Yanukovych accused the Ukrainian authorities of involvement in the shootings on the Maidan


Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych was unhappy with the decision, according to which was allowed the conducting of correspondence of pre-trial investigation against him, and he accused Ukrainian authorities in preventing the admission of lawyers to the court.

This is stated in the statement of Yanukovych, which was published in Facebook Yuri Cuirassiers − the press-Secretary of his son Alexander.

“The current regime went to criminal actions – using force to remove my lawyers from participation in the so-called case of independence, which is considered in Pechersky district court of Kyiv. Such action is a panic reaction of the current government that every day in Ukraine and the world know more of the facts of the involvement of its representatives to the most serious crimes,” the former President said in his address.

In addition, he blamed the current high-ranking officials of involvement in the shootings on the Maidan in February 2014.

“In Europe and the world are openly talking about the involvement of “current leaders” to mass shootings on the Maidan in 2014. Referred to the specific names − paruby, Pashinsky, Lutsenko. Will be named,” − says Yanukovych.

Ex-President says that is not guilty of the crimes during the Maidan, and the case against him allegedly fabricated.

Yuri Cuirassiers/Facebook

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