Bogomolets Olga Vadimovna

People’s Deputy of Ukraine, head of Verkhovna Rada Committee of Ukraine on issues of health, Advisor to the President of Ukraine for humanitarian Affairs.
The candidate in presidents of Ukraine on elections of 2014.
Philanthropist, founder of the architectural Museum complex “the Radomysl Castle”.
Honored doctor of Ukraine, doctor of medical Sciences. The author of over 70 scientific papers and 14 patents for discoveries in the field of treatment of skin diseases.
Chief physician Institute of dermatology and cosmetology, coordinator of the European Association for laser dermatology in Eastern Europe, member of the American Academy of dermatology (American Academy of Dermatology, AAD), European Academy of dermatology and venereology, of the new York Academy of Sciences.
Retired captain of the medical service. Great-granddaughter of academician Alexander Bogomolets – the President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Vice-President of the USSR Academy


Olga Bogomolets was born in Kiev on March 22, 1966, in the family of hereditary physicians. Dynasty Worshipers is one of the oldest in Ukraine, has existed since the second half of the nineteenth century.
The mother, Ekaterina O. Bogomolets (1939-2013), Professor of pathological anatomy National medical University. A. A. Bogomolets (Kiev); the father – Vadim Berezovsky Akimovich, doctor of medicine, Professor, head of Department of clinical pathophysiology, Institute of physiology. A. A. Bogomolets of NAS of Ukraine.


Higher education. He graduated with honors Kyiv medical Institute. A. A. Bogomolets, specialty “Medical business” (1989). From 1989 to 1991 and passed linardatou in the Ukrainian state Institute of improvement of doctors.
1993 – 1994 – training in Pennsylvania medical University (USA), completed a course of environmental dermatology and Institute of dermatopathology Bernard Ackerman (The Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology).
2001 – received the second higher education on speciality “Psychology” (diploma of the National pedagogical University. M. P. Dragomanov).
2003 – awarded the degree of doctor of medical Sciences, specialty “Skin and venereal disease” in the National medical University. A. A. Bogomolets.

Professional activities

• 1989 – 1991 – wedge-a resident dermatologist of the Kyiv city skin-venereal dispensary. Responsible for clinical intake, examination and treatment of patients with a wide range of dermatological diseases
• 1991 – 1995 – senior researcher of the laboratory of radiation pathology at MHC of Ukraine. Responsible for all aspects of research on morphological effects on the skin as a consequence of radiation damage in the Chernobyl disaster.
• 1992 – 1994 – consultant dermatologist “Register” Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in the zone of the Chernobyl NPP
• 1995 – 2000 – the chief of Department of histopathology of the skin of the Kyiv regional STI clinic
• 1997 – returned to Ukraine and founded in Kiev the Clinic of laser medicine, known as the Institute of dermatology and cosmetology Dr. Bogomolets. Until her election as a people’s Deputy of Ukraine in October 2014 was the chief physician of this institution.
• 2000 – 2002 – doctor-dermatovenerologist of the Kyiv city dermatovenerologic dispensary
• 2004 – 2005 – the personal physician of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko
• Two years (2006 – 2008) worked as a Deputy of the Kiev city Council, headed the Commission on health and social protection of the Kyiv city Council.
• From 20 February 2007 to present – Professor, Department of dermatology and venerology, Kiev national medical University. A. A. Bogomolets.
• November 22, 2008 (Brussels) joined by Ukraine to the world program “Euromilano”, whose main aim is to conduct activities aimed at overcoming the high mortality rate from melanoma. Among them – the organization of the annual “day of melanoma” with the conduct of a free inspection among the population with the aim of identifying the disease. In the five years of the Day of melanoma in Ukraine has been viewed by 18 704 people who have found 334 cases of melanoma, 692 cases of skin cancer, 611 other malignant pathologies of the skin; consultation in specialized cancer centres was sent to 2415 people.
• 2009 – organizer of all-Ukrainian charity health Marathon with the examination of children-orphans in the detection of melanoma in the 26 largest cities of Ukraine. During the marathon viewed 61553 children, of whom 1200 were delivered on a clinical examination.
• 2009 to present – Professor of Odessa state medical University.
• 2010-present – author and curator of a course of lectures for physicians on the basic medical and Dermoscopy (Kharkov state medical University).
• 2012 – 2014 – the founder of the telemedicine diagnostic project “Virtual hospital” and “Institute of teledermatology”.
• In December 2014 graduated from the courses of Ukrainian military medical Academy of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine “Current issues of organization of medical support of the troops”.

In 2014 he took an active part in medical support of the Kiev Euromaidan. Fellow physicians recognized as the moral leader of the Medical hundreds. Olga Bogomolets is the initiator of creation of the historical portal “national diary of Maidan” and “people help the People”, designed to direct targeted assistance to the families of those killed during Euromaidan and, due to the Russian aggression against Ukraine.
When forming a new “Government of winners” 26 Feb 2014, declined to take the post of Minister of health.
Among other leaders of Euromaidan prize awarded to Lech Walesa.

