What gifts showered Groisman for 2017


The Museum of the history of the governments of Ukraine remains 81 gift received Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

Among the gifts received during 2017, there are many books, vases, paintings, objects of religious significance and more.

Book: “Baku. The pulse of the big city” from the Minister of economy of Azerbaijan, “Vision global peace” from the President of Turkey, “History of the Crimean Tatar people” from the Crimean Tatar community of Ankara (Turkey), The ecumenical patriarchate today from the Patriarch of Istanbul (Turkey), Corporate collections from the Association of German enterprises, “Kiev-Mohyla Academy in names. 17-18 centuries” and 2 volumes “the Kiev theological Academy in names: 1819-1924” University, “To know and remember” from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the memorial complex “Yad Vashem“, the” Stones of our heritage. poze Mello at the foot of the Western wall “from the chief Rabbi of the Western Wall Museum, Colours of Groatia from the Prime Minister of Croatia,” FONEMA “from ex-Prime Minister of Slovakia, a Large Ukrainian legal encyclopedia from the Kharkiv national law University. Yaroslav the Wise, “the Nikolaev regional art Museum im. Vereshchagin” from the Director of the Museum, “the Nikolaev customs 1862-2017” from the leadership of the customs, “Brovary on the brink of the Millennium” from the mayor, “Pictures of Church life of the Chernigov eparchy” from the Chairman of the Chernigov regional state administration .

Vases, plates, figurines: dragon of candles from the Vice-President of the United States, ceramic vase from the Patriarch of Jerusalem, a glass vase from the President of Croatia, a porcelain vase from the President of Turkey crystal vase and book Ottawa Canada from the Prime Minister of Canada, decorative glass plate and a glass sculpture from the Crimean Tatar community in Istanbul, decorative glass plate from the Ukrainian Diaspora of Istanbul, decorative plate from the speaker of the Knesset, the plate on the stand from the speaker of Parliament of Moldova, dish on stand, “Zbarazh” from the national bequeathed dnika “Castles of Ternopil”, porcelain plate from the leadership of the company “Engine”, bronze menorah from the Prime Minister of Israel.

Groisman also received the icon of our lady of Kazan from the Director on science and development of the NGO “civil society Institute”, the icon of the mother of God and icon of Christ from the Patriarch of Jerusalem, the book “the Torah with Haftarot” from the Jewish community of Ukraine, a set of “Box, the Koran, rosary” from the head of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine, the Bible bound in leather from the Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus-Ukraine.

The Prime Minister also received an olive wreath from the Prime Minister of Greece, pennant from UEFA President UEFA, the Olympic torch “RIO-2016” from the President of the National Olympic Committee, gift air company “Turkish airlines” silk carpet from the Chairman of CJSC “Azerbaijani Railways” commemorative coin “50 lei” from the Prime Minister of Moldova, a souvenir of the “Machine” from the Chairman of the Board of Skoda auto, the card is cased from the President of Israel, a certificate of the landing of an olive tree from the Jewish national Fund, the model and the photo of a police car from the Pres dent of Mitsubishi motors corporation, Capitol in miniature from congressmen Moser watch from the Prime Minister of Croatia, a set of silver coins from the Chairman of the Seimas of Lithuania, the model of the tank from the collective of SE “Zhytomyr armored plant”, statuette “a knight of the Maltese cross” from the President of Malta.

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