Dombrovsky, Alexander G.

Ukrainian politician, statesman, people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VII and VIII convocations, the former head of the Vinnytsia regional state administration, candidate of economic Sciences


Alexander Dombrowski was born on 7 July 1962 in Kalinovka, Vinnitsa region. Father – engineer, mother – librarian (died early).


Higher education. After graduating from school No. 3 in his native village, he entered the Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute, Department of automatics and telemechanics. He graduated with honors.
Finished graduate school in 1990 – candidate of economic Sciences. In 2003, he received a second higher education at the Institute of international relations National University. T. G. Shevchenko, specialty “International currency and credit relations”.
In 2004 he defended his thesis at the Institute of world economy and international relations at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and got the degree of candidate of economic Sciences.

Employment, career

After graduating from high school, went to Komsomol, was appointed first Secretary of Vinnytsia city Committee LKSMU. After graduation he worked as a researcher of the research division of the Department of the Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute.
In parallel, until 1991, he headed the foreign economic research Department of the Vinnytsia city center of NTTM. Later he occupied the post of Director of foreign trade firm “Center”.
1995 – President of JSC “Podilskiy Tsentr delovogo sotrudnichestva”. Then he was in the position of Director of the division of “Branch No. 2” production Association “southern machine-building plant. A. M. Makarov”.
In 1998 he was elected Deputy of Vinnytsia city Council, headed the constant Commission on industry, construction, transport and communications.
April 2002 – the mayor of Vinnitsa.
During the Orange revolution of Vinnytsia city Council, which was chaired by Dombrowski, did not recognize the results of the second round. Alexander Dombrowski was a supporter of Viktor Yushchenko, a member of the Committee of national salvation.
February 2005 – April 2010 – the Chairman of Vinnytsia regional state administration – the only governors who retained his position at the head of the state administration during the tenure of President Viktor Yushchenko (in 2010 released from the post of Chairman of the Vinnytsia regional state administration – the President Viktor Yanukovych).
On local elections of 2010 he became the Deputy of regional Council from party “Unity”.
From 2011 to November 2012 – senior researcher of the Department of global systems of modern civilization, Institute of world economy and international relations of NAS of Ukraine.
In the parliamentary elections in 2012, Dombrowski officially won on the majority district No. 11 (the independent candidate), typing of 30.16% of the votes. The Parliament became independent and a member of the Committee on agrarian policy and land relations.
3 Jul 2013 the Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Rybak announced about the termination of powers of people’s deputies Pavlo Baloha and Oleksandr Dombrovsky in connection with the decision of the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine.
In the elections to Verkhovna Rada 2014 Alexander Dombrowski re-elected MP from constituency No. 11 from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko (scored 51% of the votes). In Parliament he became first Deputy head of Committee on fuel and energy complex, nuclear policy and nuclear safety.
February 22, 2014, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Koshulinsky said that the order of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada No. 1707 reversed, and in this regard, Alexander Dombrovsky has returned to the parliamentary mandate and the voting card.
President Petro Poroshenko appointed the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Dombrovskiy (independent) adviser to the President (decree No. 781 of October 13).

Social activities

2010 – 2011: Chairman of the Supervisory Council of Vinnytsia city charitable Fund “Fund of development of municipal reforms.”
2010 – 2012 – Director of Vinnytsia regional public organization “Scientific Association “Institute of global transformations”.
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the comprehensive Olympiad “Tournament of Champions”.

The views and assessments of

During the struggle of the opposition with the regime of President Leonid Kuchma was on the Committee of national salvation. He was an active participant of the Orange revolution. As indicated in the official biography of A. Dombrowski, he is “a supporter of Viktor Yushchenko”.


Married. Wife – Irina Dombrovskaya (1963).
The son – Andrey Dombrovsky (1982);
Daughter – Tatiana Rybchenko (1985).

Income (state and sources)

Total revenues Oleksandr Dombrovskyi, according to the Declaration for 2011 was $ 304,954 thousand UAH. Available apartment with an area of 89.7 sq. m, a garage with an area of 22.2 sq. m. Declared the car Toyota Land Cruiser 2010 release. In the accounts of banks and other financial institutions Dombrowski 261,543 thousand UAH.
In the ownership of family members A. Dombrowski has a land area of 1540 sq. m apartment in 106,4 sq. m.
According to the information of the public movement “Honestly”, the Declaration for 2012 Alexander Dombrowski concealed from the public.
In return for 2017, which he passed 30.03.2018 G., A. Dombrowski made the garage of 22.4 m2, apartment 106,4 m2, plot (was the wife of a field trip to the Makarov district, Kyiv region., flat – 194,9 sq. m (owner’s daughter) apartment 116,7 (son), country house (!) – 255,15 the apartment 205кв. m (the owner wife).
In addition, registered mechanical wrist watch Ulysse Nardin (men’s.), manual mechanical watches Bovet (male) and mechanical wrist watches, Ulysse Nardin (female). Have two cars: Lexus, 2013 Toyota, 2008 year
266 099 grn – salary of the Deputy, 252 825 – parliamentary authority. 911 359 – his wife’s earnings from business activities 58 327 UAH at the Bank 200 000, 125 000 USD 35 000 EUR in cash, another $ 250,000 is money loaned to a third party. The wife of cash savings in UAH – 320 000, $ 46 000 and 30 thousand Euro.

Awards and regalia

Honored economist of Ukraine.
The winner of the National program “Person of the year”: “Mayor of the year” (2004) and “Regional leader of the year” (2007).
Commander of the order of merit of the Republic of Poland.
Awarded “Honors of the mayor” (the highest award in the winery).
Awarded a regional award “For merits before Had” (the highest award of the Vinnytsia region).


