Dzenzersky Denis Viktorovich

Ukrainian politician, MP of Ukraine of VII convocation of the all-Ukrainian Union “Fatherland” and the VIII convocation from the “popular front”, the businessman


Denis was born 22 December 1978 in Dnipropetrovsk in the Ukrainian industrial worker and scientist, Hero of Ukraine Viktor Alexandrovich Zensursula.


Higher education. I graduated from secondary school № 1 in Dnipropetrovsk in 1995 In high school (1993-1995) with the aim of improving language skills were trained in Germany. Fluent in English and German.
After graduation, he entered the economic faculty of the Dnieper state Academy of construction and architecture. In 2000, he received a master’s degree in the specialty “Economics of enterprise”.

Labor activity

He began his career in 1997 in the scientific-industrial company “the EAST” in planning and economic Department in the position of economist. The company in 2002 was transformed into the international scientific and industrial Corporation “Vesta”.
In 2002, ISIC “WESTA” took the position of Vice President (until 2003).
2003 – CJSC “Vesta-Dnipro”, Deputy Chairman of the economy (up to 2006).
2006 – D. Dzenzerskyi became Vice President for Economics at CJSC “WESTA-Dnepr”.
In 2006, the enterprise holds the post of first Vice-President, where he worked until 2010.
In 2010, Denis V. goes back in MNPK “Vesta”, where he became first Vice-President, commercial and financial-economic issues.
2010 – 2012 – first Vice-President for financial-economic and commercial Affairs PAT MNPK “VESTA”.

Business career

The whole career of Denis Zensursula tied to the family business in Dnepropetrovsk, which was created by his father Victor Dzenzersky.
Part of the co-founders of the Corporation “VESTA”, which unites several plants for the production of batteries. The assets of the Corporation officially owns the offshore company Westa ISIC registered in Luxembourg. Its shares are traded on the Warsaw stock exchange.
According to official information, the company’s revenue in 2011 amounted to $172.8 million, and net profit of $1.4 million.
At the same time, his (now ex -) wife – Marianne Dzenzersky – registered firm “Dnepr Rial esteyt” involved in construction. According to reports in the media, in the construction sector, Mr. Denis dzenzerskyy has common business interests with the family of the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk Ivan Kulichenko. Business partners Zensursula Basil podlubny and Mary Merkava are also souchreditelej OOO “Samur”, which owns a chain of stores in Kyiv. In addition, shares of “Samur” has also Denis Kapinus, son Kulichenko. It should be noted that Kulichenko and Dzenzurskie are neighbors and live on a street of Rybinsk in Dnepropetrovsk.
Now the MP D. Dzenzerskyi officially has no relation to the group of companies “Vesta”. And even denies the data from the registry of the Ministry of justice about the availability of business (name of the MP among the founders of the company). According to him, he came out back in 2012 when I first was elected to Parliament.

Political career

To politics came in 2012. In the parliamentary elections of 2012, Mr. Denis dzenzerskyy became the Deputy from “Batkivshchyna” (number 34 in the electoral list).
In the early parliamentary elections 2014 Dzenzersky passed in Parliament from political party of ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk “popular front” under No. 24.
12 December 2014 became part of the Interfactional Deputy Association “For Sicheslavshchyna”, the purpose of which is to support initiatives and legislation that contribute to the development of the region, the most effective representation of the interests of the Dnipropetrovsk region at the level of Parliament, the protection of the interests of the region in Central government.
In 2014 joined the Board of the interior Ministry of Ukraine.
Staying at the Deputy post, Mr. Denis dzenzerskyy currently holds the position of Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on financial policy and banking. According to records at the meeting of the Parliament is hardly.


Married a second time. 14 Feb 2016 married a colleague in the faction “people’s front” Tatiana Anatolievna Donets. 26 January 2017, the couple had a daughter. For 37-year-old wife Tatiana, the baby girl is her first child.
From his first marriage (ex-wife Marianne) has two children – son Alexander and daughter Elizabeth.

Awards and honors

• Order “For merits” III degree (2007);
• Badge “For the development of the region” of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration (2009);
• Honorary diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2009).
• Premium weapons – pistol-Glock 17 (26 Jun 2014)


According to the official Declaration, in 2011 the total income of the MP dzenzerskyy $ 204 thousand UAH. Also, he owns a land area of 540 square meters and a house area of 658,1 sq. meter. The nominal value of the securities owned by the MP, for 2011 amounted to 390 thousand UAH 349.
Tatiana Donets, according to the Declaration of income in 2014 earned 7.5 million.
If you believe the parliamentary Declaration of Dennis Zensursula, despite the huge debts of the company Westa, his family is not poor: it follows from the Declaration for the year 2015, the Deputy received from her father a generous cash gift in the amount of 35 million UAH, and in 2014-m income Deputy amounted to UAH 40 million, tens of million MP spends on rental property.


In the media published information (2009) about the construction of overpriced and non-transparent schemes of the highway in Dnipropetrovsk, in the interests of the company “VESTA”, which co-owners are father and son –Victor and Mr. Denis dzenzerskyy. According to this information, the state has spent more than 30 million UAH 1,6 km roads constructed in the interests of the company “VESTA”. The feasibility of its construction due to the budget raised doubts, and the cost was too high. In General, this road was allegedly spent almost the entire volume of the budgetary funds provided in the budget for repair of roads in the region in 2009.


According to the Agency “UKRINFORM”, in July 2017, SAP sent to the GPU performance on removal of inviolability from the Deputy D. Zensursula on suspicion of declaring false information. According to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, the Deputy inaccurate data in income Declaration.
In November of 2017, SAP said that the Prosecutor General’s office returned for revision performance on the accountability of the MP Denis Zensursula to the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office.
In March 2017 dzenzerskyy was involved in the case of the National anti-corruption Bureau upon submission of false information in an electronic Declaration of income.
The Deputy-the swindler Mr. Denis dzenzerskyy was in the ranking of the largest oligarchs of the debtor
The Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on financial policy and banking activities, Mr. Denis dzenzerskyy was in the ranking of the largest debtors of the oligarchs.
According to the newspaper “Business”, a company producing batteries Westa, which the MP controls with his father Victor Dzenzersky, owes creditors $ 245 million. At the current rate of the national currency is a debt of over 6.3 billion.
With this amount of debt the business partner and the father of the Deputy Denis Zensursula Victor took sixteenth place in the ranking of the largest debtors of the oligarchs.
“After the group began in 2014 to violate the terms of the loan agreements, began the trial. The debt of the Corporation “Vesta” and related companies to the creditors is of 6.36 billion, of which foreign currency debt amount to $162 million,” – said “Business.”
The rankings were also Igor Kolomoisky and Oleg Bakhmatyuk (ex-owner of the banks and VAB Financial initiative), Serhiy Taruta, Konstantin Zhevago (Bank “Finance and Credit”), Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Polishchuk (Bank “St. Michael”), Yury Ivanyushchenko.
The same rating was a colleague of Denis Zensursula on financial-banking Committee Leonid Klimov, who owned to bankruptcy “Imeksbank” (debt – 346 million dollars.), another lawmaker Dmytro Svyatash, the owner of automobile Corporation AIS with debts of $ 300 million.

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