Dubnevich Yaroslav V.

Businessman. Politician. The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation. President of LLC “Corporation KRT”.


Yaroslav Dubnevich was born on 7 Aug 1969 p. bison Pustomyty district, Lviv region.


Higher education. He studied first at the Shoe school No. 32, acquired a profession. Graduated from the national University “Lviv Polytechnic” (management of foreign economic activity) and Dnipropetrovsk Institute of railway transport. Academician of Lazarus (accounting and auditing).

Labor activity
The business career. Policy

After the end of the Shoe school № 32 works in Pustomytovskiy the rajjbytkombinat the press operator, later as a foreman of the press operators (1987).
1989 together with his brother Bohdan Dubnevych opened the cooperative for the production of cheap shoes, which lasted until 1992.
1993 – assistant to the Chairman of the agricultural industrial enterprise “Lvivske” (Chairman of the company – his brother Bogdan Dubnevich).
In 2002 he was elected MP of Pustomyty district Council (Vice-Chairman of the budget Committee).
Since 2003 – President of NPP “Travel technology”, subsequently renamed the Corporation “Travel repair technology.”
2006-elected Deputy of the Lviv regional Council, Deputy Chairman of the BYUT faction, member of the constant Deputy Commission on questions of property.
President of LLC “Corporation KRT”, a non-partisan.
November 2012 – people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of VII convocation, elected in the electoral district № 120, and from November 2014 – people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation (electoral district № 120).
Wife Dubnevich Natalia Myroslavivna. Raising together two children: a daughter Roksolana (1991) and son George (born in 1999).
Brother – Dubnevich Bogdan Vasilyevich.


In politics and business, probably, brothers, Bogdan and Yaroslav Dubnevichi – one of the most notable actors in the Lviv region. They are constantly in the midst of newsworthy events and scandals. Business and their political activities are so intertwined that in Lviv brothers used to perceive as a single character under the name “brothers Dubnevichi”.

Possess a very great capital: enterprises, real estate, media resources, unlike the elder brother Bogdan for which the policy is rather the application to the business activities (Bogdan Dubnevich is running for Parliament, a candidate in district 118, including the Shevchenko district of Lviv), Junior Yaroslav more and more into the role of a public figure, being constantly in the focus of journalistic recorders and cameras.
Yaroslav Dubnevich, like his brother, never hid his pragmatic attitude to the party colors, so it is not surprising that during his short political career both managed to not change one political structure. For the first time Yaroslav Dubnevich he became a Deputy in 2002. Started modestly – from Pustomyty district Council. In favor in the Lviv region was then agrarian party of then-Governor Michael Glade, it is not surprising that the political sympathies of the brothers Dubravica was on her side. Despite this, evil tongues attributed to the brothers and the patronage of the odious SDPU (u), controlled in the Lviv region Serhiy Medvedchuk.

In the next election, in 2006, Yaroslav Dubnevich was in the camp of the BYUT – in the then situation in the Lviv region, the brand opened a hassle-free way to victory. In General, the activities Dubravica under the flags of Yulia Tymoshenko caused a great resonance, accompanied by constant scandals. The brothers own not only mnogochislennymi financial resources, but also a considerable ambition, so simply log in to the members of the winning while the team was short.

According to the apt expression of one of local the Internet-editions, Dubnevichi “win the auction” for the right to form a controlling package of electoral lists for local councils. Not winning anyone, and Lviv’s most powerful oligarch Petro Damanskogo. However, even this is not enough to guarantee a place in the passage of the parliamentary BYUT list.
Dubnevichi forced to settle for control over regional BYUT. And Yaroslav Dubnevich becomes the Deputy of the Lviv regional Council, effectively controlling most of the BYUT faction in it. But not the entire faction. The greatest opponent Dubnevich is the official head of the Lvov “Batkivshchyna” (later “aunt”) Ivan Denkovich. In 2005, at the dawn of the emergence of Dubravica in the ranks of BYUT, he promised not to allow the party of the “former social Democrats”. The electoral process and the subsequent work of one faction of the regional Council slowed down the conflict, however long so could not continue. In the summer of 2009 and finally broke through. Factional disputes have moved on the pages of Newspapers and became public. Finally, using the formal control of the party organization, Denkovich eliminates Yaroslav dubnevich of the “Fatherland”. Dubnevich appealed to Kiev.

