Geller Eugene B.

Ukrainian businessman, politician, people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada V – VIII convocations


Eugene Heller was born on 12 may 1974 in Donetsk.


Higher education. After high school, went to College, worked. Graduated from Donetsk state technical University on a speciality “engineer-economist, faculty of Economy and management in mechanical engineering” (1996).

Labor activity

After graduating from University, he went into business. The business was associated with non-ferrous metallurgy and mechanical engineering.
1995 – 1996 was Deputy Director of the production enterprise “Victoria”.
In 1996 was appointed head of Department of management of JSC “Ukrmyasoprodukt”s After only a year, showed its commercial capacity becomes commercial Director of CJSC “ukrsplav” (1997 – 2004).

Political activity

Take politics away from business, entrusting it to his business partner Spartacus Cokotuha. In his own words, was a “political group” the Deputy from Party of regions Yury Nikolayevich Voropayev, known as the “lawyer of the Foundation”.
In 2002 he was elected Deputy of Donetsk regional Council head of the permanent Commission for youth policy, physical culture and sports.
2006 – elected Deputy of Ukraine of the fifth convocation from Party of regions under the number 79 in the electoral list. Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on agrarian policy and land relations, as well as the Special Commission on privatization.
Political career is coming up, and in 2007 Eugene Heller again elected people’s Deputy of Ukraine of VI convocation from Party of regions (in the list at number 77). Deputy head of the Committee on Finance, banking activity, tax and customs policy and of the Special control Commission on privatization.
2012-2014 — people’s Deputy of Ukraine of VII convocation from the Party of regions (No. 29 in the list). The head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on budget.
November 2014 – people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, member.
(October 26, 2014, he was elected people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation through falsification of the battalion “Dnepr” – the closure of two polling stations by armed soldiers of the battalion “Dnepr” for an hour and vkidyvanie packs of ballots for the electoral district No. 50 in Donetsk region, Krasnoarmeysk, 27 receiving 674 votes (39,54 %). Despite the fact that in the city of Krasnoarmeysk (Pokrovsk), no one knows.
He was a member of “the Party “Revival”. Member of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on budget issues.
Member of Party of regions in 2001-2014 years. He headed the control Department in the party. According to the Ukrainian newspaper “Economic truth”, was the “controller party funds” of the Party of regions. In December 2011, it became one of the founders of the NGO “European center of modern Ukraine” (eng. European Centre for a Modern Ukraine), registered in Brussels. (co-founders – Eugene Heller, Vitaliy Kalyuzhny and Leonid Kozhara. This organization is actually created to “clean” the image of the Party of regions in the West).

Parliamentary activity

Voted for the Law of Ukraine “On principles of state language policy”, which guarantees the use of Ukraine “regional languages” on 5 June 2012 and has allowed some regions to give official status to the Russian language.
January 16, 2014 voted for the so-called “laws of January 16” or “the laws about dictatorship”.

Personal life

Married. Wife – Tatyana Geller, 1973), economist by training. Works in JSC “ukrsplav”.
Daughter Elizabeth, 17 years old (born in 2001).
According to some media reports, the family Geller lives in the USA.


Hobby – football.
In 2004 – 2006 – President of football club “Shakhtar”.
From 2009 to the present he is the President of football club “Zarya” (Lugansk).

Titles, ranks, awards

• The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on budget.
• Member of Party of regions. Since 2002 was a Deputy of Donetsk regional Council.
• 2009 – President of football club “Zarya” (Lugansk).
• Honored economist of Ukraine (August 2010).
• Awarded the order “For merits” of the III grade (27 Jun 2013)

Criminal case

On 1 November 2004 the investigative Department of the security Service of Ukraine opened criminal case no. 236 of smuggling CJSC “ukrsplav” aluminum products under the guise of “trolleys TS-150 for mine electric locomotives”. Despite this, the State tax administration of Ukraine has repaid due to the budget of VAT paid by ZAO “ukrsplav” for export “current collectors”. It was also a criminal case against Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka on the fact of abuse of official position in interests of JSC “ukrsplav”.
Today Saga “Ukrsplav” is not over. The company continues the activities as a trading and industrial Corporation.
E. Geller was seen in another racy story, which was discussed in the information space. As head of the Committee, Eugene B. started a large-scale renovation in your office in the building of committees on Bankovaya, combining several rooms into one, built a rest room and a separate bathroom with shower.
Later his name appeared in one story, when an extraordinary meeting of the Committee, suddenly made closed, not allowing to representatives of the media. “At the meeting, of course, the money was divided”, – said in a publication.
“Third man in the Parliament” still told about his appointment and about the legendary repair, and power “deals”, and even about his communication with President Viktor Yanukovych.


At idle opinion, Eugene B. Geller his position owes R. Akhmetov – he is a man of his inner circle. According to people who do not share this point of view, the position of Geller received thanks to an equally close fellowship with the family of President Viktor Yanukovych and absolutely for other services.
Geller is, without doubt, was one of the key figures in the Party of regions. His role is a define called the “controller party funds”. That is, he decides who, how and what.
However, E. Geller, answering media questions, tried to distance themselves from the family of former President Yanukovych more than Rinat Akhmetov. He said: “I come from a family know only the father and youngest son.” And on the question of friendship with R. Akhmetov said, “Akhmetov consider a friend. I hope he considers me his friend.”
That E. Geller betrayed the PR and ceased to serve the Yanukovych and Akhmetov, said one of the leaders of the “white-blue” and ally of Rinat Akhmetov, Boris Kolesnikov: “Jack just kind of left the party, his actions are unworthy, but God will judge him”.
Eugene B. Geller in 2014 did disown that kept the President’s “cash” Viktor Yanukovych, threw off his blue and white flag of Party of regions.

The President of the Luhansk club “Zarya” Eugene Heller accused Surkis of condoning the dishonest sodasta
The President of the Luhansk club “Zarya” Eugene Heller accused Surkis in priurochivanii judges “Dynamo”. “Dynamo” in the match against Zorya scored a goal from offside. This was stated by the President of the Luhansk club Eugene Heller in the comments
In the first half, there was two equal teams. The Dynamo, despite their stellar cast, failed to create any chances, “Dawn.” As for our team, “dawn” in the first half, we had 3-4 good chances to open the score, but summed up the implementation. Apparently, the game did not like the current leaders of the team “Dynamo”. Manual of the judge Grigory Surkis scored a goal in gate of “Dawn”, which, according to experts and the views of the videos was scored from offside. This goal was a turning point. What the judges scored it, I would say broke the spirit of healthy competition. This is not the first case when Surkis indulges clearly unfair refereeing for the sake of a higher string Dynamo in the standings.
“Dawn” is a young club that evolves. He’s got good potential, commitment to productivity. FFU President in the power position should be interested in the fact that the Ukrainian Premier League showed fair beautiful game. Watched the match, except for Ukraine and four countries. And the audience made their own conclusions, I assure you. I think your conclusions have to do it in the football Federation of Ukraine, summed up Geller.
E. B. Geller about his success:
“Graduated from College, opened his “small” company that exists so far. My main business is nonferrous metallurgy and machine building. I have a plant for the production of non-ferrous metal “ukrsplav”. It is not about the collection of scrap metal. As a manufacturer of metal I have and only have one more company in Ukraine there is a place on the London stock exchange, where we traded metal”.

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