Political activity

• March 28, 2014 Olga Bogomolets decided to run for President of Ukraine and took part in the election campaign. Her candidacy was also supported by the socialist party of Ukraine. As a result, the candidate petitioner voted to 1.91% of the voters (345 thousand 384 people).
• From 1 September 2014 – freelance adviser to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. In the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada ran on the lists of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko No. 3.
November 2014 – people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation. The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on health.

Scientific activities

1993 – defended his thesis;
• 2003 – received the National medical University. A. A. Bogomolets the degree of doctor of medical Sciences, specialty “Skin and venereal disease”. PhD thesis: “Vascular nevi: pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment”.
Author of over 70 scientific papers and 14 patents in the field of treatment of skin disease:
• telemedicine diagnosis of skin tumors;
• remote training of doctors;
• laser treatment of portwine stains in children and adults;
• laser prevention of postoperative keloid scars in adults;
• laser treatment of post-acne hypertrophic and keloid scars in teenagers, etc.
Co-author of the state textbooks for medical students — “Neonatology” (section on “Skin tumors of the newborn,” 2009) and “Dermatology” (published in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages, 2012).

Distinctions and awards

(personal and created by its Institute of dermatology and cosmetology)
• 1994 – Honorary award “For humanism” Union “Chernobyl”;
• 1998 — honorary diploma of the publication “Life of remarkable people” the American bibliographical Institute;
• 2004 — “choice of the year”;
• 2004 — gratitude of the Independent Council for quality health care;
• 2005 — order of St. Barbara the great Martyr Ukrainian Orthodox Church (KP) ;
• 2008 — the order of St. Vladimir 3 tbsp.;
• 2009 — the order of the blessed virgin Mary;
• 2012 — the order of our lady of Pochaev (UOC-MP);
• 2013 — the order of St. Olga (UOC-MP);
• 2014 — premium weapons – pistol “Fort 9”;
• 2014 — the Foundation prize Lech Walesa;
• 2016 — the order of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate of the Holy equal to the apostles Princess Olga.

Creative and public work

Olga Bogomolets, a famous bard, songwriter, performer of old and modern romances on verses by Ukrainian poets Lina Kostenko, Olena Teligi and others, as well as his poetry.
The winner of the Ukrainian contest of song poetry “Talisman”, an international song contest in Sopot (Poland) and “White sails” (Ukraine). The winner of the special award of “Radio Liberty” (1991).
• With great success gave solo concerts in Ukraine, USA, France, Sweden, Germany, Poland and Central European countries. All her concerts for charitable and aimed to support socially unprotected people and to the promotion and popularization of Ukrainian cultural heritage. Especially loved and popular: “Oni day…” (1997); “Us two” (2006); “licu – DOSCH” (2010); “Gezinti sun” (2010).
Since 2004, Olga Bogomolets organizes the exhibition of Ukrainian icons from his own collection.
In 2007 she founded the historical and cultural complex “Castle Radomysl” in the city of Radomyshl (Zhitomir region, Ukraine). The complex includes Europe’s only Museum of Ukrainian domestic icon. Its territory is the only in Ukraine monument on the moving surface of the river – a monument to the Archimandrite of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Elisha Pletenetsky. He is the only one in Ukraine monument to this Church leader and educator.
Olga Bogomolets was founded in Kiev, the art-hall Kairos (Kairos), where exhibitions of contemporary artists and photographers.
Also known as an active organizer and participant of civic campaigns against illegal building in Kiev, destroying historical and cultural monuments of the capital of Ukraine.
From 7 to June 19, 2015 Courses held peace mediation (Peace Mediation Course) organized by the Swiss Federal Department of foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Project support to peace mediation Center of security studies (Zurich, Switzerland).


In 2014 Ms. Bogomolets has earned more than 7.2 million hryvnia, of which 3.7 million UAH was inherited, 1.7 million UAH petitioner earned on entrepreneurship, and another million from the transfer of property in rent.
In the income Declaration for the year 2015 indicate that Olga Bogomolets is the owner of 7 apartments of the castle in the city of Radomyshl in Zhytomyr and other property.


In July 2013, known in Sochi, human rights defender and activist of the party “Democratic Alliance”, the former correspondent of the newspaper “Rural news” Viktor Topol’nitskiy pleaded with the owner of a private Museum complex “the Radomysl Castle” Olga Bogomolets, which shielded part of the river Myka near the castle and forced the locals to pay for passage to the river through the fenced Park.
Earlier in may 2013, the Deputy of the regional Council Radomyshl Roman Rudenko stated that the petitioner “was awarded” Bank of the river and made it impossible for the passage to the vacation spot of local residents.


Married. The husband – the lawyer Igor Kyrylyuk. I have a son Andrew, three daughters – Catherine, Anna and Sophia.

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