Atroshenko Vladislav Anatolievich

Politician, businessman, mayor of Chernihiv, the people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the IV, VII and VIII convocations


Vladislav Atroshenko was born December 5, 1968 in the city of Chernigov.


Higher education. He graduated from secondary school № 16 in the city of Chernihiv with a gold medal. In 1994 with honors from Kharkov aviation Institute (studied from 1986, with a break for military service in 1988 – 1990 gg.), specialty “automatic control systems of aircraft”, qualification “engineer-electrician”.
In 2005 he graduated with honors from the National Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine, Department of higher managerial staff, qualification “master of public administration”.

Labor activity

Labor activity V. Atroshenko began in the fourth year of the Institute in 1993, organizing its own diversified company that was part of the Corporation “Ukrsibinkor”. In 1993 economist in the Department of currency transactions of the Chernigov branch of joint stock Bank “INKO”. 1994 – financial Director of JSC “Peasant trading house “AGRO”. 1995 –financial Director, first Deputy General Director of JSC “Falcon”. Since 1999 – Chairman of Board of CJSC “Agroenergia”.
In 2007 – Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Kredobank”. Since February 2009 Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC “Bread of Kiev”. Since 2012 – head of the charity Foundation “Polesye charm”.

Political activity

In 2002 begins more actively to engage in politics, take part in the parliamentary election campaign in April 2002 and July 2005 is people’s Deputy of Ukraine of IV convocation (elected in single-mandate majoritarian electoral district No. 207, Chernihiv). A non-partisan, the member of fraction “Our Ukraine” (15 may 2002). Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on budget.
An active participant of the Orange revolution on the side of presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko.
From February 4 to December 12, 2005 was Chairman of the Chernigov regional state administration, but in the same year at his own request resigned from his post. His decision is motivated by the fact that he is not ready to take part in the intrigues which began in the entourage of President Yushchenko.
Resignation as Governor was preceded by accusations Atroshenko, nominated by the party “Pora” and people’s Deputy Volodymyr Stretovych, head of the parliamentary Committee on combating organized crime and corruption.
In 2006, not passed in Parliament, when he ran for election list of the bloc “Our Ukraine” under the number 101. In 2010 Atroshenko again returned to political activities, he was elected a Deputy of the Chernihiv oblast Rada.

December 2012 – November 2014 – people’s Deputy of Ukraine of VII convocation, elected in single-mandate majority constituency No. 206 (Chernihiv), scoring 40,63 % of the vote. A non-partisan, the member of fraction “Party of regions” (February 20, 2014, announced the release of 19 Feb 2014). The head of the Subcommittee on the clarification of the provisions of the Budget code of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on budget. June 18, 2014 announced the resignation of Deputy powers “in response to the debate on the restart of the Verkhovna Rada”, but then continued the work of the Deputy.
November 2014 – people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, elected in single-mandate majority constituency No. 206 (Chernihiv), scored 51,34 % of the vote. A non-partisan. Was a candidate from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko, but were not included in faction, as voted for laws on January 16.
Independent, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on issues of transport.
In local elections in 2015 was elected mayor of Chernihiv. In the first round, took second place with 23.34% of the votes (22 of 560 people), but the second was won by the current city head Alexander Sokolov, typing 51,52 % of votes (53 of 201 people).

Criminal prosecution

Against Vladislav Atroshenko was initiated two criminal cases that have been suspended in 2005.
In February 2004 the tax police in Chernihiv region on the fact of premeditated evasion of taxes and appropriation of budget funds through abuse of office brought criminal case against officials of CJSC “Agroenergia”, among which figured Vladislav Atroshenko.
The second is due to excitation of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine criminal case on article 286 part 2 (violation of safety rules of movement and operation of vehicles, entailed death of the victim). 17 Sep 2004, Vladislav Atroshenko, driving a car “Mercedes-Benz 600”, knocked down 64-year-old resident in the village of Red Chernihiv district, Chernihiv region near a pedestrian crossing marked only by road markings (road signs indicate the presence of a transition and lighting in this place was not). Pre-trial investigation established that the cause of the accident was speeding Atroshenko. He himself, he claimed that traveling at a speed of 70-80 kilometers per hour, and the pedestrian appeared in not intended place to go suddenly, so to avoid the collision failed.
The Verkhovna Rada did not allow to attract Atroshenko to justice and his arrest.


January 16, 2014 voted for “dictatorial laws” – a package of anti-democratic laws that significantly restricted the rights of citizens and freedom of speech.
During the first parliamentary cadence, V. Atroshenko claimed that he was repeatedly invited to join the “majority” led by the Party of regions, but he refused. His refusal is motivated by the fact that with this political power to him along the way.
But at the same time, when he was elected people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the last convocation, without much hesitation, joined the faction of Party of regions.


According to the Declaration on incomes for 2014, according to the experts, has entered the top ten of the richest people’s deputies of Ukraine. For 2014 earned almost 34 million, of which approximately 170 thousand are wages, and 32 million – the interest and profits of the business. Is the owner of the apartments and houses in Kiev and Chernigov areas, and land and two cars.


In 2017, the awarded the order “For merits” I degrees.


Married. Wife – Irina Petrova, lecturer, Chernihiv national technological University.
Daughter Anastasia (born in 1997) and Pauline (born in 2005).
Father – Anatoly Fedorovich (born 1940), engineer.
Mother – Tamara Ivanovna (born in 1946), the mathematics teacher, honored teacher of Ukraine, member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR XI convocation.


Spare time, Vladislav Atroshenko likes to spend with family, with children, and he likes active recreation (soccer, volleyball).

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