Grinevich Lilia M.

Ukrainian statesman in the field of education, the Minister of education and science of Ukraine (2016), politician, MP of Ukraine of VII and VIII convocations. Member of the political Council of the party “people’s front”.


Liliya Grinevich was born 13 may 1965 in Lviv in a family of teachers.


Higher education. He graduated in his native city of Lviv school № 70. Received two higher education: in 1989 graduated from the Lviv state University. Franko majoring in “biochemist teacher”. In 1993, the interdisciplinary Institute of advanced training and retraining at State University “Lviv Polytechnic” specialty “economist-Manager”.
The training was held at the Warsaw University and Columbia University, where he investigated problems of reforming of the education system.
In 2005 he defended his thesis (the theme of “Trends of decentralization of education management in modern Poland”).
Fluent in English and Polish.

Career (employment and political activities)

She began her career while still a student of senior courses – from 1987 he worked as a lab assistant in the biochemistry Department of Leningrad state University them. I. Franko. Then got the position of educator of extended-day groups at the Lviv school № 70, a year started to teach biology.
Since 1992, career L. Grinevich went up sharply: got the post of Deputy Director for national education in the secondary school № 7; two years later – the Deputy Director on uchebno-educational work in the senior classes of school № 53 with the depth study of the English language. Since 1998 – Director of the special school № 28 with advanced study of German language in Lviv.
In 2002, the family moved to Kiev (contributed by Vitaly Zhuravsky, was then Deputy Minister of education and science, and later became a people’s Deputy from “Party of regions” and an adviser to Viktor Yanukovych).
Lily Grinevich initially offered a position of senior lecturer of chair of management of education “Institute of Economics and law “KROK”. In parallel, concurrently, she was the Director of the Centre for test technologies of the International Fund “Revival”. Four years later, he founded and headed the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment.
As soon as Zhuravskii took the post of Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration, Lilia M. also joined the team of then-mayor Leonid Chernovetsky and got promoted to head of the Main Department of education and science of the KSCA.
In 2009, was dismissed. City Council Deputy Oleksiy Davydenko said that she left Kiev education in a very poor condition. The school was not ready for the beginning of the school year, and teachers are owed salaries. The period after the dismissal and before 2012 not marked.
In 2012, Liliya Hrynevych came into politics with the current Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko. Passing through the party list of “Fatherland”, was elected people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VII convocation, headed the parliamentary Committee on science and education. It was criticized for the fact that the post she silently watched as the then Minister of education and science Dmitry Tabachnik disorganized education system. Later Lilia M. criticized him, but do it carefully.
In June 2013, after the unification of the party Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Yulia Tymoshenko, Lily Grinevich was elected one of the Vice leader of “Batkivshchyna”. In the parliamentary elections of 2014, she again passed in the Verkhovna Rada, but according to lists “popular front” at No. 9. November 2014 – people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation.
When Arseniy Yatsenyuk was dismissed, Lilia M. became part of the new Cabinet of Vladimir Groisman was appointed to the post of Minister of education and science of Ukraine.


Married. Husband – Mikhail Grinevich (met in College years). Now – Deputy Director of the Kiev elite speech therapy schools. Although back in 2012 he was a mathematics teacher at one of the regular schools in Kiev.
Liliya Hrynevych is the mother of two children. My older daughter Oksana Belyakova, a graduate of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, also two children. Now she is on maternity leave, previously worked as the chief specialist of legal Department of Executive body of Kyiv city Council (Kyiv city state administration). Married to a Kiev Nikita Belyakov (holds the position of lead counsel of the financial monitoring Department of the national Bank of Ukraine).
Son – Bogdan-Orestes. Studied Chinese Philology at Kyiv national linguistic University (received in 2013). Bogdan Mikhailovich – the person not public, uses social networks quite accurately (on two accounts, the young man had only one photo and no personal information).


In 2005 she was awarded the badge “excellent worker of education of Ukraine” (2005)
For a weighty personal contribution to development of domestic science, strengthening scientifically-technical potential of Ukraine, many years of conscientious work and high professionalism 15 may 2015 awarded the order of Princess Olga III degree.
Has a premium weapon – gun “Fort 9” (awarded may 8, 2015)


