Was going to confess his love for the resort was beaten by the son of the Deputy


On gornolyzhnik resort “Bukovel” beat the son of the Deputy of Chernihiv regional Council Vladimir Peasant, Alexander.

According to Vladimir Peasant, it all happened on the night of 3 February.

Alexander, according to the MP, had a cut behind his ear, a broken nose, a suspected cracked jaw, bruised neck, also abrasions eye. Peasant says that his son was beaten just like that. The young man, according to the Deputy, was at the club “Buka” with his girlfriend and friends.

“Last Saturday he was going to propose to the girl. To do this in Bukovel got the whole family together. The night before the recognition Sasha went with his girlfriend to a local club “Buka”, – said Vladimir peasant.

At some point the bar started a fight and Alexander called for the security to intervene. After some time, emphasizes the peasant, the guy came to the Desk, as his friends weren’t let in the school.

He asked the guards if his friends come, and then allegedly began to beat: “One of the “security” hit Sasha punched in the face, he lost a landmark, then took his head and kneed right in the nose. Then my son fell on some shelf and lost consciousness, then Sasha kicked!”.

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