Yuri Korzhevskogo about the growing popularity of countryside living in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the growing popularity of countryside living. Increasingly families with children to live choose a country house, and not the typical high-rises of the metropolis. This was stated by the founder of the cottage town “Zoloche” in the Kiev region, Yuri Korzhevskogo.

“In the last ten years, people are increasingly choosing the option of moving out of the city. This is a global trend, and in our country plays the role of the Ukrainian mentality – we traditionally have your home town with your own piece of land. This, I think, is in our blood,” – said the expert Yuri Korzhevskogo.

Note, cottage villages “Zoloche” and “Zoloche Riviera is one of the largest suburban housing complexes in Ukraine, an area more than 100 hectares of land. It is located in the village of Cherry Kyiv region and employs more than 500 houses. About 100 thousand square meters are occupied by green spaces: there are comfortable parks and squares with a modern irrigation system. The complex is equipped with spaces for sporting activities such as pools, football and basketball field to paddle tennis. The emphasis in the organization of space is made on a well-developed infrastructure — high-quality asphalt covering on roads, lighting. In the construction of houses used energy-saving technologies. Also in town there is a special helipad.

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