Gavrilyuk Michael V.

(Kozak Gavrylyuk)
Ukrainian politician, activist of Euromaidan, the commander of one of divisions of the battalion of patrol service of militia of special function “Golden gate”. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation of the party “narodnyy front”


Michael hawryluk was born 15 August 1979 in the village Yarivka Chernivtsi region.


Secondary special education. He studied at the boarding school, after the 8th grade enrolled in College, where he studied farming business. After studying at the school served in the Ukrainian army.

Employment (before Euromaidan)

M. Gavrilyuk life divided “before” and “after” Euromaidan. He began his career in his native village after military service – was engaged in subsistence farming. For a long time worked in Russia. In 2008 year (start of crisis) returned to his native village, worked at various temporary jobs, was engaged in farming.
After learning about the beating of students on November 30, 2013, went to the Maidan.

Political activity

Mikhail Gavrilyuk – Ukrainian Euromaidan activist, Cossack of the Fourth hundred-or “Self Maidan”, known by a scandalous home video of special forces “Jaguar”. On January 22 2014 in Kiev on the street Grushevskogo, the special squad soldiers of the interior troops divided into 10-degree cold of Mikhail Gavrilyuk toes naked and abused, forced him to pose with Hutsul ax, removing it on video. With bruises were loaded into a police van.

(after Euromaidan)

The Kyiv Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case under article 365 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (abuse of power or official authority). And although the helmet of one of the security forces were marked with the part number (228), the former head of militia of Kiev Vitaly Yarema learned in the video, several law enforcement officials, who, according to him, serve unit No. 3027 omega (the unit was stationed in Novi Petrivtsi near Mezhyhirya).
Pechersky district court of Kiev was sentenced mocked Gavrilyuk security officials in may 2014. Due to the fact that the accused fully and unequivocally admitted his guilt, and Gavrilyuk has forgiven his attackers and insisted on the imposition of a severe punishment, one of the defendants was sentenced to three years of imprisonment with a probation period of one year, one to two years of imprisonment with the same trial period.
In the future, the head of the sports team of interior troops of MIA of Ukraine, Colonel Alexei Polyakov, not prevented the abuse, was sentenced to 2,2 years of imprisonment with a probation period of one year, and one Lieutenant Colonel of internal troops were released from liability in connection with change of conditions.
As of November 2015 in the case were sentenced to 6 people. The Prosecutor General’s office sent to court indictment against the former commander of the battalion of militia of special purpose “Berkut” MIA of Ukraine in Kharkiv region Vladislav Lukas, who filmed the abuse on the phone.
Mikhail Gavrilyuk in the East of Ukraine were engaged in the delivery of humanitarian cargoes to the Donetsk region in the period of hostilities in the Donbass, the so-called ATO. 10 Jul 2014 in the media appeared information about the capture of Mikhail Gavrilyuk terrorists, but the information was later refuted.
At the same time announced the creation of a Cossack battalion of volunteers of the National guard and later joined the battalion of patrol service of militia of special function “Golden gate”.
In August 2014 in the Internet appeared the social advertisement — video “Ukraine. Tempered by pain” with the staff, where Gavrilyuk “embroider” with a needle on his body Ukrainian national ornament vyshyvanka.
At the Congress of the party “national front” September 10, 2014 hawryluk was included in the electoral list of candidates for people’s deputies of Ukraine.

Personal life, family

Married. Is married to Arinoi Hemi. In may 2016 in Coloma Ivano-Frankivsk region, people’s Deputy of Ukraine celebrated their wedding with a 22-year-old Arinoi, a student of one of Moscow universities. The couple met on the Maidan during the revolution of Dignity.
In 2017 have Yasmin and Michael’s daughter, Zlata.
Former civil wife of Mikhail Gavrilyuk Oksana Novikova, without waiting for Michael, he went to his home in the city of Kropivnitsky (formerly Abidjan), where she’s from his first marriage had an only daughter. Despite the fact that it was rumored that Aksana Novikava were brought up son Michael from his first marriage – Maxime, in the village of Yarove boy had never seen.
Marina Shevchenko, the first wife of Michael, lives with his mother in Ivano-Frankivsk region together with his son Maxim. Mikhail Gavrilyuk son talking and helping him.
Sam Mikhail Gavrilyuk in his native village doesn’t live for a long time.


According to the e-Declaration for 2016, Mikhail Gavrilyuk has earned 157 134 hryvnias. The Deputy has declared two properties – an apartment in Chernivtsi area of 30,8 m2 and a living house in Yarivka area of 100 m2. In addition, Gavrilyuk November 28, 2007 he is a debtor of the Bank “Nadra”, in which he took a loan in the amount of 11 thousand US dollars.
Mikhail Gavrilyuk is the head of the public organization “Cossack valor” (“Kozatska svitaho”), which rents an office in the limes (Kyiv) for a sum eight times greater than the officially declared income Gavrilyuk.


He is fond of winter swimming.


“Kozats’ka svitaho”
As you know, the people’s Deputy Mikhail Gavrilyuk has a public organization with offices at the limes (in the Central and prestigious district of Kiev). Room rental the MP is expensive – 8 times more than he earns.
About the elite square metres in an old house on the street, 16, said the wife of the MP, when justified why she and her husband invited journalists to a press conference about the wedding in the luxurious mansion of the government quarter with marble floors and Golden monograms.
“We rented a pretentious… the hall In this building is the office of “Kozatska of Svitavy”, organization Michael. And we were allowed then to gather everyone,” wrote Hemi on his page in the social network.

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