What is most memorable to 2017 in the Ukrainian economy


Another year has passed in the history of independent Ukraine. And it’s time to realize that he brought under the tree of the Ukrainian economy.

And was last year one of the most controversial in history. A lot has happened. And a small growth against the background of falling investment in the country, and a failed privatization on a background of growth of exports in value terms.

Alexander danyluk, Minister of Finance, crucial in the 2017 calls still growth. “Now we have returned to growth and confidently look to the future,” – said the Minister. But Ukraine needs a lot more work to achieve this desired level of economic growth of 6-7% per year.

After the pension reform in Ukraine has increased the amount of pension payments. This reform is very important from the point of view of balancing the revenues and expenditures of the state budget. Since the actual deficit of the Pension Fund reached 150 billion and was funded from the budget.

Grew and wages. While all this was happening against the background of rising prices. Alexey Goncharuk, the head of the Office of effective regulation (BRDO), despite the General negativity from this, and sees a positive, because prices are rising moderately. And in General the situation looks more or less stable.

Really hurts the eyes, especially the moratorium on the ground. He again renewed. Harm to the economy in 2017 is not produced, but definitely detrimental in 2018, economists warn.

We should also celebrate the release of the government on the Eurobond market. For the first time Ukraine has attracted a considerable amount of $3 billion And for the first time attracted these funds for 15 years. In fact, market conditions allowed us to raise money in a pretty good position – just above 7%. Igor Mazepa, the head of investment company Concorde Capital, calls it probably the best of all previous placements that were from the state.

The economy is currently experiencing a consumer boom. Returned to the market by banks, who again gladly Finance consumer lending, lend cash.

The situation could be even better if MPs took was still in the autumn in Parliament to a big government bill No. 6540. This document, if adopted, will help to create conditions that should attract the attention of foreign investors to our country. Goncharuk sure that would certainly allow Ukraine to enter the top 40 countries for ease of doing business.

Also Ukraine is not very lucky with investments. Their volume is extremely small. In Ukraine are investing more slowly than in 2016. “It is a signal, you need something to do with it. It’s not normal,” – said the expert.

And not enough of the return of the state to transparent privatization. This would signal to investors that we as a country really mean to transparently privatize our enterprises to raise money and experience, but also to create the right competitive conditions. “Unfortunately, we are unable to do so,” says danyluk.

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