Zelensky refused to deal with the Chernihiv socialists

Chernihiv socialists D. Zinin and A. Bay, known for his willingness to execute any political orders, suggested that the team of presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky to use the services of one of their pocket OVK. This was written by a local patriot Andre Khomenko in his FB. And the day before, they ask to work in Chernihivs’ka ze headquarters. But, having been refused, has not calmed down, and began to retaliate – those to whom has got.
“Bay and Zinin is not only the “socialist order”, but a vindictive and petty little soul.
Not only that, they serve all political forces indiscriminately (among clients – Our corner of the PR, BYUT, APU, SPU, etc.), they actually go to offices and as haunting representatives of the “canadian company”, offer their services to the current presidential candidates. Recently omnivorous guest artists openly sent in Chernihiv headquarters Zelensky. About it, I learned a week ago, but just today this information was confirmed. By the way, the entourage of the Bey.
Bey and Zinin sent directly and without ceremony. Despite the fact that those prepared for the meeting thoroughly – made authentic business plan, specifying the quality of its resources, the army trained mitingovali, a team of bots and they control the media. With rates, ratios and profits in the form of supposedly expected number of votes.
It would seem that Zelensky – clown clown, and Mara about corrupt socialists did not. The motivation for the refusal was the following: you guys have a very bad reputation. I think you guys staying? No! They went on. At the Kyiv office of Zelensky. And made a very bold proposal – to charge members of the OVK filed out of the Kiva, at the election of the “sink” for Zelensky. However, and here they were waiting for a hard failure. And threatening to take touring to the police.
It’s a shame? It’s a shame to the pain. In such cases, makes the bastard? Revenge. Now it is clear where in one of the SPA controlled by the resource immediately, an article appeared – full of dirt on one of the key figures in Chernihiv staff of the team see? Dunked him and relatives,” writes Khomenko.

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