Who and how helped to make the people of Yanukovych


The British company helped the President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych to capitalize on the song contest “Eurovision – 2017”.

This is evidenced by the results of the investigation.

The investigation indicated that the Kiev exhibition centre “Park”, so-called “Helipad of Yanukovych”, where the party took place “Eurovision”, is owned Fineroad Business LLP, which is registered in potters Bar in Hertfordshire.

In addition, it is noted that approximately 1.2 billion pounds was sent through the companies registered at the same address as potters Bar.

“It is obvious that the profits end up in the pockets of people who are closely associated with the regime of former President Viktor Yanukovych,“ – said in the investigation.

It is noted that the office address of potters Bar was more than 100 other companies involved in international money laundering schemes – “basically we are talking about dirty money from Russia and other former Soviet States.”

Previously it was reported that zabritski company Fineroad Business LLP has two offshore companies in the island of Nevis.

From the end of 2016, the year the British company, according to the documents was controlled by the citizen of Ukraine Yashar Khodzhaev, who was in the hometown of Viktor Yanukovych Yenakiyevo.

Machaut journalists that now the company Fineroad Business controlled by the Ukrainian Sergei Moscow, was in the East of Ukraine in Kramatorsk.

“Moscow, which is actually in Germany, first said that he “never heard” about the company Fineroad Business. However, later confirmed that he is the main shareholder of the company. For reasons of “commercial confidentiality” he did not specify what the company stands for and whether he has paid for his actions,” – says the publication.

Moscow also assured that the company was not involved in money laundering, but promised to check it out.

We will remind, on August 4, 2017 Appellate court of Kiev on representation of the GPU has rendered a decision on the seizure and prohibition of the use, dispose of and alienate land area more than 2 hectares and are located in these areas properties of the so-called “helipad of Yanukovych”, which owner is open company “Amadeus Co”

According to the register of legal entities, individuals-entrepreneurs and community groups, in “Amadeus Co” there are two official owners. This is Alexander from Kiev Hamster, who is wanted, and the British company Fineroad Business LLP.

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