Who of MPs for our money, rented a luxury apartment


It became known, how the budget was spent on compensation of payment of housing “poor” people’s deputies

So, according to official figures, in 2017, the deputies received more than 32 million hryvnias of compensation for rental housing.

We will remind, the law on compensation for those entitled members who live at a distance more than 30 km from the capital. It is noteworthy that all MPs are millionaires really live at such a distance in splendid palaces.

Leader in the number of natapow millionaires was a group of “Revival” — 33% of MPs received the payment of rent despite their income.

In the second place non-faction deputies – 28%.

Also received compensation of about 20% of deputies-millionaires from the “Will of the People.”

For example, in the “Revival” received compensation Eugene Heller, whose assets 172 mlgreen. Compensated for rent and Boryslav Rozenblat, despite the state of 43 million UAH.

As already reported Politeka, it became known as the people’s deputies of Ukraine belonged to their work in April. As it turned out, 13 politicians never in a month did not vote in meetings of the Rada.

In particular, all voting BP missed Vadim Rabinovich, Evgeny Bakulin (“Opposition bloc”), Eugene Moore, Dmitry Yarosh, Konstantin Zhevago, Sergey Klyuev, Alexandr Onishenko, Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky, Nadezhda Savchenko (all independent), Vitaly Chepinoga, and Petro Sabashuk (PPB), Vyacheslav Boguslayev (“will of the people”) and Yuriy-Bohdan Shukhevych (Radical party).

Note that all these MPs missed sessions for reasons unknown. According to official figures, none of them were on sick leave or on a business trip.

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