Writer Zabuzhko about the new law about the Ukrainian language

Well-known Ukrainian writer and poetess Oksana Zabuzhko believes that the country for the first time since 1927, the state Ukrainian language is protected by law. She wrote about this on his page in social network Facebook.

“Even if it is only symbolic capital is capital. And enormous. And all of us, as citizens (regardless of who is in what language is born), still have to learn how to use it. So, to start, stop, finally, to make excuses for his Ukrainian, as it was supposed to make our parents, grandparents and great – grandparents,” said O. Zabuzhko.

She also noted that nobody is obliged to prove its right to speak in their native Ukrainian language.

“Let us on Good Friday just put a separate candle for the souls of all, for him (for the language) dead in the last half-century: it seems that God has on our language was / is some serious plan…”, – said the writer.

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