Uz: after two months in Ukraine will be a direct train to Budapest


Ukrzaliznytsya plans have to fall to start in the Hungarian capital is a direct train on the narrow euroklee.

This was reported in the Facebook head of the ULTRASONIC Evgeny Kravtsov.

“Until the end of summer, two months, euroklee must run the promised train “Mukachevo – Budapest,” he writes.

According to Kravtsova, this 500 meters from the railway station “Mukachevo” starts the construction of landing platform.

“It will be adjacent to the gauge standard of 1435 mm. Now arranging the project in parallel are working on the issue of a schedule of trains and tariffs”, – said acting Chairman of the Board of “Ukrzaliznytsya”.

The construction in Ukraine of the narrow-gauge European standard

According to him, the new train to Budapest can be reached in 6 hours. The 400-kilometer route will pass through the Hungarian city of Debrecen and nyíregyháza.

Carmzow also said that the company plans to organize about 40 km evroputi and in the future have a direct railway communication along a narrow track with Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other EU countries.

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