Alexander Dombrowski has repeatedly engaged in charity. And he indicated in his Declaration for 2017: helping children killed in ATO area – 165 000; assistance in the ATO area 27 000; socially vulnerable layers of society – 36000; assistance to the Olympics in physics, mathematics and computer science (tournament of Champions) – 24 304 UAH.


Alexander G. Dombrowski has managed in five years of gubernatorial experience under Yushchenko and Yanukovych to put together a personal “state” assessed today at $ 180 million (according to incomplete estimates), owns stakes in significant part projects of the region and now, being the people’s Deputy receives revenue from it.
As amassed capital? The transfer of working capital of state-owned enterprises created in their banks, the sale of fixed assets of the dying enterprises, trade intermediation, successful business, and also the subsequent activity in the development of the assets of the dying enterprises of his native land at the time, created Alexander Dombrovsky good position in local society.
So, exercising his influence, he in 2002, easily became the mayor of the city, where he opened a bright future. Huge Park local home for the mentally ill were placed under construction. The land was sold out, but more – in the form of apartments.
This project used land scheme, as a result, the mayor and his partners just took 48 hectares of land, when the hundred was worth 6 thousand dollars. and could bring the winery 30 million in revenue, for your business project.


TC “Anastasia”
Construction business carried away official. And shares 50% with Timothy Girenko, the General Director of concern “Podillya” Alexander Dombrovsky gives the start of the project for the construction of the shopping center “Anastasia”. Now the store in the center of Vinnitsa brings monthly in the pocket of the owner of 50 thousand dollars, which is the amount of 600 thousand dollars. At the same time, the value of the property Dombrowski in the project is 13 million dollars.


The Market “Cherry”
Renovated municipal market, “cherry” and exploiting 4200 m of space, which on average is rented for $ 10. per square meter, and, therefore, bring 90% shareholder of the project 37 thousand dollars. income (only 10% gave Timothy Girenko), for the year to 444 thousand. The cost of retail space, privately owned by the official, is 4.2 million dollars. (at a price of 2 thousand dollars. per sq m).


The Akademichesky District
Micro-district “Academic” in the vineyard of 68 hectares. Sale of apartments is at least another $ 300 million. (the share of elderly is 50%). According to estimates, the project has brought to Alexander Dombrovsky $ 75 million. income (sale of finished apartments in the neighborhood actively began in 2008).

Luxury house on Pushkin, 10
This address is the residential house in which the family Dombrowski few apartments. Although, according to the documents, all my life MP worked on gosdolzhnosti with salaries that do not allow to buy even a Studio apartment on the outskirts of Vinnitsa.
The daughter of the Deputy Tatyana owns two apartments at this address – 113 and 194 sq. m. the Son of the owner of two apartments in Vinnytsia region (83 and 68 sq. m) square metres.
And the authorised person of the family, someone Goncharuk Vasily Mikhailovich, nominally owns more luxury property: plot of land 3.1 ha, apartment in Kiev, Klovsky descent 264 sq. m, apartment in Vinnitsa Khmelnytsky highway 709 sq. m. apartment on the street of the Cathedral of 506 sq. m. Also, Mr. Goncharuk owns the unfinished building supermarket in the town of Kalynivka.
If you count in current prices, the modest family of a civil servant Dombrowski officially owns the only shelter in the winery in the amount of $ 2 million. (at a price of $ 1,200. per meter), and a housing in Kyiv in the amount of $ 3.2 million (at a price of $ 3,000. per meter).
In the apartments of the family Dombrowski in the winery was located at the time of the election headquarters of the candidate Dombrowski, offices, firms, privately owned by Dombrowski. And when did the idea of the construction of the second phase of home in a place that chose the former Gubernator, under the bulldozer blade easily went to kindergarten, although, as we know, to demolish or to pereprofilirovanie such objects is strictly prohibited by law.


…The SEC Magitsentr (sky Park)
Shoe factory in Vinnitsa was also “buried” as a result of the construction of a shopping center that brought Dombrowski in a modern price of $ 18 million.


Vinnitsa chemical plant
Vinnitsa region is a powerful agricultural region. Farmers edge is a great demand for fertilizers. Capacity of the Vinnitsa chemical plant was enough to provide fertilizers several areas. But… the factory went bankrupt and sold out to individual shops. Vinnitsa residents can only guess how many hundreds of millions of dollars now is their chemical plant…


“Nasha Ryaba”
For a share in the companies “Nasha Ryaba” in the Vinnitsa region of 25%, the Governor began very actively to help the company: to strive to allocate land for a new farm. The sites were located conveniently for agrogarant – close communication settlements. Suffocating smell of farms forced people to remember that the complexes of such power should be built dozens of kilometers away from villages, and not in comfortable walking distance.
However, the protests of residents against the construction of all new buildings of the poultry farms have not yielded any action.


The current Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Dombrovskyi has everything to grab and pull to his side the steering wheel control the course of reforms in the country. This is easily seen if you look at the range of business partners of the then first Secretary of Vinnytsia city Committee of the Komsomol.
1. Anatoly Matvienko. Retired Komsomolets high-flying, lots of cadences was a member of the Parliament. Kept criticizing the government, however, could have the right moment to help the government in the vote.
2. Sergiy Tatusiak. The former head of the Vinnytsia regional Council.
3. Kaletnik Grigory. The father of the legendary customs officer, of whom the people never tired of legends (by the way, after inspection of the Prosecutor’s office are more likely to be true). Dad always played a big role in business son.
4. Zabolotny Gregory. The former head of the Vinnytsia regional Council.

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