Yuri Korzhevskogo about Cambridge education for Ukrainian students

In the cottage “Zoloche” in the Kiev region has an international school, where students receive a quality bilingual education program Cambridge Primary & Secondary and at the same time, the program of basic secondary education in Ukraine. This was announced by the founder of the group of companies “Zoloche” Yuri Korzhevskogo.

“We are in the cottage “Zoloche” in the village Vishenki, Kyiv oblast have created the most developed infrastructure for children and their parents. We have a comfortable kindergarten. Also, there is a bilingual British school. Here, children are given hundreds of Ukrainian education. For this we got a special license, every year we pass the certification of – teachers, and students. We now have 6-7 teachers in the school are the teachers from abroad. Our students show good results, including good pronunciation, because they are taught by English native speakers,” – said Yuri Korzhevskogo.

The founder of the group of companies “Zoloche” also noted that on the territory of cottage town there are many green areas, parks and children’s playgrounds.

“There is a large “Ranger”-a Park with football, volleyball fields, with a quality finish, a beach volleyball court, a pond, a fountain, a swimming pool. And we also have a wonderful summer camp for children. I am sure that the rest of the children have fresh air and not sitting out for the gadgets and TV”, – said Yuriy Korzhevskogo.

Note, Zoloche International school is a kindergarten-school, accredited by Cambridge international. In the school are taught by qualified teachers with experience of 20 years, as well as native speakers from USA, Canada and UK. Elementary school offers additional clubs for children: here children are taught dance, piano and guitar. Operates the school bus (if needed) takes children from Kiev and village of Cherry. Building Zoloche International school located in the heart of cottage on a Peninsula with views of the lake Zoloche.

Help. Cottage towns “Zoloche” and “Zoloche Riviera” is located in the village Vishenki, Kyiv oblast, and contain more than 500 houses. One of the features of the complex — sustainability. About 100 thousand square meters are occupied by green spaces.

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