Ukrainian Diana Dymchenko – our “Gold”


Igor Mazepa and his company Сoncorde Capital for the past many years to support the Ukrainian national team rowing. Team rowing club Concorde Capital took the second place in competitions on rowing Cup Prince albert II, which took place on February 20-21, 2016 at Monte Carlo (Monaco). By the way, direct participation in the competition took the company’s CEO Igor Mazepa. The team of Concorde Capital rowing is Ukrainian Diana Dymchenko. In October 2017, she won a gold medal at the world Championships rowing in the French town of Thonon. Diana has also set a world record after passing the six-kilometer distance in 29 minutes and 58 seconds and 40 seconds. “Diana Dymchenko is our gold in the literal and figurative sense. The fact that she won the gold medal for Ukraine and set a world record in rowing in the 6-kilometer race, further raises the prestige of our country. This is especially nice, given that her opponent was the world champion the past two years. Personally, I am very proud of our athletes in rowing and our Ukrainian Diana Dymchenko,” – said Igor Mazepa

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