Filatov, Alexei V.

Deputy Head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine, senior lawyer, one of the best experts in judicial practice


A Native Of Ukraine. He was born in Kiev on 25 November 1976.


Graduated from high school in Kiev. In 1993 he entered the Institute of international relations of Kyiv national University. Shevchenko (Department of “International law”). Received a diploma with honors, becoming a master of international law and, concurrently, an interpreter from Spanish, one of the most popular in the world.
Foreign languages seriously engaged while studying at the University (fluent in Spanish and English, as Russian and Ukrainian).
Then, in 1998 received the right to practice law.


Single. Father – Valery, mother – Eugenia D., sister – Anastasia.


1996 – Alexey Filatov arrives for an internship in a law firm as a paralegal.
1998 – 2001 – assistant at the Department in the international Institute of international law.
Prior to 2003, was engaged in private law practice, then worked in a law firm “Vasil Kisil & Partners”.
Specialized in commercial, corporate and investment disputes. Acted as adviser and expert on Ukrainian law in cases tried by foreign courts and international arbitration. Practice leader in dispute resolution “Law firm “Vasyl Kisil & Partners” (2007).
According to international ratings Chambers Global, Chambers Europe, Legal 500, Ukrainian Law Firms, today Oleksiy Filatov is considered to be one of the best experts in Ukraine for dispute resolution.
Member of the International bar Association (IBA), the Council of users of the London court of international arbitration, the Ukrainian Association of international law, Ukrainian bar Association, Kyiv regional bar Association.
In 2013 he advised the Borys Lozhkin during the sale of its media holding UMH group Sergey Kurchenko.
2014 – Filatov terminates in the Law Union in connection with a proposal to take the post of Deputy Head of the presidential administration of Ukraine.

Political activity

On 22 July the decree of the President of Petro Poroshenko No. 610/2014 on the appointment of G. Filatov to the post of Deputy Head of the presidential administration of Ukraine. A month before the Department was headed by Boris Lozhkin. In connection with the transition to public service Filatov has suspended participation in bar associations.


Filatov is an expert in the areas of:
• resolution of disputes;
• intellectual property;
• corporate law;
• taxation;
• mergers and acquisitions.

“Yurydychna Gazeta” made the name of Alexei Filatov, the TOP-100 best Ukrainian lawyers. He has been repeatedly awarded the title of the best expert of Ukraine in dispute resolution, both national and international organizations.

Ratings, which said Filatov:
• Chambers Global;
• Chambers Europe;
• Legal 500;
• Ukrainian Law Firms.

During the practice Oleksiy Filatov participated in the processes taking place in the London High court of justice and in the courts of such countries as Switzerland and Cyprus.

A. V. Filatov is a member of several international organizations:
• International bar Association (IBA);
• Users ‘ Council London court of international arbitration (LCIA);
• A global network of independent law firms TerraLex;
• International Association of trade mark owners (INTA);
• International Association for the protection of intellectual property.

Within the domestic organizations has membership in:
• Ukrainian Association of international law;
• Association of lawyers of Ukraine;
• Kyiv regional bar Association;
• Ukrainian group (AIPPI);
• Ukrainian national Committee of International chamber of Commerce (ICC Ukraine).


In 2009 – the finalist of “Legal awards of the year” by the newspaper “Legal practice” in the nomination “the Best lawyer in intellectual property”.
In 2010 got a rating “30 most successful lawyers” of Ukraine according to the magazine “Focus”.


In 2015, Filatov has declared Swiss watch Breguet (two models) b Hublot, collection of wines, painting, two sculptures and a library with books published in the XIX, XX and XXI centuries.

Cars: Volkswagen Touareg 2007 edition and the Jaguar XK8 Coupe of the same year; two apartments in Kiev: one with an area of 154.5 m2, the second – 49 m2. He also declared 2 million dollars, 25 million euros and 1.8 million UAH as cash.

Personal life, Hobbies

Oleksiy Filatov – identity is not just known, he is considered one of the most influential people in the presidential administration of Ukraine. But he personally does not think so, stating that this fact is too exaggerated. Even more he likes to spread about his family, personal life. But about their Hobbies and activities outside of work talks.

