What are the “mansions” in the center of Kiev for MPs leaving millions of the budget


Not all Ukrainian MPs without homes in the capital prefer to live in the hotel “Kiev” near the Parliament, where they are charged

Nonresident deputies of the Verkhovna Rada to allocate housing 650 UAH per day, and payment for rent or accommodation for single MP is 237,25 thousand UAH per year.


And about every second MP in a hurry to use their right to compensation for rental housing. Only last year, the UAH 32.6 million went to pay for housing in the capital of 175 MPs.

It is not necessary to clarify that the compensation run are often not the poorest members of Parliament. But the show rented a “mansion” elected officials are in no hurry.

The exception was the battalion commander and people’s Deputy “popular front” Yuri Birch of the Dnieper. He lives in hotel “Kiev” on the sixth floor.

“The living conditions are modest, but I am absolutely satisfied. Have a place to sleep during plenary weeks,” — says the MP.

The room was occupied by the parliamentarian, is two small bedrooms, balcony, close corridor and a small closet. It contains not only things MP, but preservation — three-liter jar of homemade tomatoes.

In one room stands a table, littered with personal items, medicines and documents, as well as a sofa and a TV. This room serves as a kitchen. There are a small fridge, a kettle, a thermos and a table. By the way, the Birch safely showed the contents of the refrigerator, where delicacies not found.

On the balcony with a view directly into the dome of the Parliament, is a self-made simulator.

Another room is a small bedroom with two bedside tables and a Desk. Also in the room at the entrance – WC and bathroom.

Overall, the room was really simple, much of it in need of repair and replacement. Particularly noteworthy was the emergency condition of the balcony. You also need to change the furniture.

Maybe this is the main reason that most parliamentarians prefer to receive from the budget of monetary compensation for the rent but not to live here.

We will remind, on Friday, may 25, deputies set a new record for attending the meetings of Parliament. By the end of the session of the Verkhovna Rada in the session hall were only seven deputies.

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