Vera Savchenko accused the SBU of lying


Vera Savchenko said that the security Service of Ukraine published inaccurate test results, her sister Hope on the polygraph.

She announced Monday, June 4, in the air of 112 Ukraine.

According to Vera Savchenko, the sister of her lawyers came to the conclusion that, firstly, the questions were not for the polygraph, and for the prosecution. In addition, security forces refused to attach to the test detector questions from the defense.

“And now they give us another fake,” she said.

According to Vera Savchenko, SBU made this post right now, because lawyers Hope are going to ask for the second pass its lie detector.

“I think it’s a work in advance. Immediately (suspiciously quickly – ed.) they had the results of previous polygraph,” she says.

According to Vera Savchenko, now her sister is trying to take on a new assistant, because the previous it is not allowed, and it has accumulated a lot of hits.

“Hope took now assistant, who has not exactly appear in any in the case of a witness, a victim or a rebel” – said Vera.

But, she notes, this candidate still need to coordinate with the SBU, which may refuse.

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