in different activities organized by the party, which often end in brawls and fights.

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