Despite his busy schedule, Oleksiy Filatov pays attention to their appearance, maintaining good physical shape. Trying to go to the gym at least once a week. And since sports tops going to conquer it, then goes in for sports only for health. Amateur skiing. And even time to relax is less and less, still trying to find at least a couple hours a week on Hobbies. Reads a lot, prefers historical books. Even adds to his collection of old editions of the original sources. In this he finds not only pleasure, but also believes that such literature can be gleaned many interesting and new.

The reform of the judicial system

Alexey Filatov considers that the judicial reform is the Foundation on which should work the relevant laws and regulations, whose objective is to detail the mechanism of decision. Alexey Valerievich said repeatedly, in particular in an interview to the media that the reform of the judicial system of Ukraine should not look like a manual because it is impossible to prescribe rules of conduct in any situation that may occur at any stage of the judging. In addition, it is impossible to build any clear diagrams and implementation plans.

According to the Deputy Head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine, the first thing you need to do to create an independent judicial system to resolve any impact of politics on the judiciary. Oleksiy Filatov has proposed draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, which provides for the disqualification of members of Parliament from the judicial system. In particular, MPs will not influence the choice of judges, the process of their appointment, the dismissal or the bringing to criminal liability related to professional activities.

According to Filatov, the President should not interfere in the judicial system. The head of the state Alexey Filatov has allocated only formal role of the person who takes part in the appointment ceremony on the basis of the submission of the High Council of justice.

The trial subjects are interested in Oleksiy Filatov is not just. In 2012 he was awarded as the best expert in the judicial practice in Ukraine.
And this is not all the key ideas of the reform of the judicial system of Ukraine, proposed by the Deputy Head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine Oleksiy Filatov. He proposed the establishment of an independent body to which you can assign all functions related to the appointment, dismissal of judges and their attraction to a disciplinary responsibility. We are talking about the establishment of the Supreme Council of justice, consisting of judges who will be selected by their peers, and in addition, representatives of the legal community. The high Council of justice consists of 21 representative, and actually began its work in August 2015. This will be the initial period of operation of the High Council, and after the transitional phase and final approval of changes in the marine reform, the High Council will work in full force.

The main task that stands before the High Council to fully update the composition of the Ukrainian judges.
In addition, Oleksiy Filatov proposes to introduce at the constitutional level, the rule of law, which implies a competitive procedure for the appointment of judges. In his opinion, the only way to eradicate corruption and nepotism in this area, and the judicial system to gain independence from the government. We have held several open competitions, attended as representatives of the “old guard”, and brand new people – acting lawyers, practicing lawyers.

One important initiative of Oleksiy Filatov is the perpetuity of the appointment of judges. We will remind, earlier they were appointed to a position for 5 years, then was re-elected, or left the job. The permanence of office of judges, according to Filatov, one of the steps to independence of judicial system of Ukraine.

According to Filatov, the fact that Ukrainian referee gets dozens of less income than a good practicing lawyer, is regrettable and wrong. The Deputy Head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine believes that this situation cannot but lead to imbalances, corruption and other burning problems of Ukrainian marine systems. As an example, Oleksiy Filatov leads such a developed country like Singapore. The income of a judge middle managers in Singapore is approximately a million dollars a year. Of course, the standard of living in Singapore is much higher than the Ukrainian, consequently, expensive and the life, but in Singapore a million dollars a year is good money.
Another important point of judicial reform initiated by Alexei Filatov, is the removal of immunity of the judge. Before the inviolability of the judges was practically absolute.

Compared to the ordinary citizens of Ukraine, judges have a great responsibility, there is an additional basis for dismissal of the judge. We are talking about the inability of judges to confirm the source of their income or to hide from the Declaration part of the property. And if in the case of an ordinary citizen, his financial fraud or illegal income detected by the tax inspection, the judge will have to prove the legitimacy of one’s earnings. In addition, it will address the income and also close relatives of the judge. Filatov believes this situation is correct and that meets European standards. Practice, when entire fleets, houses and apartments recorded on wives, husbands, brothers, and parents must remain in the past.

The project of judicial reform, which was initiated by Alexey Filatov, was submitted to the European experts, among whom were practitioners, lawyers, academics, MPs and representatives of public organizations. In addition, the Deputy Head of Administration of the President of Ukraine insisted on the cooperation with the Council of Europe and the Venice Commission, which is a recognized unit, for addressing changes in the constitutional structure and authority for the protection of human rights and legal standards of the countries of the European Union.
Oleksiy Filatov does not idealize the situation, knowing that amazing results in a short time in today’s Ukrainian reality, to fail.

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