Gerashchenko Anton Yurievich

The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation.
Member of the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine (former freelance adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine)


Anton Gerashchenko was born on 10 Feb 1979 in Kharkov. Grew up without a father. Raised by his mother and grandparents.


Higher education. Finished (September 1985 to June 1995) Academic gymnasium № 45, Kharkov.
2000 – graduated from Kharkiv national economic University, specialty “Economics of enterprise”, qualification – economist.
He also graduated from the Christian humanitarian-economic open University in Odessa.

Professional career

From July 1999 to June 2000 – economist of the planning Department to coordinate the use of resources of the AEC, Kharkivoblenergo (March 2000 – AK “Kharkovoblenergo”).

Political career

2002 – 2006 – Deputy of Kharkiv city Council, elected on the fourth attempt. In some sources it is noted that Gerashchenko at the time was an active member of the Kharkiv youth movement, in particular unions of “New Kharkiv – new opportunities”. In 2002, Gerashchenko was one of the organizers of the rally, which participants demanded to stop construction of a McDonalds near the metro station “University” in Kharkov. It is also reported that this youth Association actively funded by the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes.
From March 2005 to April 2010 Chairman of the Krasnogradsky district administration.

A member of the party people’s Union “Our Ukraine” (NSNU), Chairman of the Krasnogradsky district organization of the NSNU.
After the appointment of Arsen Avakov the acting Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine became his adviser; he remained in this post until November 20, 2014. He is currently a member of the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine (by consent).

Was the candidate in people’s deputies of Ukraine on the parliamentary elections in 2014, is entered under number 21 in the single list of candidates of the political party “people’s front”. After the elections became the people’s Deputy faction “popular front”, Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legislative support of law enforcement.
2015 – A. Gerashchenko on the podium of the Verkhovna Rada. In December 2014, said about the presentation of the site “Peacemaker” with the “base of the separatists”, where “slowly but surely accumulates information “of the research Center for crimes against fundamentals of national security of Ukraine, peace, security of citizens”, founded by a group of volunteers led by George Tuka”; as of January 7, according to Gerashchenko, on the website the data were collected on more than “9 thousands of terrorists and their accomplices”.

January 29, 2015 along with the extra fractional people’s Deputy Boris Filatov has registered a draft law on introduction of criminal liability for public incitement to evasion of mobilization. According to Gerashchenko, the punishment can be both Ukrainian and foreign citizens. As an example of such behavior, he cited the initiative of the Russian authorities to extend the period of legal stay in its territory for Ukrainian citizens of military age.
March 13 made an initiative of the bill, which provides for criminal punishment in the form of a criminal sentence for the organization of “proplachennyh rallies”.

21 January 2017, the head of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak said that the SBU prevented an attempt on the life of Anton Gerashchenko. A number of Ukrainian media put forward the version that this attack could be staged. Gerashchenko called these versions “rumors” because the two suspects were detained in the attempt. According to the SBU, who ordered the attacks was a Russian citizen, who was in the Belgorod and hired to commit the crimes of two previously convicted citizens.

Anton Gerashchenko is the author of a law banning “the production and promotion of” St. George ribbon, which in its violation an administrative fine ranging from 850 to 2550 UAH and confiscation of forbidden items (repeated violation possible penalty from 2550 to 5100 UAH, or administrative arrest up to 15 days). The law was adopted by Parliament on 16 may, 2017 and signed on 12 June 2017, President Petro Poroshenko.
November 15, 2017 at a meeting of the anti-corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada A. Gerashchenko announced the resignation of adviser to the interior Minister. This happened after the review Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko on that Gerashchenko as an adviser to Arsen Avakov, in connection with the conflict of interest cannot comment on the activities of NABOO, leading the investigation into the fraud of Alexander Avakov, the son of the head of the interior Ministry, with the purchase of backpacks for national guard.


Anton Gerashchenko married (second marriage for both spouses, the wedding took place December 19, 2014 in castle Radomysl, Zhytomyr region, which belongs to the people’s Deputy Olga Bogomolets). Anton Gerashchenko signed 36-year-old Olesya Shambur, a native of Mariupol. In the light they went out together once. A couple noticed in the capital’s cinema “Oscar” at the premiere of “the Guide”. Olesya was with handbag Dior Panarea Bag, and if it is original, then the price of the accessory 32 thousand UAH.
After the wedding, the politician gave his wife a Honda Crosstour, was taken to rest in the winter and warm Miami (USA) and in the summer in Greece.
Children: Anton A. Yakovenko, stepson (son Olesya from his first marriage. The student loves sports and takes part in marathon races);
Pauline A. Gerashchenko, the daughter of a 2016 birth;
Alexis Sambor, father-in-law.

