Vyacheslav Lysenko analyzed the prospects for investments in Ukraine




The Cabinet intends to sign with China a framework loan agreement for a number of infrastructure projects worth $ 7 billion

How realistic is the prospect of further credit cooperation with China, said economic expert, the President of the company “Ukr-China Communicatin” Vyacheslav Lysenko.


He also noted that it has signed contracts for EUR 200 million with two Chinese companies for the construction of roads in Ukraine to 2018, and is expected to sign a contract for the construction of the bridge near Kremenchug.

All these agreements that were signed, the actual implementation under a soon have not. About the loan: in order to receive credit resources at low interest rates, we have to give something as collateral. Or to give guarantees.

The purpose and task of Ukraine is to attract investment, not loans, under which, in principle, we have nothing to offer to China as collateral.

If our government will give guaranteed favourable conditions for investment and for investors from other countries, then not only Chinese investments will go to our country. Just the Chinese have long been eyeing the Ukrainian market, and I think they can be in the first row, which can invest in Ukraine, they know how to invest, they can build, they are able to develop projects and this is evident in the rapid development of China.


For any investor the most important question is how not to lose your money, and then how to multiply. And so, while we have not created the conditions for anybody not a secret that is now legally possible any contract dispute, any property put into question, and this is the place. Foreign companies are often legally Ukrainian companies sue you or press of business, so all of this takes place, but legally not yet passed legislation to if the investor invested and does not violate the Ukrainian legislation, it should be as the “Golden cow”, which should not touch… that is, if it develops the economy, then let it develop, as do many countries. But at the moment this is not present, so all of my partners which want to invest in Ukraine, they say: we better go in other pieces of the country than play casino on the Ukrainian market.

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