Avakov Arsen Borisovich

Ukrainian businessman, banker, politician, statesman. The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VII and VIII convocations. Since 2014 – head of the MIA of Ukraine


Arsen Avakov was born on 2 January 1964 in the village of Kirov, Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, in the family of Boris Surenovich and Tatiana Matveevna Avakov. Parents of Armenian descent. The real name of Boris Surenovich – Avakian. Father was a military pilot, in 1966, he was transferred to Kharkiv.


Higher education. In 1981 he graduated from the school in Kharkov, enrolled in the national technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute. After graduating, he received qualification “engineer” specialty “Automated control systems”. Already after the third year Arsene annually went to work in the Tyumen region the commander of the detachment of construction № 18 of trust Novourengoiskiy and BMP-522 psmo Tyumen’dorstroy trust Urengoidorstroy.

5th year got a job as a engineer in all-Union research Institute for water protection in Kharkov, where he worked for three years until 1990. Avakov dealt with mathematical modeling.

Business activities

In 1990 A. Avakov becomes the head of which he founded the first Ukrainian JSC “Investor”. The post of President of the company Arsen Borisovich held until 2005. During its existence of a financial-industrial group subdued 40 companies from different sectors of the economy, including energy and food.
Arsen Avakov on the basis of FPG “Investor” launched in 1992 JSCB “Basis”. In this he was supported by then Governor of the Kharkov region Yevgeny Kushnarev. Became the Bank’s partners of JSC “Turboatom”, JSC “CHP plant-3”, the Regional municipal enterprise “Kharkiv heating network”, KP “Kharkiv heat networks”, JSC “Cabotages”, JSC “Bakery Ukraine”, “Ukrainian tea factory Ahmadi”, dublyansky distillery, Novopokrovskiy state grain plant. The Kharkiv Bank branches were opened in Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev.
In the mid-90s, Arsen Avakov, started the construction business full cycle developments, having created the company “Investor Elite Service”, “KARST-8”. The entrepreneur has also opened a brokerage company, publishing house, firm “Investor Elite Bud”, providing services in the field of advertising and marketing. Avakov family still controls the company in the sale of food products and transportation company.

Political career

2002, he occupied the post of member of the Executive Committee of the Kharkiv administration.
2004 fulfilled duties of the Deputy head of the Kharkiv branch of the electoral headquarters of Viktor Yushchenko.
2005 – appointed head of the Kharkiv regional administration (had to give up leadership positions in business structures JSCB “Basis” and JSC “Investor”).
2010 – before the election of the President of Ukraine was removed from the post of Governor of the Kharkiv region in connection with the support of the bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko. Avakov suggested that the purpose of his dismissal was the provision of the necessary number of votes, Viktor Yanukovych. In connection with the criminal prosecution in the homeland until 2012, was hiding in Italy in the city of Frosinone. Avakov was charged with misappropriation of 55 hectares of land were in state ownership.
Back in Ukraine in 2012, Avakov took the post of Deputy from the bloc “Fatherland” in the Verkhovna Rada of the VII convocation. During the political crisis of late 2013, were busy setting up the tent camp on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. After the bloody events at the end of February 2014, was appointed interior Minister in the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, replacing predecessor Vitali Zakharchenko.
2017 – with the assistance of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Avakov and was personally prevented an assassination attempt of former Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Vladimir Plahotniuc. The alleged perpetrators were detained in the Chisinau, and the organizers have been arrested in Kiev.
Also as part of the work to expose corruption schemes “Yanukovych-Klimenko,” the interior Ministry arrested 25 officials.


Married. Married to Inna Avakova, who held the post of Deputy Chairman of the JSCB “Basis” for 18 years (since 1994). The couple have a son Alexander, who in 2014 took part in military operations in the East of the country as part of the special police battalion “Kyiv-1”. Spouse Avakov lives in Kharkov and works for the family business.
In 2015, started the project of “Lisova Glavina”, which is an amusement Park equipped in exotic style.
About the family life of Avakov is little known. No official pages in social networks ina and Alexander are not unlike the head of the family, whom the media have dubbed the “Minister of Facebook. On their own account policies covers public activities of a large number of posts with photos.

Income (state and sources)

In 2005 Avakov said that in this world he has long asserted itself: “I Have everything: enough honor and money.” Being the Governor of Kharkiv oblast, Arsen Avakov included in the lists of the richest citizens of Ukraine. In 2008, according to the magazine “Focus”, he was 67th in the TOP of the richest Ukrainians with a fortune of $ 385 million.
Later, in 2011, the magazine “Focus” estimated state Avakov 282, $ 9 million.
According to experts, the business Empire Avakov has expanded considerably after the Euromaidan and the return of Arsene in power, which is not too affects the official Declaration of the Minister as a representative of the government. For 2016, the income Arsen Avakov in the form of wages amounted to only UAH 466 thousand (about one million rubles).
Avakov owns a plot of land of 12 acres, a garage, three apartments – two in Kharkov, one in Chuguev, Kharkov region.
The Governor Arsen Avakov says he lives in a three room apartment in the panel house on the outskirts of Kharkov.
According to the newspaper “the Evening Vedomosti”, the Governor of Kharkov owns a 12-room apartment in the center of Kharkov, street Mironositskaya. Total square of the apartment is 657,9 sq. m.
Avakov on accounts in banks and other financial institutions are of 2.61 132 thousand UAH. in the accounts of his family members -114 596 thousand UAH.
Avakov has a car “Citroen Zx10”.

