Vadim Novinsky — in Ukraine, the winner is the party world


“Today every Ukrainian concerned about peace and restoration of territorial integrity. Second, socio-economic issues, employment, the issues of tariffs and products of the first necessity. Third, there is widespread corruption. The fourth safety on the streets. What has been done by the Verkhovna Rada in order to establish peace? Nothing. Everything was done Vice versa. Laws were adopted which can either prolong the conflict, or to freeze (the laws on reintegration and national security). And rather than make laws to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. That is, in fact, the war party wins in Parliament, although in society the winner is the party of peace”

About it on air of TV channel Ukraine said MP Vadim Novinsky.

He noted that the Parliament did nothing to improve the socio-economic conditions of the people. “Of the 200 laws considered by the Verkhovna Rada, only nine had a social orientation. What has been done to combat corruption? What was done in order to overcome political corruption? After all, the basis of corruption is a majority district. We were and are in favour of a law on proportional electoral system — it will help to end the political corruption. Last session, the law voted in the first reading, and we expected that during the current — it will be submitted for second reading. This require and also our international partners. But the coalition is not interested in the fact that this law was passed. So it is not brought up for consideration in a sessional hall”, — said the politician.

Relative optimism of the Speaker of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy in his appreciation for the work of deputies, Novinsky noted that the people of Ukraine is important in this issue, and according to opinion polls, only 4% believe the work of the Parliament is satisfactory.

Vadim Novinsky also recalled that the faction of the OPPOSITION BLOC demanded the quota of the distribution of seats in the new composition of the Central election Commission. However, this rule is categorically is not respected and the opposition bloc are deprived of representation in the CEC.

Another important point spoken of by foreign partners of Ukraine, as well as human rights organisations is to support immigrants. Equal rights with other citizens of the country to them is enshrined in the Constitution, but the ruling coalition violates them. “Today, their rights are strongly violated, so we have filed about 20 bills to fix all the existing imbalances. However, they are inhibited by the current coalition,” said opposition lawmaker. That is why the Opposition bloc’s lawyers prepare and win cases to court to protect the rights of migrants. Unfortunately, the authorities are blocking their execution.

Thus, speaking about the assessment of BP, Novinsky considers it extremely low.

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