Ukrainian politicians vytrusili budget, leaving Ukrainians without salaries and pensions


This year — already 12 million not withheld on preparation for elections

Ukrainian officials and politicians before the election spend amount of space to promoting their own ambitions and parties. At the same time, these funds are allocated from the budget and they could solve many questions of ordinary citizens, notes

This drew the attention of the leader of the Public movement “the Native land” Nikolay Tomenko.

“Once our unforgettable Ostap Vyshnia in his “Coherence” called the special traits of strange people out of the country “Chyren” and, in particular, this: — that it will be!” — ironically policies.

According to him, during the military aggression in the East and the endless trade with the occupiers, such actions are simply unacceptable and reminiscent of the cynical attitude of authorities to the people.

Latest Hawaii political fashion, according to Tomenko, a private party is money of Ukrainians.

“Let me remind you that the NF, MPP, Oobleck, Samopomich, Radical party and homeland has received from the budget in 2016 391 million UAH .; in 2017 — UAH 442 million, in 2018 will receive — 514 mln. total: three years, $ 1 billion 346 million hryvnias! The lion’s share of these, our funds went to the party is, or is the party leaders! Among the state leaders in the development of the budget for a PR lead Groisman and Klitschko. But if the team Poroshenko strongly disguises their advertising budgets, through the so-called social ads through placement of informational materials about the trips (and the so-called experts and bloggers that burn endless political love for President — casavie) ..”, — said the leader of “Native country”.

Tomenko added: in 2017, allocated $ 1.7 billion of budget funds for the same needs, the more attracted Lviv non-existent printing press for printing of campaign materials. This year — already 12 million not withheld on preparation for elections.

“In General, the experts for the second year in a row voiced figures 1.3 bln. the budget for the so-called coverage of the work of the government and communication with the public!!! With regard to the financing of the media from the budget, here is the leader Klitschko. (No wonder Manafort advised him to start with the media). With our Kyiv budget for PR of the mayor through the media laid down over 100 million. And how many more political jeans on “mad success of the European authorities” in Kiev on private TV channels ?! And You ask why Groisman and his political friends “dear “call each other,” he comments.

Tomenko concluded that the prohibition of political advertising is the only way to save money. But it is better to invest in social projects, which will be much more useful than the posters and commercials on TV.


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