Income (state and sources)

Anton Gerashchenko, according to the returns for 2013, earned 10 331 UAH, from them 3,8 thousand hryvnias it was spent on accommodation in 3-room apartment in Kiev (the apartment is never stated in the declarations Gerashchenko).
In 2016 Gerashchenko has earned 143 217 UAH, and in 2015 he was able to buy 87 thousand hryvnia carbine Colt with a silencer and red-dot sight (indicated in his new Declaration). They were declared 440 thousand UAH 40 thousand dollars in cash.
From real estate, he pointed out half a flat in Kharkov area of 77,2 m2, a house wife in Kiev (42,3 m2) and one apartment (of 189.4 sq m), which is used in conjunction with the father (the owner of the apartment, according to the Declaration, 2017, – Danilenko Aleksandr Ivanovich).
Spouse Anton Olesya (second marriage) declared that 73 thousand UAH alimony, 368 thousand UAH of income from entrepreneurial activity and half a flat in Kyiv with an area of 56 m2.
From open sources (according to the journalistic investigation Denis Bigus in the program “Nashi Groshi”), in 2016, Anton Gerashchenko moved into an apartment with an area of 190,4 sq. m in a luxury residential complex in Pechersk in Kiev. In the new building 226 apartments and apartments. Apartment with an area of 136 sq. m costs about $270 thousand on average, the cost per square meter in this house is $3200.
According to Gerashchenko, he rents an apartment for 3 thousand dollars a month, and cost shares with his father-in-law Alexei Sambora. But reporters found that, Sambur resides in the city of Poltava. Earlier floor houses one apartment of 260 m2, which was then divided into two – 190,4 m2 and 70 m2. Both of the apartments, whose total cost is 10 million, belong to 60-year-old citizen living on the outskirts of Kiev on troyeschina. Before Anton Geraschenko and his wife lived on Poznyaky in the house on the street mishugi. This same apartment was the center of Olesya, Ukraine – “Ukrainian centre zlagodi”, where you learn to resolve conflicts peacefully.
According to the income statement for 2017, Anton Gerashchenko declared land plot with a total area of 700 sqm in the village of Beetles in the Poltava region, the property of the city of Sambora A. M. is Also listed in the Declaration of the car brands Hyundai (Santa Fe model), 2016 release belonging to father-in-law A. M. Samburu, which cost about one million hryvnias, and on which he rides Anton Gerashchenko; the shares of CJSC “Poltava diamond tools”, 440 thousand UAH 58 thousand dollars. – also registered on the city of Samburu.
Your cash G. Gerashchenko in the amount of 440 thousand UAH 40 thousand dollars. Registered as joint with my wife Olesya Gerashchenko property. 241299 UAH – the income at the main place of work; 109824 – maintenance paid to wife Olesya son from his first marriage; 332000 UAH entrepreneurship spouse; 41181грн – the birth of the child, as well as the pension of the father of Sambora A. M. in the amount of UAH 24116.


• Awarded honors of the mayor of Kharkiv “For effort. 350 years of the founding of Kharkiv. 1654 – 2004”
• Gratitude Of The President Of Ukraine (2005)
• Honorary medal of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarchate (2005)
• Honorary diploma of the Ministry on Affairs of family, youth and sports (2006).


Loves to travel. The wife of Anton Gerashchenko lots of photos with expensive resorts around the world.


Stogniy sued A. Gerashchenko
Konstantin Stogniy, famous journalist, 12 December 2016 sued Anton Gerashchenko in the case on protection of honor and dignity. K. stogny declared that Gerashchenko told the media false information about the past of the journalist, who resigned from the interior Ministry at the end of 2010 and could not be the press Secretary of the Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko, who took the post in November 2011: “Gerashchenko went on TV and spread the deliberate lie that “stogny was press Secretary to the Minister Alexander Zakharchenko.” First, I don’t know who this “Alexander Zakharchenko”. Apparently, Gerashchenko was referring to the interior Minister in 2014 Vitaly Zakharchenko. The fact that I resigned from the internal Affairs bodies long before the Maidan and Minister Zakharchenko was not acquainted. These things are obvious and easily checked”.
Defended Golubina insulted Lutsenko
Anton Gerashchenko in 2017, spoke in support of the commander of the third assault company APU Yuri Goluban, who was accused that he in 2014 fought on the side of the Donetsk people’s Republic. In the Internet appeared the pictures with a man very similar to Golubina, surrounded by Donetsk militia. Gerashchenko criticized the people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko, because he quoted former commander of special forces “alpha” and military-political leader of the DND Alexander Khodakovsky confirmed that in may of 2014 with him in the militia was, Goluban his former subordinate at the “alpha”.
It is strange that Igor Lutsenko did not think to ask the views of Givi and Motorola, before making a census of the Film. It seems that the Russians can always count on gullible people’s representatives, which post lie of Russian propaganda.
Gerashchenko said that Goluban retired from the Donetsk “alpha” back in 2009, and with the beginning of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine, he volunteered in the battalion “Kyiv-1”.
The vote in Parliament someone else’s card
In March 2017, was the fact of a vote by MPs card Anton Gerashchenko in the moment when Gerashchenko was officially absent not only in the meeting hall of the Verkhovna Rada, but also in Ukraine, as was in business trip in Austria. Journalists of Radio “Freedom” found that card Anton Gerashchenko voted for his colleague in the faction Taras Flint.


20 Mar 2018
Anton Gerashchenko on his Facebook page:
– Nadezhda Savchenko must undergo a compulsory psychiatric examination to determine adequacy.
That is the conclusion I came to after carefully read the submission on the attraction to the criminal responsibility and the detention is still the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko.
At the end of the study of the documents has decided to vote for the removal of her parliamentary immunity and will not vote for her detention and arrest. This is my personal position. Let me explain why: first, don’t want to create an image of the victim. For me she’s not a victim and the perpetrator. And secondly, I believe that Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko instead for the arrest of Hope Savchenko, applied for the consent of Parliament to her compulsory examination in a mental institution.


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