The Minister’s wife, Inna Avakov, the interior Ministry received nearly 57 million UAH of income

The Minister’s wife, Inna Avakov’s interior Ministry has received 56 976 679 UAH of income in 2017. Wife Avakov, according to the Declaration of a spouse, had received 291 692 hryvnia salary at PJSC “Investor”, 567 989 hryvnias per cent in Oshchadbank, the income from alienation of securities and corporate rights in favor of Atmosphere Entertainment Inc (new York, USA) was 55 812 874 hryvnias, the salary of part time in Avitalia s.r.l. (Italy) – 304 124 of the hryvnia.
In the accounts in Oshchadbank 3 373 EUR 1 191 754 hryvnia, 231 479 dollars.
1 953 693 $ Inna Avakov keeps “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”, 1 459 960 euros – Banca Popolare del Frusinate (Italy).
Inna Avakova 35 000 $ 140 000, 21 000 Euro cash.

Enterprises controlled by the ina and Arsen Avakov

For 2016 Arsen Avakov declared the income in the form of wages in the amount of UAH 466 121. On account in Ukreximbank he had 626 348 UAH, Oshchadbank — 175 804 dollar, 338 598 UAH 200 thousand hryvnias in the form of assets in precious metals. In addition, the Minister indicated that he is the owner of Cyprus companies Ulisse Management Limited Management Limited and Fontana and 12 shares of football club “Metalist”.
At the end of February 2018 media found the fact acquiring Arsen Avakov villas on the Mediterranean coast in Italy. As evidence was given documents from the business and property registries in Italy. The house has an area of 566 square meters located in San Felice Circeo (Lazio region). It was purchased through the firm Avitalia S. R. L., the owner of which 100 % is Arsen Avakov, through its subsidiary Ferdico S. R. L. In interview “to Ukrainian Pravda” the Minister of internal Affairs said that the acquisition of this Villa is one of the projects of his wife.


• Honored economist of Ukraine (2007).
• Medal “65 years of liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders” (Belarus, 2009).
• Premium weapons — pistol-Colt M1911 with 140 bullets.
Loves to read. The fan fiction. The founder of the festival of fantasy “Star bridge” is held each year in Kharkov. Friends with Kharkov science-fiction writers Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky (publishes his books under the pseudonym Henry lion oldie).
She enjoys traveling, photography and football. Aches for the Kharkiv team and Spanish “inter”.
Numismatist. Dreams to travel around the world.


• 20 years Arsen Avakov oversaw the activities of the charity Foundation “Kharkiv municipal charity Foundation. Marianne Avakova” which he created in memory of the dead sister.
Fond im. Marianne Avakova provided assistance to orphanages, boarding schools, orphans.
• Charitable organization “Star bridge” was engaged in the annual international festival of science fiction, publishing fiction, social and educational activities in orphanages, schools, universities.
• Charitable Foundation “Renaissance” has been holding fundraisers, concerts, auctions. Assists in the restoration and revival of monuments of history and architecture. In addition, Arsen Avakov supports using “grant” for young scientists, the scientific program, the children’s creativity.

Dirt (scandals)

• One of the funniest conflicts Avakov took place on 14 of December 2015. In the course of the Council in the presence of the President of Petro Poroshenko, Avakov did not like the performance at that time Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili. During the argument he offered the ex-President of Georgia “to get out of his country.” In the process Avakov threw a glass of water at his opponent. The expression “bebebe” used by both Caucasian Ukrainians, became a meme.
• Avakov son Alexander is also known for scandalous stories, in particular, love to gambling. Also the son of the Minister Avakov threatened the journalist of the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV Christine Suvorina filmed it at one of the beauty contests. Alexander Avakov has been implicated in a corruption case with the backpacks for the ATO.
• At the end of April 2014 Arsen Avakov became a member of the incident at the airport of Frankfurt am main. Protection airlines do not want to allow the Minister to Board the plane because Avakov, according to witnesses, there were obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication. Arranged after the scandal and the intervention of airport security, the conflict was settled, and the official was allowed to Board.
• March 17, 2014 the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes said about the threats to him and members of his family, which can stand Arsen Avakov. Kernes also called customer Avakov assassination attempt on him.
• July 12, 2016, the journalist and MP Serhiy Leshchenko, the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said that Arsen Avakov has plans for the military seizure of power in Ukraine and the establishment of a military dictatorship.


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