Ukrainians per year spent on drugs $2 billion

In 2017, the Ukrainians left in pharmacies almost 54 billion UAH. This is stated in a study conducted at the initiative of the Center for combating corruption.
According to the report, 26% of all spending (14 billion) were due to homeopathic, phytotherapeutic drugs and also other drugs whose effectiveness is not confirmed.

As an example, the authors give a drug which is an extract of calf’s blood – last year it cost the Ukrainian patients in 342 million hryvnia, and took second place in the overall ranking in sales of drugs, but internationally recognized scientific basis for application there.

According to the study, in 2017 for drugs without proven efficacy spent 183 million hryvnias of budgetary funds during hospital purchases.

Recall from April 2017 in Ukraine has a program of Affordable drugs. In the past year from the budget for its implementation has allocated 700 million hryvnia, and in 2018 – provided 1 billion UAH.

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