Yuri Korzhevskogo about the prospects of real estate market development in Ukraine

Real estate development market in Ukraine is in a state of stable growth. This opinion was expressed by the expert, the founder of the group of companies “Zoloche” in the Kiev region, Yuri Korzhevskogo.

“The development market in Ukraine is developing rapidly, especially the Central part of the country. There is a Europe-wide trend – focus on sustainability and innovation. We then either have this experience or some thing even anticipate and come up with before,” said Yuri Korzhevskogo.

He also spoke of the benchmarks used in its own business, as a major Ukrainian developer and founder of the group of companies “Zoloche” with a staff of more than 500 people.

“Our engineers and architects regularly visit current exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, and our domestic task is the pursuit of environmental friendliness, the use of quality materials. That is why we have a “Zoloche” tens of thousands of square meters filled parks. In this we do not copy Europe, and cultivated our culture of suburban life. Our landmark – warm relations between the neighbors, the comfort and health of our residents”, – said Yuriy Korzhevskogo.

We will note, Yury Korzhevskogo plans to expand the border of cottage complex “Zoloche”. Plans: the development of the territory in view of innovations in the field of construction and landscaping, the total development of the Boryspil district of Kyiv region (in particular, to improve the electrification of the area at the moment is the construction of high voltage lines), a further greening. The increase of different activity flows and the creation of new jobs for residents of the Kiev region. The plans include the construction of a new bridge across the Dnieper.

Help. Cottage towns “Zoloche” and “Zoloche Riviera” is located in the village Vishenki, Kyiv oblast, and contain more than 500 houses. One of the features of the complex — sustainability. About 100 thousand square meters are occupied by green spaces.

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