Huz Ihor Volodymyrovych

Ukrainian politician. People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on foreign Affairs. Member of the Permanent delegation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Member of Political party “NARODNYY FRONT”


Igor GUZ was born 11 January 1982 in the city of Lutsk Volyn region. Family on the maternal side from the village of Svirzh, Chelm, on the paternal side of Smidyn village Starovyzhivske district of Volyn region.


Higher education. Graduated from the secondary school No. 19 in Lutsk. A graduate of the Eastern European University of Lesya Ukrainka, specialty “political analyst, Professor of political science”.

Public and political activity

Social activities Igor GUZ ‘ began in 1998. 1998-2000 – member of WHSPO “Trident” them. Of Stepan Bandera.
2000 – one of the initiators of the resumption in Lutsk National scout organization of Ukraine “Plast”.
2000 – 2002 – Chairman of the Lutsk city organization of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists.
2001 – co-coordinator of the Volyn branch of the Public Committee of resistance “For truth!” Participated in the events of 9 March in Kiev, sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest.
Since 2001 – coordinator of the Volyn branch of the Coalition of youth “Our Ukraine”.
2002 – 2006 – Deputy of the Lutsk city Council, co-coordinator of the bloc “Our Ukraine” in the city Council.
2002 – 2004 – Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian organization of the Youth Nationalist Congress.
From 29 January 2005 to 2013 – Chairman of the Ukrainian youth organization “national Alliance”. Participant of the action “Chernobyl way-2005” in Minsk. Sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest. Deported from Belarus and banned from entering this state within 5 years. Human rights organization Amnesty international was recognized a prisoner of conscience.
2006 – 2010 – Deputy of the Volyn regional Council.
From 2007 to 2011 — Advisor to mayor on a regular basis, the chief of Department on Affairs of family and youth Lutsk city Council.
In October 2010 he was elected a Deputy of Volyn regional Council, winning in single-mandate electoral district No. 27 (starovyzhivs’kyi district). Chairman of the Volyn regional organization of political party “For Ukraine!”
November 2014 – people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation. Member of the Commission on budget, Finance and pricing policies.
Chairman of the organizing Committee of the festival of Ukrainian spirit “Bandershtat”. Member organizations: Center for democracy “the New Europe”; the charity Fund “prybuzhzhia”; all-Ukrainian Association “Attack.”



Awards, ranks, regalia

He was awarded the prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “For special achievements of youth in the rebuilding of Ukraine.”
Assistant consultant people’s Deputy of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko.


Salary on the basic place of work – 251457 UAH; income from the alienation of movable property – UAH 270000; cash – 287000. Car brand LAND ROVER (DISCOVERY SPORT model 2017 release) according to the Declaration, 2017 leases. Apartment in Lutsk in joint ownership (33,33 %), detached house of 76 sq m (bezvozmezdnoe use of 39 %).
He enjoys swimming, including long distance. In particular Aug 22, 2012 in the framework of the campaign “save the Svityaz”, which had the aim of attracting public attention to the problem of development of khotislav career on the part of Belarus Igor GUZ swam across the biggest lake in Ukraine, Svityaz. To do this, it took him 2 hours 46 minutes.

Prosecution during Euromaidan

Was one of the coordinators of the Lutsk Euromaidan. For participation in the protest police opened Igor Guzya criminal case for the offence under articles of part 2 of article 296, 295, 341 “the Criminal code of Ukraine”. He was charged with “making portraits of Yanukovych from the premises of the Volyn regional Council; calls for the Commission of acts that threaten the public order; seizure of state or public buildings or constructions”.
December 25, 2013 Lutsk city district court decided to apply to Gusu measure in the form of house arrest for a period of 60 days with the use of an electronic bracelet to control the movement of the suspect. But Dec 30, 2013, the court of Appeal of Volyn region took the decision to soften the measure of restraint to the suspect.

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