Just in the “right” time is approaching presidential campaign, and the team of Tymoshenko is extremely in need of funds. Dubnevichi for some time were the main financiers of Lvov “Batkivshchyna” and were willing to continue to invest. Denkovich could not oppose anything serious. Although during the presidential campaign formally operated by two Butowsky staff, all distinguished guests from Kiev during a visit to Lviv, headed to the apartment Dubravice (prospect Shevchenko).
It is significant that the public reception of the curator of the Lviv “homeland” Yaroslav Fedorchuk is also located in the house owners who were Dubnevichi. It is not surprising that immediately after the elections Dubnevichi finally get rid of Denkovich. In September 2009, their protege Roman Ilyk became the first Deputy Chairman of the regional Council, pushing long-time ally of Denkovich Lyudmila Kozak.
In July 2010, the same R. Ilyk replaced Denkovich Chairman of the Lvov “Batkivshchyna”. But the victory was not one that was calculated by Denisovichi. Yaroslava denkovich insulted the happily warmed the Party of regions, and he brilliantly fulfilled the task of new cartridges – the “Fatherland” for the elections in the Lviv region was not allowed. Tymoshenko’s party ceases to be a promising brand and at the same time it becomes uninteresting Dubnevych.

Yaroslav Dubnevich stops the fight for a return to the party ranks, although this is after the overthrow of Denkovich now it is easier. Lviv, rumors of negotiations Dubravica with the Governor Horbal regarding their participation in the elections to the regional Council from some Pro-government forces. Soon enough though, and so it happened – the election race, the brothers agreed under the unpopular, but under the reliable flag of the railway of the party of “Revival”.

Election brothers Dubnevichi projected win: Jaroslav Urban district, Lviv region, Bogdan – in Pustomytovskiy. In the 2012 election Yaroslav Dubnevich stands on the district 120 with the center in the Town. His opponent was a little-known Lviv Kiev journalist Tatyana Chornovol (Yaroslav Dubnevich won the election to the Parliament from 46.91% of the vote. Its closest competitor, the candidate from the party “all-Ukrainian Association “Batkivshchyna”, the journalist Tatyana Chornovol – 38,81%. Before Ya Dubnevich was a Deputy of the Lviv regional Council from 2010 from the party of “Revival”, and before the elections he came from the faction of this political force and recovered in the ranks of “Batkivshchyna”, which consisted of since the Orange revolution, but later left the party).

It remains to add that the brothers Dubnevichi actively working to create their own media holding. Now they belong to the “Lviv newspaper” and FM radio “Galicia”, from time to time there are rumors about the purchase or establishment of a private TV channel.
Brothers Dubnevichi is regularly featured in local scandals. About the conflict with the then President of LOO VO “Fatherland” Ivan Denkovich has already been mentioned. However, the war is far from over after the departure of Denkovich from BYUT. The newspaper “Express” Denkovich presented incriminating evidence, accused the brothers of laundering state funds through the konvertatsionnykh of the centers. Newspaper “Express” has become the main enemy Dubravica in the media space, from time to time by publishing investigative journalism about their activities. In particular, the features providing the regional Council Dubnevych hunting grounds in Lviv region, on suspicious details of their railway contracts.
Although in the last conflict between the brothers Dubnevych and “Express” that erupted in the spring of 2012, the real target, it seems, were not businessmen, and their long-term partner, the current head of Lviv regional administration Mikhail Kostyuk. The Governor was accused that he allegedly illegally received royalties from the company “Travel remontnye tekhnologii” (Kostyuk is considered a co-author of one of the products KRT).
The scandal connected and popular Lviv TV channel ZIK, who supported the accusation of “Express”. As far as we know, the owner ZIKа none other than Petro Dyminsky, which Dubravica not too complicated. Interestingly, the brothers Dubnevichi beat pots and with the current head of the Lvov “Batkivshchyna” Roman Ilyk, which they, according to knowledgeable politicians put on the job as an alternative to Ivan Denkovich. Before the election campaign Ilyk accused Dubravica illegal use of the brand “homeland” to which they now have nothing.

Business records

In 2012 the magazine “Focus” estimated total state Dubravica at 38.2 million dollars (175 in the list of the richest Ukrainians). Dubnevichi – owners of several companies, among which APT “Lviv”, “Energiya-Novoyavorivsk”, “Energy-Novyi Rozdil”, “Energy-starychi”, Rivne plant of heavy-duty concrete structures, Pustomyty plant “Sshsession”, also have a significant share in the construction company “Stroyinvest” and “Archived”.

A real gem in this collection is “Travel repair technology.” For many years, thanks to the benevolence of the leadership of “Ukrzaliznytsia”, the company received multimillion-dollar orders from state-owned enterprises logistics of railway transport of Ukraine “Ukrzaliznychpostach”. According to “messenger of government procurements” in 2009 – 2011 of the company Dubravica have received orders worth almost 2 billion UAH.

A special relationship with the railroad the brothers Dubravica began with the late George Kirpa. Special thanks to the location Kirpa businessmen middle class pulls in a number of leading local oligarchs. A common language Dubnevichi found and receivers Kirpa, particularly with the current Governor of lvovshchina Mikhail Kostyuk, who until recently headed the “Ukrzaliznitsyu”. However, now a carefree life “Travel repair technology” receding into the past. Replacing longtime partner Dubravica Mikhail Kostyuk Vladimir Kozak can be fatal to the EEOC – the new leadership of the “iron” their views on doing business and finding partners. Not coincidentally, in March 2011 (the month of the appointment of Kozak), the tax police by the public Prosecutor of Lviv started an additional check of several companies that connect with Dubanevychi.