Declaration for 2015 Liliya Hrynevych filed three times: first on October 27, 2016, then double-copied, and finally on 6 February 2018.
In the electronic Declaration for the year 2016 it is declared almost 287 thousand UAH wages and almost 229 thousand UAH on deposits in banking institutions. She owns an apartment in Kiev area of 83,4 sq. m (bought the mortgage in June 2015 for 1 million UAH), the land in Borodyansky district of Kyiv region with an area of 1 196 thousand sq. m, a share (25%) apartments in Kiev (102,7 m), in which the share is still 25% owned by her husband Mikhail Grinevich and her son Bogdan-Orest Grinevich. Also wife of a Minister owns a plot of land in a Large Snitynka Fastiv district, Kyiv region area of 1.2 thousand sq. m.
The Minister of education has the Nissan Tiida 2008 release and Treasury obligations of Ukraine in the amount of 1 thousand UAH. L. Hrynevych also said in the e-Declaration $17 thousand of cash, UAH 200 thousand on Deposit at the Bank “Khreschatyk”, 28 thousand and UAH 818 269 Euro in “Oshchadbank”. Also, if you bail her husband secured an apartment in 2014, took the credit in “Oshchadbank” in the amount of 708,7 thousand UAH, paying to 84.9 ths interest on the loan and 35.2 thousand UAH into the account of the principal amount of the loan.
The accounts for 2017 is the apartment in Kiev 102.7 sq m, purchased in April 2007 for 18 (eighteen) hryvnias. Here also spelled out the husband of the Minister, her son and daughter. More than the usual price in a second mortgage Kiev apartments – a little more than one million hryvnias (83,4 sq. m, June 2015). In marital property Grinevich also two plots of land near Kiev, each 12 acres.
On Deposit Lilia Mikhailovna 228 thousand hryvnias, wife of Michael, 200 thousand hryvnia. Cash pair accounted for 28 thousand dollars, which is enough for early redemption of the remaining obligations under the mortgage (708,7 thousand).


Loves to travel.

Dirt, scandals

The name of the Lily Grinevich is associated with a considerable number of scandals. For the first time about her talked about in July 2013 when she received a concussion while blocking the opposition to the work of the Council. Then, as said Vladimir Aryev, she pushed the Deputy of the city Council Oleksandr Lishchenko. Ed banged his head on the wall and lost consciousness. Colleagues Lilia Mikhailovna complained Lishchenko to the Prosecutor General and interior Ministry, stating that he was threatened with death and other people’s representatives.
For the entire political career of L. M. Hrynevych most controversial period was 2016. Why promised to place education reform? It turned out that Grinevich, instead of having to deal with the reform on a modest salary allowed himself an expensive vacation abroad – your birthday she celebrated in the most expensive restaurant Toronto Alo Restauran. The rest 19 people (by conservative estimates) to the restaurant cost at least 4 thousand dollars. Moreover, it was during working hours the official.
The introduction in Ukraine of 12-year secondary education has caused a significant amount of negative feedback. That is more outraged that during the year Lilia Mikhailovna decided to rewrite all programs, to republish all textbooks for schools, to reform secondary and higher education institutions. In addition, the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine has published on its website a draft model curriculum for grades 10-11 in which, in a compulsory program, it turns out, there is no place of exact and natural Sciences. Optional steel physics, chemistry, biology, geography, Informatics. There is a fear that such steps may lead to degradation of the younger generation.
This little Grinevich. The mseu publishes textbooks and on the title leaves of which are marked: “Textbook for special General educational establishments for mentally retarded children. Recommended by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine”. The abusive treatment of children immediately crossed out the previous innovations of the Minister, and even absurd ban on teachers using red pen when checking the notebooks.
In November 2016 rattled another scandal. In schools held by the Ministry the survey of Ukrainian students with Russian-language questionnaires designed by Danish money, on the subject of whether, in their opinion, Ukrainian and Russian are one people. She Grinevich explained that the survey was in school by mistake. According to her, the Ministry dealt with this issue in 2015, and a contractor accidentally duplicated educational institutions old degree.
And in December of 2016. MONA seen in the latest scandal, which erupted after L. Grinevich presented the first evidence of public recognition of higher spiritual education. Thanks to innovations Lilia Mikhailovna pseudovector contributing once her career now can open a school and handing out diplomas.
Yes, at the same time, are inhibited when the promised reforms, the Minister realize their absurd ideas and gets a premium for labor intensity. She additionally added (for works) 16 thousand UAH. She Grinevich publicly admitted that it might not be clear MONA from the clan and Tabachnik said that the people of the ex-Minister continues to work in the Ministry.
And already the blatant fact is that, in addition to the scandals and blunders in the professional sphere, were revealed in 2016, that the son Grinevich illegally acquired land that was intended for the participant of anti-terrorist operation.
And yet, it is unclear on what basis the Minister of education received from Arsen Avakov premium weapons. Maybe it is needed in order to more impunity to use other people’s scientific work. Earlier Liliya Hrynevych were repeatedly convicted of plagiarism.

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