Amelchenko Vasily

People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation. The radical party, Oleg Lyashko. The head of Sosnitsky district administration (2005-2007)


Basil Amelchenko was born on 28 November 1962 in the village mansion window surrounds Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region (Russia).
Now the citizen of Ukraine.


Higher education. Choromanska graduated from high school (1969 – 1970).
1970 – 1980 he studied at school No. 1 in Shchors.
Higher education in Kharkov – Kharkiv national agrarian University. V. V. Dokuchaev. After four years of study at the University came in 1984 in Chernihiv state pedagogical Institute. T. G. Shevchenko.
In 2007 he entered the National Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine and obtained his third degree.


Before enrolling in the National Academy of public poglavlja Sosnytskoy the district administration (2005-2007).
2008 – assistant consultant people’s Deputy of Ukraine.
2012 – the candidate in people’s deputies of Ukraine (but go to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at this time, he failed).
27 Nov 2014, the extraordinary elections held in Parliament from the Radical party of Oleh Lyashko (No. 21 in the list for single-mandate electoral district No. 207; elections were held on 26.10.2014) and becomes a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation.
First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on budget (first was elected Deputy Chairman of the Committee on state building, regional policy and local self-government).
The member of fraction “Radical party of Oleh Liashko” and corresponding faction in the Parliament.


Married. Spouse Amelchenko Tatiana. A daughter Anastasia.


The Declaration for 2014 Amelchenko has recorded a total income of 32 612 UAH, land and 0.12 sq. m, two apartments with an area of 65 and 48 square meters, as well as the Hyundai 2000 (2008) and 2107 (2003).
Vasyl’chenko, also declared the car “Hyundai” (model not specified) produced in 2008, purchased the property for 165 thousand UAH. and land 0,1174 ha.
And in the Declaration, 2017 Basil Amelchenko stated NISSAN (PATROL model, 2011 onwards and the apartment of 55 sq. m, written in third person, and also the land plot of 1200 sq m in Vyshgorod district, village Novoselki. Cash – 5 360 000 UAH 170 thousand dollars and a Bank account – UAH 50500. For the rest of the position statement are missing.
His wife Amelchenko Tatiana – in the Declaration for 2017 has declared two apartments – 59,91 sq m and 64.9 per sq m and Ford Fiesta 2012 year of


Before the election, Vasyl’chenko, I made a small tour in the villages in the Chernihiv region. Seeing them in a deplorable state, has made a number of promises that would change life in the settlements. But of the 22 promises made only one.
Some media believe Basil Amelchenko frankly dishonorable man. This is due not only to his unfulfilled promises, but also the opacity of the Declaration on the income. For example, the Declaration of 2011 the politician did not specify any property, address and where he lives with his family, or property that is owned by him or members of his family. Also the total family income 119 726 UAH untrue.
1A 4 Jan 2015 Amelchenko was noticed voting for his colleague. According to one of the sites, Vasyl’chenko, during a meeting of Zhytomyr regional organization of Radical party Lyashko called Zhitomir voters are corrupt prostitutes: “If these people care, who will be in leadership region: Yanukovych, or thighs, or Fatherland, then I’m sorry, that we the people are corrupt, prostitutional, but other people we will not.”

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