Also according to Yaroslav dubnevich, “emissaries” from Donetsk directly blackmailed brothers, demanding to take over the family business. This way, they associate and long mediatake on CA in the local media.
However, the state Dubravica associated not only with the railway contracts. Brothers are actively exploring the area of municipal power and heat supply. Under their control, in fact, is the power of the two industrial cities of Lviv region – Ukraine, Novoyavorivsk and New Rozdol.
Another important point business Dubravica construction industry. They own a number of factories, which manufactured concrete and clay structures for construction of buildings and roads. Dubravica associated construction company “Stroyinvest” and “Archived”. Considerable interest Dubnevichi show to the prestigious Lviv real estate in the city center. In particular, they own a four story house on the Avenue Shevchenko, which during the election campaign, housed the headquarters of presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko, they have their share in the office building on the street Brothers Rogatintsev, recently bought a hotel building in the market square… And it is not a complete list. The controversial subject of the Lviv real estate brothers have a house near the Galician market, which is being built on the site of two demolished. Lviv residents believe and are outraged by this: the new building contrasts sharply with the architectural environment.
In addition, Dubnevichi actively trying to establish control over the land and forests of the Lviv region. Today, they are considered the largest landowners Pustomyty district. Actively used Dubnevichi and its influence in the regional Council. In September 2009 the decision of the session of the Lviv regional Council, they were transferred to 5 thousand hectares of forests in Samborski area in rent for 49 years. Rural councils, in which are forests, just put before the fact.
Then – “BLOW”?

“I wrote a statement about joining the faction HIT… I chose the SHOT because it is a young political force, the program of which appeals to me,” said Yaroslav Dubnevich. He also noted that he met with Vitali Klitschko, with whom he discussed his election program. Mr. J. Dubnevich does not preclude his entry into the party BLOW, but first wants to meet with its partners in the faction.

The Declaration of the brothers Dubravica … impressive (!)

Deputy Yaroslav Dubnevich in 2014 earned 1 147 932 hryvnia.
This is stated in his Declaration, published on the Parliament website.
It is his salary for the year – 174 505 UAH; 421 053 UAH of total income is dividends and interest; 108 500 – income from the alienation of immovable and movable property and 443 874 – income from lease of property.
Family Dubnevich (wife and son) in 2014 earned 15 402 729 hryvnias
1 721 050 UAH of which is legacy.
According to the Declaration, the family of J. Dubnevich received 257 928 hryvnia from sources in the Republic of Latvia.
The Deputy from BPP Yaroslav Dubnevich declared 30 apartments and houses. Owns nine plots of land, with an area of 154 sq. m 011,3; 9187 sq. m; 32289 square meters, 8742 square meters, 2600 square meters, 611 sqm 686 sqm 451 sqm sqm 78595
In addition, the property of MP there are eight houses, three apartments, garden house, garage and other real estate.
Family policy family owns land and two houses, has 15 apartments, 4 garages and other immovable property.
The car in the Declaration of the MP is not indicated.

Yaroslav Dubnevich family owned 273 properties. In addition, Dubnevich Jr. declared 51 unfinished construction.
In Bank accounts in Ukraine Y. Dubnevich is 199 854 UAH, nominal value of its securities is 1 379 778 UAH.
The contributions of the Deputy in the authorized (share) capital of a company, enterprise, organization is 870 986 hryvnias, of which 844 243 – abroad.
The family of the Deputy in Bank accounts has 2 609 200 UAH, the contributions to the authorized (share) capital of a company, enterprise, organization is 524 760 UAH.

Yaroslav Dubnevich declared the collection of works of Ukrainian art, in particular, two paintings by Oleksa novakivs’kyi, 18 paintings of Ivan Trush and 14 paintings of Sergei Vasilkovsky.
In his native village of bison, which is located nearby Lviv, Dubnevych owns two hundred plots of land and 6 houses. The largest has three floors, with the family coat of arms and a lake.


Time in the Guinness Book of records?!
Declaration Bogdan Dubnevich is 95 (!) pages. This is an absolute record among all MPs.
Brother is only slightly inferior to him. He has 82 pages of property, money and values.
Collectively have Dubravica and their wives were 68 apartments, of about 20 houses, and about 500 land plots with a total area of 300 hectares. But most impressed is not even the property, and the amount of cash. Cash families Dubravica is 29 500 000 dollars. If you imagine that money in the form of notes for $ 100, their total weight will be about 300 kg.
Two brothers Dubravica from “BPP” – 700 million cash in different currencies. Each of the brothers declared also in the collection of luxury Swiss watches.

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